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Okay so what were / are your first impressions of Daniel? That scene when he first meets Eleanor is classic! We're still reading the book now, but wanted to know what you guys thought of Daniel when he was first introduced in the story.

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Vanessa My first impression of Daniel...I don't like him. I'm sure that he is going to be the love interest in the story but after my initial introduction I am not thrilled. I am happy that there is no insta love happening between Eleanor and Daniel though. I like that they don't like each other. The chemistry is definitely there, just not in a romantic way. I do really like their first meeting though. The goggles, the dirt, the banter, fantastic! When he grabbed her and shoved her out the door and closed the door in her face...loved it! I like those relationships that start with a bang. But thus far I still don't like him, we shall see how I feel as I continue to read.

The Observant Girl (theobservantgirl) Daniel's introduction is definitely a memorable one. Obviously he sounds like someone with a bad temper and poor manners, but there's something intriguing about him. It's understandable why he behaved the way he did, what with having to find a way to protect the people from the Dead. However, I found it interesting how he was yelling at Eleanor and then introduced who he was like he didn't have a fit -- or was manhandling Eleanor. And slamming the door in her face was the best part, it shows that he isn't very gentleman like. So, as of now, I'm not a huge fan of Daniel, but hopefully that'll change as I continue reading.

Jessica S (dwellingondreams138) When we first met Daniel, I didn't like him. I kind of figured he was someone that was just misunderstood in that scene, and I knew that there was so much more to him, but I despised the way he treated Eleanor. But there was something about the contrast between Daniel and people like Clarence that I found interesting. (And now, I LOVE Daniel.)

Caitlin (bookchats) Jessica wrote: "...there was something about the contrast between Daniel and people like Clarence that I found interesting."

I think you've hit it on the head here. Daniel was pricklier than I remembered in this introduction but also he really spoke his mind. Contrasted to Clarence, who is more calculated all around, not just about what he says, it definitely shows Daniel is different.

Jillian  (bookishandnerdy) Daniel was a bit abrasive and kind of a jerk, but I feel like this is going to be a good setup because maybe the author will redeem his character some way or develop their relationship even more and it will feel much more rewarding because of it.

Celine  Dubios (celinedubios12) | 7 comments My first impression of Daniel was he was brutally honest like he doesn't care if it hurts your feeling he going to tell you the truth no matter how much it hurts and I don't think he does it on purpose I think that just how he is or how is personality is like but going more into the book you can see that he isn't that much of a jerk. So I think that something can happen between him and her (:

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Meg (megmcmuffin376) | 3 comments My first impression of Daniel was that he was blunt. He cut to the chase and its weird but I liked that so I took a liking to him. He was also stressing out about his goggles and the dirt and my mind instantly clicked with one thought; I'm just like him, stressing out about simple things and cutting to the chase, so BAM I just ended up liking him and I don't know why but I did.

Maddie (maddietv) | 3 comments I (admittedly) loved him from the start, despite his rough attitude. His bluntness wasn't something you'd expect in that era - especially aimed at such a respectable person.

Renate | 8 comments I don't know what it says about me that my first reaction was "Delicious. He's so passionate! Sparkage!" I enjoyed that while they had instant sparks, but nothing friendly (yet), it wasn't one of those "they hate each other for no very good reason that good manners couldn't overcome after a bad first impression." Plus, I really love a guy that gets all passionate and worked up about something he's into. It bodes well for later ;)

Renate | 8 comments Caitlin wrote: "Jessica wrote: "...there was something about the contrast between Daniel and people like Clarence that I found interesting."

I think you've hit it on the head here. Daniel was pricklier than I re..."

I agree. I did enjoy Clarence and his banter with Eleanor, but he never *really* lets anything show. Daniel just puts it all out there, and you don't have to wonder where you stand with him. Honesty: I like that in a person.

Macy  (It's a Book Thing) (macyitsabookthing) My first impression was that he was kind of cold and blunt. I didn't really like him at first and I didn't see what Eleanor saw in him.

Marlene (fuzzycerts) He's rude and sarcastic and I pretty much loved him instantly. I could 100% relate to how he felt at that moment. Being interrupted when you're in the zone while working on something is terrible. Honestly, I would have reacted the same as he did when Eleanor barged in.

Henny  (purply_gurply) | 4 comments My first impression of Daniel was that he was so rude. I don't blame him for the way he acted but I didn't like him at first.

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Sana (sanashams) My first impression of Daniel was that he was pretty blunt when he could've been more polite but given the situation, it felt right. My curiosity about him has piqued and I'd like to know more about him. *carries on reading*

Halee (hayy6747) | 5 comments For first impressions, I didn't like him. He was rude and pretentious. But as the book continues, I LOVE him.

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Nisha (nishaa) | 2 comments My initial reaction to Daniel was similar to what others have said - a bit coarse around the edges and pretentious but I loved that about him and I like that Eleanor and he don't get off on the right foot. I'm a sucker for relationships that evolve as the book goes on and dislike is always an interesting place to begin :D

Also the contrast between Daniel and Clarence to me made the latter appear a bit smarmier than I would usually have thought precisely because of the stark contrast but that may just have been me...

Paiten | 7 comments I've just met him, and he's a bit.... Coarse. I'm expecting a lot from him, though. He's funny, too. "Why then, you're practically royalty"? I laughed so much! Can't wait to see why else Daniel becomes as the novel progresses.

Gergana Daniel was rude in the beginning, but he was funny and as the book continues I started liking him a lot! I read the second book and I was very happy when he appeared. I read Eleanor and Daniel's first meeting in Daniel's POV and it was just great.

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Chelsea Fought (chelseafought) | 7 comments I kind of loved Daniel and Eleanor's first interaction. I could tell right away he wasn't the kind of guy Eleanor was used to... and that made it all the more awesome. I'm halfway through SS&D right now... and I still love him. Mostly I appreciate the fact that he and Eleanor don't have an insta-love thing happening--you can see an attraction, but they're not just suddenly in love.

I feel weird saying this, but so far I also like Clarence. I'm sure something will happen that will lead me to feel otherwise (Daniel's warning about him feels fairly ominous) but his banter with Eleanor is fun for me to read.

Also thanks, Gergana for posting that link! I do believe I'm off to read Daniel's POV of their first meeting, haha :D

Silvia Meadows (smeadows1984) | 6 comments I am almost finished with the book and I still DON'T like Daniel. Nothing about him makes me like him. Nothing.

I can tell that he cares for Eleanor, but he pushes her away too often and makes her feel like s*** for trying something she doesn't understand how to go about. a simple kiss. a soft touch. possibly her first love. He's an a$$ - period.

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