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Getting my CW fix?

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message 1: by Patti (new)

Patti | 3 comments Hello, all, and welcome back! Raise your hand if you finished that novel you've been working on during the break... what, no one?! Good, now I feel better.

Quick question. This semester, I'll be finished with all my CW requirements aside from the thesis, so all that's on my docket for Fall '08 is two classes that will wrap up my Composition certificate. Problem is, I think I might actually die if I'm just taking Comp classes next semester. So, I'd like to find the best way to get my CW fix.

I'm considering Directed Writing, which I haven't done before. Anyone have thoughts on that? Who's taken it? Has it been beneficial? What was the arrangement/workload like?

Perhaps I should opt for another workshop?

message 2: by Dustin (new)

Dustin | 6 comments Hi Patti. I took Directed Writing as an undergrad, and found it helpful; haven't taken it as a grad. The workload is kind of up to you, though I imagine they'll expect more from a grad student than an undergrad. Its a good way to work on your own projects without having to go all the way out to campus all the time, but still have someone to hold you accountable. I'd recommend it.

You can also do Special Study, which is where you lay out your own course. I'm doing a special study workshop right now with a few people from my last workshop-class, and its really good because we were able to form a group of people whose work and opinion we respect, no luck-of-the-draw like you get in most "official" classes. Of course, if you don't need the units, something like this you can do without even bothering with school at all...

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