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2 authors with the same name? (Christopher Buckleys)

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Ching-In | 2 comments I'm not sure how to fix this so I thought I'd post it here. There are 2 Christopher Buckleys -- 1 is a novelist/fiction writer & the other is a poet. Right now, all the books are posted under the Christopher Buckley novelist profile, but they are actually 2 distinct people with 2 distinct bodies of work. How to fix?

This Is Not The Michael You're Looking For | 949 comments Pick one of them (probably the less popular one or the one with fewer books), go into each book for that author and add an extra space in the name, so that one of them is named

Christopher^Buckley (where the ^ indicates a space)

and the other is


This will create two separate author listings. Once you have the books separated out, come back here and post links to both author pages and I'll add it to the master author disambiguation list. You can also follow that link for a bit more of an explanation.

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