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message 1: by Betsy (new)

Betsy (ehaffner) | 1 comments What exactly is the connection to LinkedIn and this group?
If you could list one book on your profile at LinkedIn what would it be?

message 2: by Erik (new)

Erik Knutila (eknutila) | 1 comments One Book?

Of Mice and Men perhaps?

message 3: by Malcolm (new)

Malcolm (malcolm_campbell) | 1 comments I'm new in this group, but I presumed everyone in the group was also registered on LinkedIn.

If I could list one book on LinkedIn (and I have) it would be my own--Just another way to get the word out about "The Sun Singer."


message 4: by Nathan (new)

Nathan (nathandouglashansen) | 1 comments I'm with you Malcom ... that is, assuming everyone was registered on LinkedIn. Ew, I hate that word "registered," except when voting. Anyway, my book would be "Lolita." I can't imagine it would land me a lot of jobs, but it's beautifully written and genius. Did anyone know Jack Black actually quotes a bit of Lolita's first paragraph in the movie School of Rock ... "the tip of the tongue takes a trip ..."

message 5: by Dianne (new)

Dianne Ascroft | 3 comments Malcolm, I'm new to LinkedIn (just registered last week). How do you list your book on LinkedIn? Did you list it somewhere on your profile or is there a separate page to put it on?


Dianne Ascroft,
author, 'Hitler and Mars Bars'

message 6: by Julene (new)

Julene (trippweaver) I'm not on LinkedIn so not sure why I joined this group. Will someone tell me more about LinkedIn. If I were on it and I could post a book I would also post my own, Case Walking. I'm still trying to figure out Goodreads and Facebook. It takes too much time, and I'll be out of town without computer for a few days, so have a good weekend you all. Julene

message 7: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Tackabery (mktackabery) | 2 comments Julene, LinkedIn is a professional networking site. It is not really like Facebook; it is used for professional networking only. You build your network by linking to people you know, and your network expands by being introduced to people they know (the six degrees of separation idea). You can list your resume, your past jobs, your education, and list your publications there. You can also get recommendations from people who know you. LinkedIn is not a social site in the way of Facebook, in that it is kept professional in this manner and you don't post things like videos and pictures.

Hope this clears this up.

message 8: by Julene (new)

Julene (trippweaver) Thank you Michelle, I think I've heard it mentioned by a friend. I went and looked at one site. I have so little time right now but I might sign up in the future.

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