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message 1: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly Hulst (KimberlyHulst) | 76 comments I got into a really crazy discussion with my sister and her friends, where one of them called someone a "total Lady Bertram". I think my sister and I were the only ones who got the joke. My reply was "I seem to be a total Miss Bates".

What would you find more insulting being compared to Lady Bertram or Miss Bates?

message 2: by Candace (new)

Candace (lifeguard) | 4 comments I think Lady Bertram would be way worse then Miss Bates. Miss Bates tended to rattle off sometimes and talk incessantly, but I felt she was sweet in a different way. Whereas Lady Bertram just seemed lazy, and stupid. I would probably like Lady Bertram more than Miss Norris though.:) I'll be paying more attention to that next time I read the book. Austen has such fun and wonderful character qualities developed into her characters that it's very amusing just to read.

message 3: by Claudia (new)

Claudia | 25 comments Miss Bates! I liked Miss Bates, even though she talked way too much and annoyed everyone, she made me laugh sometimes. Lady Bertram, on the other hand, was just lazy and not a good mother. Still, I didn't dislike her as much as Miss Norris either. I would hate to be compared to her.

message 4: by Misty (new)

Misty | 37 comments At the time I am sure it would have been better to be Lady Bertram -- she at least was secure. But what a boring unfulfilling life! I would definitely rather be Miss Bates. She may have had troubles, but at least she had good people in her life to help her through.

message 5: by Puck (new)

Puck (gentlepuck) | 159 comments I have no idea what it would be like to be Lady Bertham. I have never had that kind of life. But I know what it's like to have a Miss Bates moment.

Does Lady Bertham know she's unfulfilled? People like her. I could never be so apathetic, personally. People like that tend to be people I don't warm to.
Miss Bates knows people find her annoying and trys to not be disagreeable. Everyone loves her.

message 6: by Bee (new)

Bee (beegeisler) | 1 comments I'd much rather be Miss Bates!

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