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Anyone has a question?

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Alpha is the leader of the pack
Beta is second in command

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Pedro | 2 comments I have a question.
what are the diferences betwen the clans?

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There isnt really a diffrence

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Exept some are for griffins, some for wolve ect.

message 6: by Pedro (new)

Pedro | 2 comments ok

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~♥Alyssa♥~ (lyssie123) Hey, I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY sorry, but I've never posted in this group because I never have time, so I think I'll just leave. I don't add anything to the group, so there's no point. Is that ok?

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message 9: by Siareen (new)

Siareen ive got a question- where did the character lists and half the rps go?

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Siareen oh, i found them!!! if anyone wants to make other characters on other rps, go into 'all topics'

I am a LoZ & anime Lover!! (CityofEmber) | 81 comments Rules gone??

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Wild (Wilddragoness) | 425 comments Mod
Kinda. The mod on this rp seems inactive, if you like dragons, try my groop Its Dawn of the Dragons.

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