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message 1: by Troy (new)

Troy | 73 comments Mod
Synthesize those thoughts.

message 2: by Tom (new)

Tom (beachcombert) | 11 comments A very powerful story. Although the prose style at times annoyed me, with its frequent gushing tone, I came to realize this book was probably the author's way of releasing long pent-up emotions. I lived in Buffalo for a few years in the early 70s, and could relate to the anecdotes of factory life. But the day to day risks facing the gender-bender, especially back in that era, were an eye-opener for me. I wonder if today's young butch lesbians face the same level of violence and police brutality. Jess turned out to be a complicated character -- seemingly tough on the outside yet given to frequent tears when alone with a girlfriend. The chapters on her move to New York were the most moving part of the narrative, I thought. And her decision to become a union organizer represented a tremendous personal triumph. Given all the hardship she faced, she could have ended up self-destructing through drugs, alcohol or suicide, as some of her friends did. I hope this tale of survival some day becomes movie material when Hollywood gets brave enough to tackle a transgender story.

message 3: by Marie (new)

Marie Sophia (mariesophia) | 1 comments This was an excellent story for me to read when I was first dealing with coming out, and some of the issues. It was interesting to read her stories of taking testosterone, and the ramifications on her life. I personally got a lot out of the whole book and I would run to the theater to stand in line for this movie.

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