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message 1: by Jerrod (new)

Jerrod (liquidazrael) As stated in another threat, I'm finishing up the Deepgate series and I was thinking; What is the most unusual settings a story has taken place in?

With the Deepgate trilogy, the whole world is full of weird and unusual cities and inhabitants. Deepgate the city, is literally suspended over the pit of hell, don't worry, it's sealed at the bottom. But the city is anchored to walled via massive chains and systems of pulleys and ropes nets and what not. That's not mentioning any of the unique characters either or other inhabitants of the series. Whatever anyone thinks of the story, it's been very hard to pull away from this unusual environment and it only gets more surreal and bizarre as the story get removed from Deepgate.

On a lighter note, Un Lun Dun is a YA book that is another spin of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland/Through The Looking Glass type adventure. Every city has an 'Un' version and what amounts to a nonsensical mirror version of the stated cities; it also contains characters that could be classified as bizarro. But who wouldn't want to read a book that has Urban Carnivorous Giraffes?

What about everyone else. I've been so captivated by the unusual setting of the Deepgate series and was curious to see what other fantastically unusual settings were abound?

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Jerrod, sorry I missed this thread before.

Hmmm, I've read lot's of alternative Earth novels where something is drastically different in terms of environment or population but I know thats not really what you mean.

I suppose 'Weaveworld' was unusual, containing a world within a carpet!

Also, Terry Windlings 'The Wood Wife' is an adult fairy tale but unusually it's set in the desert and it really gives the novel an original outlook.

I'll get back to you on this one, Jerrod.

message 3: by Jerrod (last edited May 15, 2009 07:15AM) (new)

Jerrod (liquidazrael) Sweet, I was looking for books where the general environment was more creative/different than the usual 'real life' setting.

Weaveworld was a great book, and the world within a carpet was done very well IMO. One of Barkers most well rounded novels, truly showing what he is capable of [not just horror:].

I think of environment like Hitchhickers Guide, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Deepgate Codec, Un Lun Dun and others that really stand out from the normal or slightly modified.

Another one I thought of was Jigsaw Men life is pretty normal with the exception that the British Empire is intact, War Of The Worlds is a documentary and we won, and Frankenstein is actually a medical book and tried and true theory.

Just wanting to read a few books where the world is off the hook. Any recommendations would be fantastic!

message 4: by Phillip (new)

Phillip i would say samuel beckett's "the unnameable", where the narrator exists in some kind of jar outside a pub.

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