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How you felt after reading this book.

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Kellie Mild I had to start my own discussion after I finished this book. I have never felt this way after ending a book series before. Yes I usually feel sad but I'm sitting here and I feel not only happiness but grief. I personally wanted Tessa to find out because of her shadow hunter blood that she wasn't immortal. I knew I was wishing for the impossible. This book struck my heart strings so bad because of the fact that one day the person you will love will have to die or witness your own death. I can't imagine being Tessa and going through all of that. The ending of the book made me so terrible sad, she had to watch her love, friends, and family die. But that is like immortal or not. I'm glad that Jem had finally gotten a real chance at life again. Free of disease and free of being a silent brother. In becoming a silent brother it showed his true selflessness and goodness. He was a hero in a way because he endured what he became for others to be happy. I'm also glad that the runes of the silent brothers made him for numb to emotion because I can't imagine living life without music, and having love ones around me. I think the main thing that kept Tessa together all of those years was the one hour in which she was able to see Jem. Even though he was different then what he once was he was still there. When he meet here on the bridge human it made so extremely happy because he would be able to live the live he wanted but at the same time it made me terribly sad for Tessa because she would have to watch the other of her two greatest loves die. I just wonder that after Jem is gone will she still live here life as immortal or will she end it there. I also wonder that if Immortals do die will they end up going to heaven as the rest of them do and be able to meet up with the ones they love? This book has really got my mind going crazy so please comment and talk about your thoughts on the book please. It would mean a lot to me.

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Kristina Major spoilers ahead, for those who haven't read the book, just as a precaution.

Throughout the series I knew she was going to end up with Will. She loved him, and I always felt that her engagement to Jem was forced, and that he guilted her into it. That being said, I liked Jem more. I was content when she married Will, but I loved it when her and Jem could finally be together at the end. When he was taken away from her, I realized that she did truly love him.

As far as warlocks go, I think they would go to heaven. They're not invincible, and can die, so why wouldn't they have an afterlife?

I don't know about vampires. I feel like they would cease to exist. Maybe with Faeries there would be a different type of afterlife. Idk, it's hurting my brain just thinking about it.

Kellie Mild Kristina wrote: "Major spoilers ahead, for those who haven't read the book, just as a precaution.

Throughout the series I knew she was going to end up with Will. She loved him, and I always felt that her engageme..."

I feel the same way thinking about their afterlives. I also knew she was going to end up with Will but I was glad that Jem was able to be happy with her as well.

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Ashley i was so so conflicted the entire time while reading the book and as much as I wanted to take it slow and make the magic last, i couldn't put the thing down.
I was always in love with Will, i mean i'm just totally loyal to the herondales:), but it was the first time in a love triangle that I didnt want the other guy (JEM) to be alone. like, he deserved to be happy too, ya know? but i felt soo bad for will the whole time in the book.
I liked how they ended the triangle but umm I DIED READING TESSA DESCRIBING WILL'S DEATH. i dont care if he lived to be a good old age and they had kids and grandkids and all that. i love will, he is my #1 guy and he died... i think about it to this day and almost cry.
Poor Jem, i had a suspicion he would be a Silent Brother, but he mentioned in the first book how he wouldnt never want a life as one of them because they dont have any music... poor guy.
All in all, the book was everything i could ever want and more and it will always be a favorite to me.

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Samantha The Escapist Dude Sophie making your own topic is good enough Oo

Anyway I honestly felt a little cheated/bored after reading the ending. I thought it was bad storytelling and poured on way too much sugar.

But that was for the sake of a much broader portion of the fanbase than myself so I cannot blame her.

I actually put the book down partway through the last bit and read another book because I pretty well felt I knew where it was going and lost interest. (I did finish it later though)

Sorry to be Debbie Downer :P

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Nurlely Sophie wrote: "vote for will!! in the Ya crush tourney!!! hes in the final!! Cassie clare will post THE CAVE SCENE from WILL'S POINT OF VIEW if he wins!!!!"

Dang! I just read this! Dimitri has won.. :(
He is not even my #1 from VA. Mine is Adrian.

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Claudia the Night Owl Cried, took a long while to get over it. I still can't get myself to reread the epilogue.

ariel Calderon To say it all i felt both happy and sad at the same time I just knew that she was going to stay with Will that i felt so happy at all the time they had spent together and had children that when they described how he died i felt so sad that i started to cry and it is the first time i have cried in reading and finishing a book.I also want to say that i cried again when i finished reading the epilogue i did not expected Jem to be back and for him and Tessa to be together it just made me so happy. I LOVED THIS SIRES!!!! I can not wait for the DARK ARTIFACTS too come out.

Hannah Ugh! I shall never heal from the emotional damage done from this book! I just can't...

Hannah This book made me cry and laugh. i kind of had a feeling Jem would die and she would marry Will but I didnt expect her to be with both. To be honest I never liked Jem, but I felt bad for him. In my opinion the book was really well written. I really wished there was another book for this series. Hopefully we'll see more of Tessa and Jem in CoHF. Can't wait!

Nova  J. I found it to be sweet terrible yet lovely irony.
Because that is what it was if you really think about it!!!!
Major spoiler ahead.......
You think all this time she's going to end up with Will in the very end because Jem died. But truly at the very VERY END it was Will who died first and Jem who she ended up with!

I'm telling you sweet terrible yet lovely irony.

Davey Kirk I couldn't imagine the pain Tessa carries around after losing so many people she loved. I deeply feel for her, one day she is a normal girl dealing with the lost of her aunt then the next thing she knows she has these abilities and there is a whole secret world she didn't know about. Poor Tessa

Justine saulnier i was like omg Jem is a Silent Brother now like WTF and omg i cried when Jem died but them came back as a silent brother. But he was different when he came back not like the creepy regular Silent Brothers (because of the medicine he took i cant remember what its called)but anyways i cried again when Jem couldnt stay because he was different again and what i did to Will and then when Will died, I cried even more i love Will! <3 and anyways that made me sad but i was happy that Will finally got to be with Clary and then when Will passed away, Jem finally got to be with clary for good instead of fighting all those creepy clockwork creatures that freaked me out. I was happy with the ending but not really happy cause i really wished clary was mortal and died after Will and stuff. But then Clary wouldn't have been with Jem then cause she loves both of them in different ways, for different reasons.

Justine saulnier And she wouldnt have been with Jem because she would have died early on so i guess the ending works.

amanda I feel a need to read the mortal instruments, and i am so angry, happy,sad and confused. every thing is like a mess inside my head. i cant believe it was the end of the infernal devices, and I don't know if i love the ending or hate it , but i think i loved it. and the whole book, i mean... i have NEVER cried so much of a book ever. i cried like almost all the time and i laughed and all the surprises! i loved this book. i love this book. it was so amazing!

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Sara Mayberry Hannah wrote: "Ugh! I shall never heal from the emotional damage done from this book! I just can't..."

This has become my favorite series ever. Traumatic doesn't describe the torn feelings i had reading this book.
And in the end everyone wins!!!

Brittney Destroyed. That's how I felt. I honestly could care less about Tessa or Jem or anyone else. But reading about Will in the end, just gutted me.

Nurlely I felt cheated. I wish I never read TID at all. Such a disappointing ending!

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Kat i was very mad at cassandra clare, that was a VERY disapointing ending, what i loved in the end though, was how she wrote about the memories about will, like about cecily and gabriel's wedding, then when he yelled 'theres blood on the cobblesstones' in french... but it broke my heart reading about him and his death.... but the very ending, that just ended it... i got so mad i threw the book, and then apologized....

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Vanessa I was so sad. I cried at the end. It was sad and happy at the same time. I was happy that Will and Tessa got married and had kids. I too, agree that it was nice that she wrote about memories. It was sad and I couldn't handle the part where Will died and Jem and Tessa were there to hold his hand. I'm still a little depressed from reading it, and it was about 2 months ago.

Misty I cried for the last few chapters. I love a book that can touch you like that, I love the fact Tessa got to have a life with Will children and the whole bit, but I wonder if she can handle doing it all to again with Jem. I hope so because Jem deserves to have it all to. He would be happy to just be with her but after all he has been through I hope to see their kids show up in The Mortal Instruments.....

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M T Nurlely wrote: "I felt cheated. I wish I never read TID at all. Such a disappointing ending!"

Same. I feel like Cassandra was trying to just finish up the series as quickly as possible. I hate that it just left all the readers with a whole bunch of questions. I really didn't like this last book.

Annika OMG, the ending was definitely touching and I've never read anything like it. I was dwelling on it for weeks. I mean, it seriously got me thinking. Is it that heart wrenching to be an immortal? It really killed me to read how she held Will's hand while he died at such an old age. Sure, she got to have kids and live life with him as long as she could. But it really tore at my heart; enough to almost make me cry. And it takes a lot for a book to make me cry. Having Jem at the end kind of lessened the pain, but Jem wasn't going to live forever, so...yeah.
Cassandra really went all out with an epilogue like that and I'm satisfied to say that I enjoyed it. A lot.

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Dana I feel totally depressed about the ending and feel it was a cop out. Jem had to be a miserable silent brother for decades, Will's dead, now Tessa will have to watch Jem die, she is now with Jem like Will never existed, Jem is getting Will's leftover's...UGH!

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Kyra I must be the only person on the planet who didn't care for Will. The epilogue saved this book for me and I'm glad she ended with Jem.

Kellie Mild Kyra wrote: "I must be the only person on the planet who didn't care for Will. The epilogue saved this book for me and I'm glad she ended with Jem."

Don't worry my friends favorite was Jem as well. She was so mad when he became a silent brother but to her it just showed how much of a selfless person he truely is.

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Brenna I felt so sad after reading "Clockwork Princess"!!!!!! I cried when Will died and I cry just thinking about it. I cried when Jem became a Siilent Brother and had to call off the engagement with Tessa. This book was just so sad I don't plan on reading it again, which stinks because he other two were so good!! I don't normally feel this way after I finish a book, but Cassandra Clare really played with my emotions throughout this book. It was really sad ;(

Hannah I loved this book. Ive always been for Jem. (jemjemjemjemjemjemjem <--my brain waves) I really loved Will as a character, but the end of this book just made my day when Jem got his happy ending. <3 I rarely cry over books but the Epilogue had tears streaming. I did cry over Will, but happiness won out because Tessa and Jem ended up together. And i would love to read more about their modern relationship. <3Jem

Hannah The one thing I really didnt like was how Will and Tessa got it on when they thought Jem was dead. Grr

Nurlely M wrote: "Same. I feel like Cassandra was trying to just finish up the series as quickly as possible. I hate that it just left all the readers with a whole bunch of questions. I really didn't like this last book. "

Cassandra Clare was giving her fans happiness, supposedly.

PS. The Bane Chronicles series is worse. Should be banned from good reading list.

Marte It was horrifically sad, bawling-your-eyes-out-sad. Will was always, and forever, my favorite, but I liked that Jem and Tessa got to be together as well. Still, when I read that Will died all those years ago, it felt like a rock was stuck inside my throat and a fucking river was descending down my face.

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Brenna I feel the exact same way, accept Jem will always be my favorite ;(

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