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Captain Cupcake | 628 comments
~ What is the “bouncing” cupcake? ~

                    A new cupcake is coming,
                    so keep your eyes wide!
                    This new cupcake is bouncing,
                    with pep and with pride!

                    To earn it, your sharp eyes
                    will have to look close,
                    to spot all differences
                    in multiple puzzles we post!

                    Those big books, the thick ones,
                    with so many pages...
                    with this cupcake they'll count more.
                    It'll double their wages!
What is the “bouncing” cupcake? It is a very special cupcake in that it is used on “chunkster” books with a page count equal to or greater than 450 pages (verified by word count).

Unlike the other cupcakes (regular and “blinkie”) which give you the advantage of reducing the number of books required to complete a challenge, the “bouncing” cupcake will actually add one additional book - for each pic - to your Team's book total for any “chunkster” read by a team-mate.

What’s the catch? No cupcakes until the series is all completed!

“Bouncing” cupcakes are earned by completing a series of "Spot the Difference" puzzles. You must get the whole series correct to obtain your “bouncing” cupcakes.

Options: Different members of your Team may submit the different puzzles; you may all work together; you may have just one person submit. You may submit as many times as you like, until you get the puzzle correct.

“Bouncing” cupcakes may only be obtained during a Mod posted challenge or Read-a-Thon. However, if you do NOT complete the series of puzzles within the time-frame of the challenge, you may continue to attempt to complete it when a new Mod posted challenge or R-a-T is started again, as long as you have completed at least the first in the series.

When submitting a “bouncing” cupcake, you may select any “chunkster” book read by one of your team-mates since April 12th, the beginning of Round II.

There will be a special thread posted for you to redeem your “bouncing” cupcakes for easier tracking.

SPECIAL NOTE: “Bouncing” cupcakes will NOT be accepted on Sundays, the day of the infamous "Sunday Update." (Pacific Daylight/Savings Time)

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Captain Cupcake | 628 comments
~Frequently Asked Questions~

Q1. How often will these puzzles be posted?
A1. Depending on what else is happening in the threads. However, we plan one a day, except Sundays.

Q2. How many per day?
A2. One per day, barring illness or unforeseen circumstances. Maybe we'll skip an occasional Sunday.

Q3. How many in a series?
A3. Varies.

Q4. Is it one bouncing cupcake per team or per player?
A4. One correct pic submitted per Team; therefore, one (eventual) "bouncing" cupcake per Team per pic.

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Captain Cupcake | 628 comments There is the thread in the Captains' Group to redeem your “Bouncing” cupcakes.

Make sure you:
1. Have been sent an verification eMail from Captain Cupcake of your
         “Bouncing” cupcakes.

2. Have verified the word count on the “chunkster” you've chosen.
         (See Page numbers. Just About Page Numbers.)

3. Are NOT trying to redeem a “bouncing” cupcake on Sunday.

Captain Cupcake | 628 comments Reserved.

Captain Cupcake | 628 comments
This thread is open! Yay. Hooray!
Be sure you read what I had to say.
That's Post #3, to stay out of trouble.
If done right, your “chunksters” are double.

Captain Cupcake | 628 comments
The Captains voted and decided to move.
The thread for redeeming
is now in the Captains' Group, to approve.
Still, soon you'll be beaming.

Captain Cupcake | 628 comments

Due to a study done by Vicky showing an increase in the number of words per page in longer books, the Mods have decided to lower the requirement for redeeming books with the “Triple Threat” cupcakes to 200,000 words or 800 pages.


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