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How do you know if someone is really saying the truth?

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Esmeralda One never knows if someone is really telling the truth. Some people are really good actors, and others are sneaky. In Forged by Fire we see that Gerald's mom is sent to prison after the big incident in which he almost died. Six years later she comes back claiming she has changed and wants Gerald to live with her. How was he supposed to know if she had really changed
? We see further on that she really hadn't but she made other people believe that she had changed. Another example was his step father. After abusing Angel for a while and was sent to jail, he claimed too, to have changed. And again we see he hadn't. Many people we may think we know, can actually be lying to us and we'll never know. So it is hard to trust in people and know if they really are saying the truth.

Jorge Ochoa You never know when someone is saying the truth. You get to know it with their actions, what they do, what they say. That could be the only way that you kbow when somebody is saying the truth. Geralds dad says that he has changed after he come back from prison, but he does the same things to his daughter and you can tell he has not changed.

Priscilla Mendoza As many had said you don't really know when they are saying the truth. Unless you really get to know them you'll know how they act and how they tell you things. But some people don't want to accept the truth hidden from the lie, so they just believe it so they don't have to get hurt by the truth.

Akanksha You can't really trust anyone in this world...
Why?? cuz nowadays people are greedy and mean.. A lot of cases have occured in India where the parents own the house but after some years they decide to have the house named after their kids... WRONG DECISION!!! why because then those kids kick their parents out of the house (which once upon a time belonged to the parents, not anymore)... So you never know when a person's mind might change... unpredictable...

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