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Elijah This book has 5 stories in it about friendship between a frog and a toad. The qualities of friendship in three of the short stories are valuable. For example in one Toad is upset because he never receives mail. So Frog writes a letter and has Snail deliver it to him. Toad and Frog both believe he is never going to receive the letter, but it arrives 4 days later (since Snail is so slow).
One of the short stories titled "The story" uses a lot of repetition with short phrases which would be great for a young reader trying to gain confidence as a reader. Two of the other stories are funny but also show good qualities of friendship.
As a teacher I would use this book as a read aloud for grades K-2 and have available for independent reading for children in grades 1-4. After reading this story to students I would have a discussion about what happened in the story that made the other character a good friend. After reading the short story "The Letter" I would have the children write letters to their best friend.

Trease I hope to incorporate this book into the classroom I am student teaching in later this year! The stories are great classics to me and I cant wait to integrate them into my lessons!

Radynka I love this book. It is my favorite from my childhood. :-)

Alyssa I always think about the story about will power when i am successfully or more likely, unsuccessfully dieting :)

Veronica this was a funny book

Jason Lilly As a kid, I ate up the Frog and Toad books. Simple but powerful lessons for kids (and adults).

CeeCee James This book is what started my kids love for reading. :) I have sweet memories of watching them curled up on the couch sounding out the words.

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