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Emma Owen sat in his dorm with his dog, Buddy and was getting already to send his salary home to support his family.

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Nathan went straight to Owens room after he got off the phone. "Owen you in there?"

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~Jaybear-Shay~ Alison sat on her window sill and looked out the window at the tree's and began writing in her journal.

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When Owen didn't answer Nathan ran to the room he knew someone would be in. He knocke on the door, "Alison?"

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Emma Owen put the ready-to-send envelope of money under his pillow. He then said, "Yup"

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~Jaybear-Shay~ Alison walked over to the door, and opened it. "yea what's wrong?" She smiled she moved her fingers through her hair and looked at him.

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Nathan heard Owen respond and said loud enough for both of them to hear, "A pup was seem right on the edge of the forest just a second ago, grab what you need and lets go!" he said heading down stairs to his room to grab his things.

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Emma Owen grabbed his tranquilizer gun and net, stuffing them in his backpack. He leashed Buddy and followed Nathan.

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They headed out to the entrance of the forest.

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~Jaybear-Shay~ Alison watched them go, and didn't have time to tell Nathan that she wasnt feeling good today. So she walked to the meadow.

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Emma Owen headed to his dorm and unleashed Buddy. He sat on the bed and wondered where Nathan was. He pushed his long caramel hair out of his face.

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Nathan walked down each hallway and said night to everyone. When he passed Allison's door he was almost positive he heard her crying. He gently knocked on her door, "Ally?"

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~Jaybear-Shay~ She glanced up and heard nathan she quickly used a towel and brushed away her tears and went to the door and opened it. "Yea? Everything alright?" She asked looking at him with her bright misty eyes.

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"Not really." He sighed, "I thought I heard you crying, is everything ok?" He asked. The whites of her eyes were red, it looked like she had been crying.

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~Jaybear-Shay~ She wiped her eye as a tear fell. "Its just so much has happened and i really dont know how to take it all..." She said she felt like crying on his shoulder but forced the tears back.

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Nathan sighed, "You can say that again." he could see the years running back to her eyes, "May I come in?" he asked softly looking down tha halls then back at her

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~Jaybear-Shay~ She stepped aside and gestured for him to come in. She went and sat on the bed, and wiped her face and sighed deeply. " So what's going on with you?" She asked looking up at him through her misty eyes.

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"The PUP escaped, and found a way to delete everything from her phone that was on the computer, she took her stuff and any test samples we had, and destroyed the poison..." he sighed, "That's the fourth one this month." Nathan sat on the bed next to her and wrapped an arm around her, "Now, what's wrong with you?" he asked rubbing the side of her arm

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~Jaybear-Shay~ She looked up at him and smiled. "She didn't delete everything." She said reaching in her pocket and handed him the memory chip from the PUP's Phone. She leaned against him. "well i miss my family, and i have all these emotions clouding my mind and its making me not focus on work." She sighed again and held her legs with her hands.

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"You have three vacation days you havent used, go see them." he said trying to comfort her

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~Jaybear-Shay~ She shook her head. "Its fine, Im fine...I need to help you guys, if something happened to you...i would never forgive myself." SHe said leaning closer into his shoulder.

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Nathan smiled a little and layed his head on hers, "Go, if something were to happen to me, it would have nothing to do with you, therefore you couldn't blame yourself" he said

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~Jaybear-Shay~ She looked up at him and turned to face him, her legs where crossed. "I cant loose you, ive lost so many people and your someone i cant live without, so maybe the vacation could be later" She said she was not going to give up.

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"Your so stubborn! Do you know that?" he chuckled, "Just go! I promise to be extra careful while your gone!" he said nudging her softly

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~Jaybear-Shay~ She looked at him and flipped him over he was laying on the bed. " I said no, so it's no" She smiled with her careful eyes. "My stubbornness is a trait I happen to like" She laughed.

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He chuckled, "You were trained well!" he smiled relaxing a little on the bed lookin up at her. "I can make it so you have no choice but to go!" he chuckled and pinched her nose, "Stop being so stubborn!"

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~Jaybear-Shay~ "Make Me" She smiled And smirked he pinned him down so he couldn't move his hands.

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"I'm stronger than you!" he chuckled and rolled over so she was on the bed and pinned her down, "Ha!" he said then laughed

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~Jaybear-Shay~ She smiled. "Mhm...well then I guess we are stuck because as soon as you loosen your grip ill get you back" She teased.

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"Oh really?" he laughed and loosened his grip just a little to see what she would do.

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~Jaybear-Shay~ She smiled and tried to get him over but all she did was drop them to the floor."well that backfired but still.." She smiled

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He chuckled and broke her fall, "Ow!!!" he laughed and held her face in his hands, "Please go. See your family..."

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~Jaybear-Shay~ "You know, its not that easy. They are dead" Her words stung like a bullet in her heart, she looked up at Nathan and let out a tear

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He slowly sat up, and didnt say anything. He wrapped her in a hug and in her ear he whispered, "Im so sorry."

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~Jaybear-Shay~ She snuggled closer to him and let herself cry out all the pain she hugged Nathan back.

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Nathan had flashbacks of his mom, who was a PUP... He shut his eyes and let a tear fall, "Why didnt you tell me?" he whispered, giving her a gently squeeze

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~Jaybear-Shay~ She looked up at him her bottom lip trembling. "I thought you would think im weak, and not let me have a job, then i wouldnt be close to you" she said telling him everything, She lifted her finger up to his face and wiped away the salty trail a tear left.

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Jonathan laughed a little, "Your not weak because they're gone. I almost wasn't hired because my mom was a PUP... They automatically thought I was too." he sighed as sniffled a little, "And my dad, he just left. He wanted nothing to do with any of us." he said with a sarcastic smile, he hugged her again

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~Jaybear-Shay~ "My Family was killed by a werewolf... And i personally knew him." She said she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him.

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He didn't say anything, he just hugged her. It comforted both of them... He sighed and found one thing to say other than sorry, "Don't let go." he gave her a gentle squeeze

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~Jaybear-Shay~ her eyes widened at his words. "Never" She said crawling into his lap and was still hugging him.

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His eyes shut as another tear fell. He took a deep breath, trying to relax a little.

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~Jaybear-Shay~ She kissed his cheek, and wiped away his tears, her hands cupped his face. "Hey its alright im here" She whispered

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Nathan laughed a little, "You let go." he smiled and pulled her closer and gently kissed her lips

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~Jaybear-Shay~ She froze in place, and pulled him closer to her, she had been waiting for this forever. " Im sorry, wont let go again" She smiled and kissed him softly.

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He chuckled against her lips kissing them softly and gently

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~Jaybear-Shay~ Her hands found their way to his hair and she leaned into him.

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Nathan smiled and pulled back slowly and softly. He looked into her blue eyes and smiled wide, that kiss was everything he ever thought it would be.

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~Jaybear-Shay~ She looked at him. "what is it?" she asked holding his head with her hands.

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