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Nathan carefully carried the girl to their work center and brought her to the lab. "Get me a clean needle please?" he asked putting on some gloves and a mask for safety reasons. He got an alcohol wipe and cleans a small patch of her skin.

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Emma Owen handed him a needle. He also chained her hands so that when she woke up she couldn't get away.

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Nathan gently stuck the needle in the clean skin. He took the blood sample and stuck it under the microscope. "Looks like we've got a shapeshifter, don't know if she can only change to a fox or more but we will have to wait until she waits

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Nathan pulled out his phone and called Alison, shapeshifters was one of her soecialties and he could use some help

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Emma At the moment Carina woke. Her eyes flickered around, frightened. She needed movement to turn so she wad stuck. She said nothing.

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~Jaybear-Shay~ Alison picked up her phone and answered it. " Hello?"

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"I need you here... Like now... Please" he said kindly through the phone, now that she was awake he wasn't sure what he needed to do

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~Jaybear-Shay~ "ill be there" She hung up and walked to the building, and went upstairs and Found nathan." What can i do to help out?" She smiled softly still not feeling well

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Emma Carina struggled a bit on the restraints.

Owen watched with curiosity. He only caught PUPs and he had never seen this before. Buddy growled and the struggling PUP. Owen hushed him.

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"Well I got a blood test while she was asleep and I don't know what else I'll need... She's a shapeshifter." he said

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~Jaybear-Shay~ I nodded." So you got a blood test, mhm...did she have anything on her a phone or something?" I asked hopefully no more shifters would come our way.

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~Jaybear-Shay~ *anyone there?*

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Emma Carina tucked her phone into her pocket. She silently deleted her contacts to avoid her friends getting discovered. She hid her phone under her.

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~Jaybear-Shay~ i smirked at the girl."You know if you where trying to be sneaky, try a little harder." i said getting her phone and connecting it to my laptop." i can get all your information back, im clever like that." i said typing in codes, and hacking her phone.

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Emma Carina growled. "Evil People, why Don't you leave us alone."

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~Jaybear-Shay~ Alison Gave her a half smile and didn't answer her, she was to involved in the pictures on the girls phone. " So your friends took videos of you shifting, thats not weird at all." She said downloading the videos and pictures to the EDGE's Main Computer.

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Emma Carina layer there. She was scared. If they determined her powerful enough, they would either destroy her or keep her for testing. If not then she would spend the rest of her life in jail. Either way she would be living in a cage forever.

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~Jaybear-Shay~ "Soo...Did you contact anyone to come and help you...I sure hope not, for their sake and yours." Alison said moving her hoody out of the way so the girl could see her two silver knives that were specially made to hunt Shifters that where connected on her belt loop.

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Emma Carina stiffened when she saw the knives. She had seen even the most skilled of shifters shifters killed by those custom knives. She shook her head. She thought of Wyatt and hoped he was okay. "I would never put them in danger like that." She scoffed. She wondered what would happen to her.

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~Jaybear-Shay~ "Well i sure hope not." Alison said pulling out her knife and a tiny vial of blue liquid. She opened the vial which had deadly herbs for shifters in it, she waited for the smell to reach the girl.

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Emma Carina had enhanced senses so it hit her immediately. She choked on the smell and her eyes watered.

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Emma Buddy could smell it to. He whined and Owen asked. "What is that?"

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~Jaybear-Shay~ Alison smiled. "Well it wouldnt be a secret if you knew and what fun would that be? you think smelling it hurts just wait if you even call for help or get your little dog to help you, ill strike you before you can stand, and this right here." She pointed at the vial. " It feels like shards of millions of glass in your body moving closer to your heart and you end up not breathing and your body bursts, not pleasant huh" She said sitting back in a chair and messing around with her knife. She glared at the girls dog...then smiled which would send shivers down your spine.

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Emma ((Its not her dog, Its Owen's. He works for EDGE))

Carina was a naturally scared person but she was close to sobbing. The smell intensified and it felt like torture. Her sinuses felt like they were on fire. "Put it away" she managed over her choking.

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~Jaybear-Shay~ *Woops sorry, im kinda tired right now ^~^*
Alison closed the tiny vial, she felt a little guilt for being mean to the girl, that did nothing to her. " So you have any family?" She asked nicely watching the girl.

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Emma Carina almost smirked dispute her overwhelming fear."Nice Try, but I'm not dumb. I wouldn't reveal them, if I have them or not."

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~Jaybear-Shay~ Alison felt sorry for her, and got out the vial again and got it on her fingers and flicked her hand and the tiny drops flew over to the girl.

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Emma Carina flinched as it hit the table next to her.

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"Okay Alison, she's just a kid, ease up on her!" Nathan said walking from the test table he was at. He walked to the girl and wiped of the poison, "We may not need that, she will say anything we want her to." He looked at Alison then back at the girl, "Could I have your name please?" He asked kindly, trying to keep her calm

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~Jaybear-Shay~ Alison crossed her arms, she knew the girl had secrets. She pulled out her knife and messed with it again, it was a stress reliever.

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Fояєvёґ Mїпє(jaybear) | 6 comments Dorian sat in a chair and watched all the action that was going on through the large windows, he drummed his fingers on the table and smiled to him self.

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Justin walked into the room and knocked on the door, "I was told to find a way to help." He said after he opened the door. "I'm uh- new here..."

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Fояєvёґ Mїпє(jaybear) | 6 comments Dorian glanced up and saw the new guy. " Well you will have to talk to Nathan, he is in there right now." He said pointing at the room. " Better wait around before things get out of hand." He said

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((Nathan went to get another PUP))

Justin sighed and saw a girl strapped down to a table. He walked over to her and smiled at her. He walked around the lab and sort of waved to the girl in the corner, messing with her knife, "How many tests have you guys run?" He asked looking at the two of them

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Emma Carina thought for a second. She figured it wouldn't do any good to lie or refuse answer. She replied, "Carina"

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Justin turned and looked at the girl, "Carina? That's a beautiful name." He smiled at her

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~Jaybear-Shay~ Alison sat in the corner, she didnt know what else to do, she had all the videos and pictures on the main computer and her laptop, she smiled when she saw Dorian sitting in a room alone.

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Justin looked over at the girl playing with her knife, "Is there anything I could help with? Anything at all?"

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Emma Carina looked at him. If they wanted to be nice then they should let her go.

Owen walked over to Alison. "What now?"

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~Jaybear-Shay~ She looked up smirking. " I got the videos and contacts of her friends and family, from her phone its all been emailed to you on your phones." She said not wanting to tell anyone how she was feeling, if only she could shut of her emotions they were making her be mean to her friends...

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"Awesome. I'm Justin by the way." he smiled and held out a hand for her to shake.

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~Jaybear-Shay~ "Im Alison" She smiled and shook his hand. " What do we do next?" She looked at the girl

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Justin raised his shoulders, "Not sure... Im new here." he said sitting next to her.

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~Jaybear-Shay~ She laughed a little. " Well lets go call Nathan, shall we" She teased

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"Alright." Justin said with a nod. He stood and offered a hand to help her up.

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~Jaybear-Shay~ She smiled and grabbed his hand and got up. She pulled out her phone and called Nathan.

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He led her outside the lab, because it was quieter.

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~Jaybear-Shay~ She Followed him and smiled to herself, she waited for him to pick up the phone

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Justin stood beside her and waited.

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