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Finding it difficult to pick profiles out of the Character Sign-Up topic? This is a collection of all of the approved profiles!

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Name: Elana Seraphine Maldray
Age: 14 (4th year)
Physical Description: Elana has long, curly, red-blonde hair, grey eyes and a freckled face. She is small for her age, petite and slim, with a rosy smile that will charm the most hard-hearted of people. Elana wears her school uniform usually, but on Hogsmeade trips she wears her favourite cardigan over a flowery dress. She loves soft, pretty clothes.
Personality: Elana is clever and brave; she gets high grades in Charms and Arithmancy, only struggling in Herbology. She is a good friend, but can be hot-tempered. You don't want to be at the receiving end of one of her jinxes!
History: Elana magic was discovered when she turned three and jinxed her father's beard into growing twelve feet long. Her parents were thrilled when a Ministry wizard came to tell them Elana had been accepted at Hogwarts, and have been proud of her ever since. Despite her kind personality, Elana has few friends, and tries her best to make new ones when she can. Elana is a Muggle-born, hence the reason some students dislike her. She makes money to spend at Hogsmeade each year by making magical cosmetics.
Pets: Elana has a pet brown owl called Serena. Serena is generally good-tempered but has a bad habit of chewing the edges of Elana's letters.
Wand: Elana's wand is rosewood with a phoenix feather core. She polishes it monthly, but it has a few scratches on the handle. Elana keeps it behind her ear for safe-keeping.
Patronus: Elana's Patronus is a dove.
Relationships: ...

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Name: Cassie Knight
Age and year: 15-5th year
Physical description: 5'4, shoulder length, shiny black hair, one green eye, one blue eye (couldn't resist), slim, but muscled.
Personality: easy-going, nice, a little eccentric, likeable, but not great at making friends. Favorite subjects are Transfiguration and Defense against the Dark Arts.
History: Comes from a whole family of Slytherins, never quite fit in. Has parents, siblings, crazy uncle, strict aunt, the whole lot, and all set on her being a Slytherin.
No pets
Wand: Length: 10 3/4 in
Wood: Larch
Core: Unicorn
Flexibility: Slightly Yielding
Patronus: Phoenix
Relationships: Best friend is a muggle, only strong relationship in the family is with a cousin(also Slytherin, but doesn't discriminate against houses) already graduated from Hogwarts.

*Her hero has always been Albus Dumbledore. She's dreamed of one day becoming Hogwarts headmistress.

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*Name John Jackal
*Age and Year (for example, 13- 3rd year) 15-5th year
*Physical Description he has short close cropped blonde hair piercing blue eyes and is a lean muscled man
*Personality he is easy going, and relaxed. Usually the person who gives great advice, he is the person who comforts you no matter what.
*History he comes from a long line of Slytherin on his fathers side and a short line of ravenclaws on his mothers side his mom was forgiving his dad was strict and snappy
*Pets (optional) has a cat named stela
*Wand 11 1/2 inches rigid
*Wood Australian Blackwood
*Core unicorn
*Patronus (optional) jackal
*Relationships (optional) open

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Name: Melania Flitwick
Age and Year: 15- 5th Year
Physical Description: Tall, curvy, long brown hair, lean face with high cheek bones, long legs and a gentle smile
Personality: Humorous (sarcastic when you get to know her), sweet, generous and not very social when you first meet her
History: Her background on her fathers side come from Griffindor, but on her mothers side they are Slytherin. Her mothers side is very moody and quick tempered, while her fathers side is mellow and care-free.
Pets: Three cats, Siamese- Elmer, Manx- Louis, Tabby- Earl
Wand: 9 inches, core is Veela hair, Aldridge wood
Patronus: Cottontail Bunny
Relationship: Dating John Jackal

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Name: Lena Coldwater
Age: 16- 6th year
Physical description: Lena is medium height, with long raven black hair that flows like a wave down to her shoulders. She has green eyes with a few freckles on her oval face.
Personality: Sweet, kind, selfless, outgoing, loyal, courageous and stubborn. She wouldn't hurt anything. She cares very deeply for her family and friends. People find her very trustworthy and always come to her for advice.
History: Her father is from Gryffindor, who is very strong headed and sarcastic. Her mother is very intelligent, who is in Ravenclaw. She is in Gryffindor. Her best subject is Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms.
Pets: She has a cat named Mae
Wand: Nine and a half inches. Phoenix feather with pine.
Patronus: cat
Relationship: free

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Name: Rose Hathaway
Age: 15, 5th Year
Physical Description: Rose is 5'7" with tan skin and a very fit physique. She has natural long, dark brown hair with big waves. She has blue/purple eyes with a round face and full lips. She is a curvy girl with hips and a bust, and a thin waist cut slightly with muscle. When dressed up for a special occasion, she is stunning and envied by many. However, she would prefer to wear pants and a t-shirt or any other more practical/comfortable outfit.
Personality: Rose is a spitfire. She is very feisty and does not enjoy following the rules and expectations. She gets into trouble due to her lack of discipline and acceptance for authority. However, she is very nice to everyone and a fun person to be around, everyone likes having her in class or to hang around with. She is very good at getting herself and friends into trouble! She is extremely successful when it comes to anything athletic or physical. She is extremely bright in defense against the dark arts, but does not have the patience for lecture classes or anything. She hates dressing up, even when she has to, and is a strong girl who would rather fight with the boys then gossip with the girls. She is also a quidditch seeker.
History: She never knew her father, but did know that he was a wizard. Her mother is a very well known and successful Auror that has big expectation for Rose. Rose feels as though she can never live up to them and is always letting her mum down. She does not have a great relationship with her mother, but knows that she is there for her. Her mother was in Gryffindor and she is unsure what house her father belonged to. Rose has one best friend, among many good friends, that she considers closer than a sister, however, her best friend does not attend Hogwarts. Rose is an only child and very independent.
Pets: Rose has an all black cat named Jethro, who is never far behind her, and always there when Rose needs to talk to someone!
Wand wood: Willow
Wand core: Dragon heartstring
Patronus: Wolf
Relationship: free

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*Name-Bree Williams
*Age and Year (for example, 13- 3rd year)
15-5 year
*Physical Description
Shoulder length naturally curly brown-red hair.Big,big brown eyes and average height.On the slender side.
Bree is really nice and a bit crazy at times.
She sticks up for her friends but can be really shy at times.She loves being a witch and loves interacting with people.She's not afraid to speak her mind and not afraid what people think of her.Most times:P
Bree lives in England((No duh Meiyu,lol))and lives in the country side.Her family owns a horse barn where kids come and take lessons.Bree loves riding horses and takes care of the horses and names them.Bree is a muggle born.Both parents are muggles.Her dad left them when they found out she was a witch.He called her a freak and many other nasty things.Bree was really sad but got over it.
*Pets (optional) Black owl named Nightwing
11 inches and made of Ashwood with dragon heartstring in it
*Patronus (optional)
Red Fox
*Relationships (optional)

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Name: Oliby Paisley Thorne
Age: 11 (First Year)
Physical Description: Long red hair down to her knees. Pale skin, rosy cheeks, chestnut brown eyes, long curly eyelashes. Skinny, but uncommonly strong. On the tall side. She usually has an unkempt appearance and looks like she needs a bath, because she spends most of her time climbing and playing in the dirt with her animals. She wears braids and long torn dresses her mother had made, when not wearing her school robes.
Personality: Extremely smart and has a natural talent with animals. Though she is shy she also has a wild side. She loves animals and her ambition is to become an animagus. She breaks any rule she does not like. For example, she brought her Jack Russell Terrier, Pris, to school though not on the list of pets allowed.
History: Oliby comes from an entire family of animagi who live in the woods in a cabin that is bigger than it appears. She is halfblood, but there maybe nonhuman blood to somewhere down her line.
Pets: Many, but really friends
wand: Unicorn hair, willow, 10 inches, firm
Patronus: fox

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Name: Autumn Winters (XD Wait a minute...Autumn winters?XD Mayhaps I should make her middle name June? XD)
Age: 14 4th year
Physical appearance: Short curly blonde hair. bright green eye's freckles.
Personality: Autumn is VERY mischievous She loves to play pranks on her friends. However, She's very loyal, kind, and willing to stand up for what she thinks is right. Her best subjects are Charms, and Transfiguration.
History: She's a Half Blood her mum is a witch her dad a muggle.
Pets: She has a pet cat (Elvendork) and a Pygmy Puff (Molly Kate) she switches between them during the year.
Wand: It's wood is Laurel, eleven and a halve inches , with a dragon heart string core
Patronus: Her patronus is not corpeal. (Yet, when it is it'll most likely be a horse.)
Relationship: Well since she's only 14 she mot definitely does not want a boyfriend. However I am looking for someone to be her best friend? (Pretty please?)

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Name: Genevieve Claire Eaglestone

Age/Year: Twelve, second year

Physical Description: Hazel eyes that turn amber in the sun. Curly red hair to shoulderblades,normally left loose. Tall, light brown skin and eight freckles on her cheeks, slightly stout.

Personality: Cheerful and enterprising, curious, intelligent and eager for knowledge. Is not afraid of heights.

History: Half-Blood, found to have magic when she was exploring in a forest with her cousins and was attacked by a wolf, the shocked Genevieve spun a lattice of sparks between the wolf, her friends and she, thus frightening it off.
Her cousins have since moved on to Beauxbatons but Eaglestone was sent to Hogwarts and would not have it any other way.

Pets: A ferret named Percivra Tarjou

Wand: Ten inches, rowan branch, and swan feather core, springy.

Patronus: Lynx but in light of her experience it is barely corporeal.

Relationships: Is definitely not with anyone, and has no best friends yet.

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Name -Sakshi borah
Age and year -14 and 4th year
Physical description -sakshi is slim and has average height.she is cute with black hair.
Personality - she excels in casting spells and loves pulling off pranks.sakshi is jolly and reads lots of books in her free time. She likes to learn anything new. She loves making friends.
History -she is half blood with muggle dad and witch mom. She once fell off from the first story of her house. Since then she is too scared of heights.
Wand -holly with phoenix feather core
Patronus- a horse

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Name: Alison Candis Colton
Age: 15(5th year)
Physical Description: Alison has wavy medium shoulder length dark brown hair, and hazel eyes that appear golden in the light. She is slim and has charming smiles that lightens up anyone's day. She wears her school uniform usually. When she goes out to Hogsmeade she wears jeans and band t-shirts.She loves to wear plain clothing. Alison wears silver no rimmed rectangular glasses.
Personality: Alison is a very kind and warm person. She is very loyal to her friends and family. Her favorite subjects are History of Magic, and Astronomy.
History: Alison grew up without her dad. She would always move around with her mother never staying in one place. Because of this Alison doesn't have that many friends. She found out about her magical abilities when she was 9. Her mother was angry that Alison got her father's abilities. Alison ran away to Hogwarts after this. She makes her money by being a librarian.
Pets: Alison has a black and white striped owl named Midnight. Midnight is a very curious owl. Because she is curious Midnight has a bad habit of getting in trouble.
Wand:Alison's wand is ash with a phoenix's feather. She takes good cares of it and is still in very good condition.
Patronus: Alison's patronus is a wolf.
Relationship: none

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Name Judas cooper
*Age and Year (for example, 13- 3rd year) 14-fourth year
*Physical Description: he has short dark black hair, kind green eyes with flecks of blue and he has very taned skin from spending his days swimming in the lake
*Personality: he is a very gentle and kind person. But can be snippy at times. He is quick to anger but fast to forgive.
*History TBRP
*Pets (optional) none
wood: Bocote
Core: Phoenix feather
Length: 10 1/2 and springy
*Patronus (optional) not corporal
*Relationships (optional) none

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Name-AAYUSHI CLOVE(please suggest some nice middle name staring from B.So t will be ABC)
Age-14,4TH year
Physical appearance-Tall,Flashing with big,blue eyes and black,smooth hair.Absolutely fit infact a sports champion in muggle world.She likes wearing fashionable but decent clothing.But it does not really matters to her cause she is almot tomboy.
Personality-ABC is smart ,intelligent but moody.So she studies when in mood or needed.She is more interested in performing well in sports than in boys and makeup.Also Miss ABCis expert mischief maker
Hiatory-ABC is muggle and realised her magic when she punctured a car’s wheel just by staring at it .Her parents are cooperaitve and encourages her.
Pets-An owl which she named Perry
Wand-Length:10.5 inches.,Aldridge wood,Unicorn core

Being a sports lover she has a queen desire to play in Quddicth team of her house.

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Ally | 233 comments *Name: Natasha Rhiki (Nat or Tasha)
*Age and Year: 17- 7th year
*Physical Description: Natasha has wavy waist-length brown hair and normally wears a braid. Height: 5'8, she is lean and fit. She has a pretty face with brown eyes and a dimple in her right cheek. She wears glasses when she reads and wears jeans and sweaters or T-shirts when not in robes.
*Personality: Normally carefree, but she can be very feisty and is easily drawn into arguments as she is very opinionated. She is always ready to stand up for what she believes is right, whether it be for herself or her peers. She never backs down from a challenge. She is outgoing, but her boldness sometimes scares people off. Her favorite class is DADA.
*History: Half-blood but orphaned at a young age, she lives with her kindly uncle(Ravenclaw) and 8 year old cousin who adores her. She grew up dreaming of Hogwarts and always loved to hear about Harry Potter(who is kind of her role model).
*Pets: a sweet barn owl named Orko
*Wand: 10 in, slightly swishy, phoenix feather core, ash wood.
*Patronus: Dragon
*Relationships: Close friends with Lena Coldwater

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*Name: Henry Thorn
*Age and Year: 15, 5th year
*Physical Description: Well kept, slightly curly short dark brown hair. He has fair skin and cold, dark brown eyes. He's tall, lean, and quite handsome.
*Personality: He's rude, cold, and impersonal. Normally very calm and collected. He's clever and does well in classes and in Quidditch, always striving to be the best. He especially likes to pick on first years and has few he would call "friend."
*History: He's not a pureblood, but his parents were both wizards(Slytherin) and always pushed him in that direction, which he was fine with. He lives with them and his younger brother, whom he has a soft spot for, yet still proceeds to pick on.
*Pets: none
*Wand: 11 in, phoenix feather core, rigid, yew wood.
*Patronus: Cobra
*Relationships: pretty much at odds with every character but Artemis. Particularly dislikes John Jackal.

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Name: Artemis Piper Jones
Age: 14 (4th year)
Physical Description: Artemis is of an average height, with a mass of white-blonde curls and green eyes. When not in her school uniform Artemis likes to wear coats and boots, preferring to blend in rather than stand out. She has a bright, pretty face with delicate features, with a quick smile.
Personality: Artemis is a shy girl, but is never afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She struggles to make friends, but is a kind and loyal friend. Artemis does very well in all her subjects, and is considered by many the smartest in her year. She is clever, and enjoys Charms and Care of Magical Creatures the most.
History: Artemis is a half-blood- her mother was a witch and her father a Muggle. Her mother Reagan works at the Ministry; her father Elias is a baker specializing in donuts. Artemis was trained to become a witch since a baby. Her mother has a high status and there is a lot of pressure for Artemis to do well at school. Artemis dreams of joining the duelling club, and has decided that this year she will join.
Wand: 12 inches; pine; specializes in charm casting; unicorn hair.
Pets: A chocolate brown owl called Epiphany
Patronus: Falcon

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Name: Siobhan Leicester.

Age/Year: Thirteen/third year.

Physical Description: Dark auburn hair almost chestnut-colored falls straight to her back, almond shaped brown-black eyes, thin nose, Siobhan has a lanky frame but walks with grace, freckled brown skin.

Personality: Clever and courageous she is outgoing but quick-tempered, her favorite classes are Potions and History of Magic, despite two years at Durmstrang Institute and her early childhood on the moors Siobhan loves the environment of Hogwarts.

History: Siobhan is the daughter of a Gryffindor witch and Hufflepuff wizard, she was born in Ireland and was a only child until the age of six when her little brother Jonathan was born, taught the Patronus charm at an early age by her Charms-talented father, and sent to Durmstrang for her first two years of wizarding she transferred to Hogwarts on account of Durmstrang's militant attitude.

Pets: Great Horned Owl named Styga.

Patronus: Wolf

Relationships: Siobhan has not even been sorted so.None yet.

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Name: Crystal Davis

Age: 14 (Fourth Year)

Physical Description: Crystal has a fair complexion, slightly wavy brown hair and brown eyes. She is 5'4".

Personality: Crystal is a friendly person with charm and charisma. She excels in Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts. Crystal tries to be the peacemaker. She is loyal to friends and is horrified when deceived. She can give a person she is angry with the cold shoulder for days, but usually they make amends.

History: Crystal is a pure-blood wizard who tries to mingle with all people--from pure-bloods like herself to Muggle-borns. It was confirmed that Crystal was a wizard when she threw her first tantrum at age four and made her house look like a tornado passed through. Crystal has a younger brother, who is twelve, and a sister, who is nine. She was very excited to get to Hogwarts--so excited that she accidentally charmed her trunk to move on its own accord at King's Cross Station. She nearly missed the Hogwarts Express!

Pets: Crystal has a black and white owl named Arrow. She got her when she turned ten years old.

Wand: Crystal has a thirteen inch alder wand with a dragon heartstring core. It is surprisingly swishy and she keeps it in an inside pocket of her robes.

Patronus: None yet.

Relationships: None yet.

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Name: Jacob "Aco" Martin.

Age: 15 (5th Year).

Physical Description: Jacob is tall for his age, with short, blonde hair and a friendly smile. A notable thing about Aco is that his eyes are two colours- one a deep brown, the other pale blue. While he hates his "huge feet," Aco would certainly be described as handsome by the girls at Hogwarts.

Personality: Jacob is a very warm, friendly guy. He is easy to like and hard to get angry. He is known for resolving arguments, but finds it harder to resolve his own. Jacob loves Quidditch, and also enjoys Gobstones. He loves all games, and is a true gentleman. And for the ladies- Jacob likes a sweet, polite girl. Just saying...

History: Jacob was raised in a family of wizards, and has two little sisters who he is very protective of (they are nine-year-old twins). He has always done well at school, and is expected by his father to set examples for his sisters. He loves Herbology and Defence Against the Dark Arts, but is terrible at Potions.

Pets: Jacob hasn't got any pets, as every animal he is left in the care of either is eaten or vanishes under mysterious circumstances.

Patronus: Panther.

Wand: Willow- 10 inches, with a phoenix feather core. He polishes it weekly.

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Name: Sylvia Valerie Glades

Age and Year: 14 Years. (4th year i suppose)

Physical Description: Sylvia's short for her age but not thin. She has long, feathery black hair, wise,brown eyes with glasses and olive tanned skin.

Personality: Sylvia loves to read books related to bravery. She can't stop reading if she starts a book. She is a little rebellious and can't stand any kind of unfair treatment. She also loves to help and joke around to make others laugh.

History: Sylvia is a muggle born witch. She was found to have magic when she blew up her english teacher out of anger.(Like what harry did to Aunt Marge)

Pets: A white owl names Scooty!

Wand: Apple with Pheonix feather core

Patronus: A unicorn. (I can't make it a mockingjay, can I?)

Relationships:.....(Could someone be her best friend! She hates being lonely)

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*Name: Ethan Brooks
*Age and Year (for example, 13- 3rd year)
6-6 year
*Physical Description
Ethan is average height and has dark brown hair and has deep hazel eyes.
*Personality:Ethan can be mysterious at times.He is very sweet and understanding.He doesn't like people who judge others and hates bullies and rude people.He's not afraid to stand up for others and will stand up for anyone,even if he doesn't know who they are.
*History:Ethan is a pureblood and lives with his father,along with his sister,Evangeline.His mother died giving birth to his younger sister.The Brook's family were devastated.
*Pets (optional)
*Wand:10 inches,black ash,good for charm work.Core of a phoenix feather
*Patronus (optional): Hawk
*Relationships (optional)

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Name: Dawn Daliskov
Age and Year: 11- it's her first year at Hogwarts! She's a little nervous that she'll have no friends, but mostly super excited!
Physical Description: Dawn has black hair with brownish highlights and a mildly tan face with kind brown eyes. She's very pretty, but her hair can get kind of out of control sometimes- the curls are very big and sometimes wild. She has broad shoulders for her age and is average height and weight. She tends to bite her lip a lot because she gets nervous.
Personality: A very eager girl, good-tempered and enthusiastic. Always ready to help! However, she's a huge worrier and can get a little over-zealous sometimes. When she's tired or hungry, Dawn is snappy and impatient. She loves adventure and friends. Can be kind of vain, but realizes that and tries to change it. She becomes really exasperated when somebody doesn't grasp a concept. Dawn enjoys strategizing and helping friends with problems. She's very creative and perceptive. Excels and DADA and Potions, but has a determination to master Charms, even though she's not as good at it.
History: Comes from a pureblood family, but thinks that blood status is silly and pointless- "After all, we're all wizards and witches, aren't we?" she's been known to say. She also thinks that magic-people and Muggles are equal. However, her parents are high believers in blood status and don't like Muggles or Muggle-borns.
Pets: A barn owl named Sedgewick.
Wand: Twelve and 1/3 inches, oak with a core of phoenix feather, swishy and springy.
Patronus: Raven
Relationships: She's only 11, so no boyfriend, of course. She worries nobody will like her, but if anybody wants to be friends, she is definitely ready to be a friend to anyone!

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Name:Arthur Dunst
Age:15(5th year)
Physical Description: Arthur has dark brown hair and amber eyes. Arthur is quite tall for his age. He is described as being very handsome.
Personality: Arthur is a cold person. Though he can be kind at times when people get to know him. Arthur is a very loyal person to his friends and family. He is a mysterious person.
History: Arthur grew up with an abusive father. His mother left him and his dad. Because of this Arthur grew distant. Arthur learned of his abilities when he was ten. His father threw a beer bottle at him but Arthur stopped it before it hit him. Arthur ran away to go to Hogwarts.
Pets: Arthur has a pet fox named Bridget. Bridget is a curious fox that gets into trouble a lot.
Wand: Arthur's wand is ash with dragon heartstring.
Patronus: Blue Jay
Relationships: none
(Arthur was born in Germany. Thus he can speak German.)

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Name:Victoria slamane
*Age and Year (for example, 13- 3rd year):4th year
*Physical Description:tall,black eyes ,long black hair
*Personality:Shy but smart,She will do anything for her friends,she is kind but can be very meant at times
*History:She is Half-blood,her dad is a wizard,her mum is a muggle
*Pets:Owl named crystal
*Wand:10 3/4 length,made of alder wood and core of a unicorn

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Name: Micah Lancaster

Age/Year: fourteen, fourth year.

Physical description: softly curled black hair, olive skin twinkling black eyes and a rounded jaw, he is of medium build and is tall.

History: His mother was a Italian witch and father a Muggle, he was found to have magic when on his ninth birthday blew up a lawnmower in his back yard.

Personality: Teasing and good-natured. Slightly awkward and sensitive but doesn't hesitate to stand up for anyone, Micah is clever and brave.

Pets: Eagle owl named Magnus

Wand: hawthorn and raven feather core; tight and stiff

Patronus: Mink

Relationships: Gets along well with most everyone but has a special soft spot for the Durmstrang transfer Siobhan Leicester...

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Name: Rebecca "Becca" Andrade
Age and Year: 15-5th year
Physical Description: She is a pale tan and has black hair, even though the sunlight reveals tints of gold, wire-red, and light brown. She is short in size and is not too thick nor too thin. She has dark brown eyes, but the sunlight makes her eyes appear a clear chocolate brown. She is natural, and the only make-up on her clear face is a thick layer of eye-liner, to give her eyes a little pop. She has almost pearly white teeth and wears a very light coat of chapstick on her lips o give it a little shine.
Personality: She is a somewhat mysterious girl. One that if you look into her eyes, you could only see emptiness and no emotions. She keeps to herself most of the time, especially around strangers, but once you get to know her, she is very outgoing. She can be very stubborn at times and rebellious. She has low-self esteem, but does not show it. She observes people and always has an eye open for anything suspicious. She likes to listen to music, draw, build, and learn. She is smart, independent, responsible, and respects everyone. Her favorite classes are Potions and Transfiguration.
History: She comes from a long line of witches and wizards, her parents both being purebloods and Hispanic. She lived in El Salvador, then moved to London. She is in the upper middle class economically. She isn't very close to her parents, but with her younger brother, Miguel, and her favorite maid (who is like a mother and sister to her) Gina. She was always taught to be proper and to not respect servants, Muggle-borns or house-elves, but she always thought otherwise. She did not want to disrespect anyone. Her parents have tried to teach her otherwise, but gave up because of stubborness.
Pets: She has an owl named Coco and a kitten named Mia.
Wand: Wood: Rosewood Core: Phoenix Feather
Patronus: Dragon
Relationships: None yet, Single

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Alison | 2 comments *Name: Lilli Shanon
*Age and Year: 13, 3rd year
*Physical Description: Smaller than average, blue eyes, long blonde hair, slim, she is pretty but she doesn't stand out.
*Personality: Quiet to a point, clever, and she loves to learn. She is sweet, and she does her best to be the perfect student. Her favorite subjects are Care of magical creatures and dada
*History: Her parents were American Wizards but they were killed, and she was adopted by British Muggles.
*Pets: a small tan owl with brown spots, her name is freya
*Wand: 11 1/2 in. rowan wood, phoenix feather core.
*Patronus: Baby Panda
*Relationships: Best friends with Cassie Knight.

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*Name Pappileehonogoso Smith (nickname Goso)
*Age and Year 4 year 14
*Physical Description Has short, black, messy, curly, hair.her eyes are a blue almost purple indigoish color Is very small, has thick eyebrows for a girl, has a very honest looking face, and is very pale but extremely freckled.
*Personality very dramatic and stubborn very smart loves reading and swimming favorite class is potions and care of magical creature.
*History dad died while she was a baby and was raised by her aunt has a cousin she consider a brother mom is very sick and has been for years increasingly getting worse
*Pets bonbour barn owl
*Wand mahognany, unicorn tail core
*Patronus gecko
*Relationships nope

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*Name: Lilli Shanon
*Age and Year: 13, 3rd year
*Physical Description: Smaller than average, blue eyes, long blonde hair, slim, she is pretty but she doesn't stand out.
*Personality: Quiet to a point, clever, and she loves to learn. She is sweet, and she does her best to be the perfect student. Her favorite subjects are Care of magical creatures and dada
*History: Her parents were American Wizards but they were killed, and she was adopted by British Muggles.
*Pets: a small tan owl with brown spots, her name is freya
*Wand: 11 1/2 in. rowan wood, phoenix feather core.
*Patronus: Baby Panda
*Relationships: Best friends with Cassie Knight.

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Name: Iris Jiang
Age and Year: 13-3rd year
Physical Description: Chinese-British. Pale and quite slim. Long black wavy hair and golden eyes. She is short, often mixed up as a 1st year.
Personality: Bubbly and a little shy, stands up for what she believes in.
History: Muggleborn, found out she was a witch when eating breakfast, she knocked her rice bowl and it froze before it hit the ground. Lived in China until she found out she was a witch and her family (Mother, father, younger brother named Jim) moved to London to be closer to Hogwarts. Knows how to speak English really well ;)
Pets: A small puffy white cat named Moon.
Wand: Maple, Unicorn hair
Patronus: Not known yet!
Relationships: None yet. Friends with Genevieve Eaglestone (if that's ok, Rowenna? :D)

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Name: Cassie Knight
Age and year: 15-5th year
Physical description: 5'4, shoulder length, shiny black hair, one green eye, one blue eye (couldn't resist), slim, but muscled.
Personality: easy-going, nice, likeable, but not great at making friends. She's very fun and loves to have a good time. She is slow to anger and always tries to be a peacemaker. She is very forgetful, and is late to many classes. She is bright, but tends to struggle in non-practical magic but excels in Transfiguration. Favorite subjects are Transfiguration and Defense against the Dark Arts.
History: Pureblood. Comes from a whole family of Slytherins, never quite fit in. Has parents, siblings, crazy uncle, strict aunt, the whole lot, and all set on her being a Slytherin. Her parents particularly drive her insane. *recently her cousin and closest family member died, which crushed her, but she's determined not to let anything get her down.
No pets
Wand: Length: 10 3/4 in
Wood: Vine
Core: Unicorn hair
Flexibility: Slightly Yielding
Patronus: Phoenix
Relationships: Best friends with Lilli Shannon(3rd year Ravenclaw)

*Her hero has always been Albus Dumbledore. She's dreamed of one day becoming Hogwarts headmistress, but first hopes to teach Transfiguration.

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*Name: Alli Hayes

*Age and Year: 14 (4th year)

*Physical Description: About 5' 7", slim, light brown hair and red highlights, she has BRIGHT blue eyes, and she always wears a charm bracelet that her mom gave her.

*Personality: She has kind of a laid back, skater girl type of attitude. She dosent have many worries and she enjoys magic.

*History: She was just born out of the blue with wizard powers, no ancestry links that they could find. So in other words, she is pure mudblood.

*Pets: She has a snowy owl with bright gold eyes. She likes to name animals completly unrelated to what they look like, so she named her owl Midnight.

*Wand: 12 inches, oak, with a unicorn tail core.

*Patronus: Doberman (Dog)

*Relationships: Single/Open

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Grace Bosley | 5 comments Name: Ruby Brown
Age and Year: 13 and year 3
Physical Description: Skinny, Brown hair with red streaks in it. Blue eyes. She is average hight though on the tall hight because of her long legs.
Personality: She likes to laugh. She likes to laugh ALOT. She doesn't really care what others think of her, but she does like being the center of attencion. She's very ambitious and doesn't give up. She is also easily annoyed. She is a writer and a good friend.
History: She's half blood. Her mom is a witch but her dad is not. Her mom told her about her magical backround when she fell off a cliff while on vacation and landed sitting down, compleatly unharmed.
Pets A fat frog who has 0 personality.
Wand: Oak, pheonix feather, not bendy and about 11 iches.
Patronus: A horse.
Relationships: none, but if anyone wants to be in a relationship with her than just ask!

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Margarie Frost
12 2nd year
Tiny with curly red hair and blue eyes. She has a small bruise on her face from a bully.
Shy and sweet. She loves learning, but doesn't trust a lot of people
Muggle born and raised by a single mother who couldn't care less about raising her. People at school avoided her because strange things happened when she was around. One day, her mom went to a party and didn't come back. She was sent to live with a foster family. It was hard to earn her trust after that. You would have to work very hard. Upon learning she was a witch, her foster family happily let her set off.
She has a weak old owl named Lelia
8 inch pheonix feather and unicorn hair
My patronus is an eagle

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*Name: Evangeline Brooks((Her nicknames are Eva,or Ev))
*Age and Year (for example, 13- 3rd year)
4,4 year
*Physical Description: Curly dark black hair with deep hazel eyes,she has a redish-brown streak in her hair,she usually keeps her hair in one braid.She's very slender and average height
*Personality:Evangeline is very quiet and shy.She keeps to herself and always hides her emotions.She doesn't like it when people fight or swear.If you get to know her she's nice.It takes some time to get her to open up.
*History:Evangeline lives with her dad and her brother,Ethan.Her mother died giving birth to Evangeline.She was pretty heartbroken and even though she knew it wasn't her fault,she couldn't help but blame herself
*Pets (optional) A fluffy black kitten named Shadow
*Wand: Holly,10 inches,Dragon Heartstring
*Patronus (optional) Crow
*Other:She's the younger sister of Ethan Brooks

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*Name- Annelise Spencer
*Age and Year- 13/3rd year
*Physical Description- Long, blonde,curly hair. A little bit taller than average. She wears her uniform usually but on trips to hogsmeade she wears jeans and a t-shirt.
*Personality- She likes to make jokes but sometimes they can be a bit mean. She is friendly and fun to be around. She makes friends easily, but has only a few close friends. She gets high grades in everything except for astronomy.
*History- She is a pure-blood. Her mother was in ravenclaw, and is part veela. Her father was in Gryffindor, but her grandfather was in Slytherin.
*Pets- She has a female barn owl named Fritter.
*Wand- Willow, 11 3/4", unicorn tail core, slightly springy.
*Patronus- Her patronus is a lynx , just like her grandmother.


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Name: Eriq ( Pronounced Air-eek) Bellaire

Gender: Male

Year/Age: 13 years old 3rd Year
» Birthday: March 23

Blood: Pure-Blood

Wand: His wand is considered extremely dangerous in the hands of the wrong wizard. Only he has gotten it to bend for him. His wand is noticeably much longer than that of many of his classmates. It will often draw attention in Defense Against The Dark Arts class from the power of his curses. The intriguing white of the wood doesn't necessarily disguise it well either.
» Wood: Yew
» Core: Re'em Blood and Vampire Venom
» Length: 17 and 3/4 inches
» Flexibility: Stiff

Appearance: http://universeinherseashells.files.w...
Eriq is slim and a little over average height. He is extremely flexible and is known to be found in the oddest of places where only a true acrobat could get to. He has very angular features and piercing dark brown eyes that are normally bright and filled with strong emotion. His hair is unruly and black. His skin is a light tone but I wouldn't go as far to call him pale. There is normally a sardonic smile on his lips and a silly remark if not slightly sarcastic one ready.

Personality: Eriq is a troublemaker and has a flair for dramatics. He is very outgoing and loves to joke around. Wherever there is a party you'll find Eriq. He can be mysterious and secretive. At a drop of a hat he can turn from your best friend to your worst enemy. He has a macabre sense of humor and can be extremely sarcastic. If you get close to him he can be a very good person to have around. Much like a puppeteer he knows everybody's buisness and has ways of controlling them

Family: Eriq is an only child born and raised on an estate. His mother, Adriana was the typical sophisticated high class lady. She always had perfect manners, perfect posture, perfect everything. His father,Vincent tended to spoil his only child. Never was Eriq denied a want by his doting father and had his first broom by the time he could walk. His parents are perfectionist and put a lot of stress on their son to be perfect as well. To uphold the honor of pure bloods. Both his father and mother look down on Muggleborns.

Pet: Large black owl with piercing green eyes.

Patrons: Siberian Tiger

Relationship: Single and not inserted

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Name: Alice Hartwig
Age: 13(3rd year)
Alice has reddish brown hair and piercing green eyes. Since she is a ballerina she can go to places that most people can't. She uses glasses to see.
Personality: She is a very charming person. Her smile can light up the room. Alice is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She is a very pure-hearted person. Alice is a sucker for the classics and anything vintage. When she is not wearing her uniform she is wearing vintage style clothing.
History: Alice lives with her mother. Her father was killed in action when she was little. Her and her mother moved around a lot never staying in one specific place. When she lived in Florida she became a ballerina inspired by her music teacher. She is a pure-blood but treats everyone equally.
Pets: Alice has a pet panda ferret named Jack. Jack is a mysterious little fella. She also has a pet owl named Athena. Athena is a grey spotted owl who is very playful.
Wand: Alice's wand is Rowan with dragon hearstring. It is eleven inches long and is unyielding. Since Alice takes good care of her wand it is in good condition.
Patronus: Alice's patronus is a unicorn.
Relationships: none

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*Name: Peter Thorn
*Age and Year: 14, fourth year
*Physical Description: Tall, thin but strong, brown hair, good looking.
*Personality: Usually in a good mood, very good-natured and he stands for the right thing. He likes things to be at their best, which sometimes gets him in trouble.
*History: He was sent to an out of country magic school by his parents when they found out something about him that he chooses to keep secret. He transferred to Hogwarts.
*Pets: He has a pitch black owl.
*Wand 12 inch. pine, dragon heartstring core.
*Patronus: Golden Retriever.
*Relationships: brothers with Henry Thorn.

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*Name: Charlie Hornby
*Age and Year: 12, 2nd year
*Physical Description: small, wiry; bright red hair often in need of a trim; pale freckled face; wears large round glasses that tend to slide down his nose; wears hand-me-down robes from his older brother that are much too big on him.
*Personality: Sweet and shy, Charlie would never hurt a fly. He has many phobias. His first day at Hogwarts, he wouldn't set foot in Herbology, fearing the plants. The only animal he'll touch is his family owl, Della. And he refuses to go near Hagrid's Hut, out of fear of Hagrid or his creatures no one knows. He is a very clever boy, but his many fears sometimes halt his progress. He enjoys charms and potions, but abhors Herbology and any practical form of DADA(especially when it comes to boggarts). Dislikes dueling as well. He is excited easily, but is even quicker to get nervous(also tends to stutter). He struggles with standing up for himself and is often the victim of bullying.
*History: Mum-Hufflepuff; Dad-Gryffindor. He as 14-year-old brother in Gryffindor. His brother teases him which he doesn't like, but he loves his parents and writes them weekly. He wishes to follow in his father's footsteps and work in the ministry of magic.
*Pets: No pets
*Wand: 9 1/2 in. firm, unicorn hair, larch wood.
*Patronus: none yet

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*Name Xavier Smith
*Age and Year 14 4th year
*Physical Description spiky black hair 6 foot 5 athletic built stormy ocean blue eye very intimidating look clumsy
*Personality very protective over friends family younger students is really nice and helpful a bit shy
*History has a single mother father death by dragon was bullied when young making him defense and later protective
*Pets large Bengal cat great horned owl( owl's name is pyro) Bengal cat's name is grace)
*Wand 11 inch ebony dragon heartstring
*Patronus dragon
*Relationships none
((sister person))

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Name: Drina O'Ryan
*Age and Year (for example, 13- 3rd year) 15-fifth year
*Physical Description Grey eyes, white-blond hair, average height.
*Personality- Tends to say whatever comes to mind, no matter how rude, but has a good heart.
*History: Comes from a Muggle family, lost their house in a fire just before the letter came.
*Pets (optional): A grey cat named Rhett and a barn owl named Bonnet
wand: 12 inches, unicorn hair, birch
*Patronus (optional): A rabbit

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Name: Andi Rowan
Age: 14, 4th year
Physical description: Brown curly hair that goes to about the small of her back
Brown eyes with light and dark brown colors
Athletic build, 5'9 1/2"
Personality: a bit shy because she's new, once you become friends with her she's really sweet and talks a lot, she's a very bright person.
History: Muggleborn, didn't know she was a wizard until 2 years ago but her family didn't take her to Hogwarts until this year, that's why she's starting at the school late
Pets: she has a white owl with brown feather tips named Willow
Wand: 13 inch, dragon heart string core, alder wood, slightly springy
Patronus: Andi doesn't know but when she does it will be a wolf
Relationship: not in one, is single but doesn't mind

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*Name: Elijah Morgan

*Age and Year (for example, 13- 3rd year): 16- 5th Year (because his birthday is in April, he is 16 for the rest of 5th Year)

*Physical Description: Elijah has reddish brown hair that seems to gleam in the light. He's got a fair complexion and blue eyes. He's about 5' 10" and has an average build.

*Personality: Elijah is a very easy person to be around and to get along with. He makes friends easily and is welcoming. He is loyal and trustworthy. He defends his friends in times of need.

*History: Elijah is a half-blood. He grew up in Ireland but his family moved to England. He has a light Irish accent. His family is middle class and both of his parents work for the British Ministry of Magic.

*Pets (optional): Elijah has a barn owl named Peter.

*Wand: 13 1/2" hawthorn wand with a unicorn hair core. It is springy and darkly colored.

*Patronus (optional): His Patronus is a frog.

*Relationships (optional):

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MercyTheNerd - emotionally unstalble potterhead | 5 comments *Name: Alexander Grey
*Age and Year: 15, fifth year
*Physical Description: http://i1217.photobucket.com/albums/d...
*Personality: a bit of a jokester, funny, but kind. Understand and loyal. Very ambitious and always wants to win or finish what he started. Loves being leader.
*History: Pure-blood, grew up knowing he was a wizard and looking forward to school. Really into quidditch.
*Pets: Eagle-owl named Branson
*Wand: 10 1/4 inched, cherry-wood, unicorn tail center.
*Patronus: Eagle
*Relationships: To be roleplayed

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*Name: Rowena Timber
*Age and Year: 15, Fifth year
*Physical Description: http://i500.listal.com/image/456062/5...
Medium height, skinny, long, curly black hair, pale skin, bright, vibrant blue eyes, extremely pretty.
*Personality: fun and loving, slightly flirty, but extremely intelligent, one of the smartest students of her grade. Always spends time studying or reading, loves the library more than any other place at Hogwarts, except maybe the Great Hall, because she loves food.
*History: half-blood, her mum was a witch and dad a muggle. She's a distant (REALLY DISTANT xD) relative of Rowena Ravenclaw on her mums side, thus named Rowena.
*Pets: An orange cat named Nialls and a gray owl named Rose
*Wand: 8 and a quarter inches, holly, with a Phoenix tail feather center
*Patronus: A horse
*Relationships: To be roleplayed/determined.

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Name: Lee Zyston
Year: 14 4th
Description: Lee is slender and medium height, she has bright purple hairin a pixie cut that was an accident of when her sister started using magic and seemed to transform hair colors quite easily. She has a splattering of freckles of freckles across her nose, and slightly purple eyes, that once were blue but also were changed from her sisters accidental magic.
Personality: Most commonly is very spunky an loud. Many will sometimes describe her as annoying but it depends on you sense of humor :) often can be found laughing or making loud noises with whatever she can find.
Subjects: Very bad at Defence Aginst the Dark Arts due to slipping into uncontrollable giggling every time someone brings up bogarts (she once thought the teacher had said boogers and can never think of it the same.) She is rubbish at potion making and has issues keeping plants alive. She finds no difference in stars when it comes to astrology, and the only reson she does well in divination is because she enjoys making up rubbish and guessing. But she gets very good marks in charms and transfiguration.
History: Muggle born lives on a farm with Pygmy goats. Quite boring actually.
Wand: Honey Locust and phonix feather
Patronus: Chipmunk
Pet: Screech owl named Cymbal but we call him Tinkler *tee hee*
Relationships: is the younger sister to Sorrel
I believe I got everything hmm...

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Name: Sorrel Zyston
Age and year: 16 finishing with 5th year
Physical Description: Sorrel has long, white-blond hair with random blue highlights and round, grey eyes. She is tall and willowy (a little under six feet tall) with a welcoming smile.
Personality: Sorrel is talkative, but manages to make friends with all types of people. A little bit of a brown-noser, Sorrel knows how to rub most people the right way and therefore is a favorite of most teachers. With a love for learning, Sorrel excels at Charms, Transfiguraion, and Astronomy and is pretty good at potions ). Sorrel is passionate about Herbology, but she is always trying to get on Professor Weyd's good side. Sorrel also loves playing the French Horn, but is disappointed by the school's lack of music program, and dreams of creating a band. Sorrel is unbelievably stubborn and rather witty, enjoys collecting pictures of pooping dogs, knits and reads in her free time and becomes part zombie when over tired.
History: Sorrel is the eldest daughter of Muggles Rose and Thomas. Her mom is a teacher and father is an orthopedic surgeon. Their family owns a small hobby farm with chickens and Pygmy goats( that make excellent escape artists) where Sorrel was "employed" as professional goat chaser and has scars to prove it. Her first display of magic was when she turned five, when asked to make a wish, she said "I wish I had blue hair" and *POOF* her hair turned blue and, for some reason, her little sister's hair and eyes turned purple. Fortunately, both of their hair grew back to normal color, but both still have highlights of that color that don't go away. Though her parents were shocked, they excepted that there was something up with her, exspecialy after a few more incidents within the next few years ( how else could a goat end up in a tree?).
Patronus: seal
Wand: mahogany with unicorn hair core. 11 inches and sturdy
Relationship: Sorrel has an obnoxious but lovable little sister, Lee who is a year younger. They love each other and both make a peculiar pair.

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