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Nan getting her own book. good or bad?
Stacy Stacy (last edited Jun 11, 2013 03:03PM ) Jun 11, 2013 02:45PM
Nan honey if you don't shut the fuck up and quit being a bitch i'm gonna slap you upside the head with a chair i know your life has been difficult but girl shut your face maybe if you showed some love you'd get some love!

So in the too far series Nan is a bitch and is mean to everyone (no surprise there). I hate
her and all but i think she should get a book so we can understand her more and where she is coming from.Everyone thinks that she is just acting like a child but she tried to off with her life and it seemed to me like rush was the only one who cared and only for a couple seconds too. i mean shouldn't we at least get to understand her and what's running through her mind she probably doesn't see the situation the same way everyone sees it.
In forever too Far we were Introduced to captain maybe he can be the one to break down Nan's insanity walls and get to know her because there just might be something good and worth it under all that nasty shit she just needs someone willing to find the good in her and not so quick to say you act like a bitch so yeah. Maybe her bitchiness is way for her not to get hurt a protective cover i mean seriously as far as i know she has only gotten love from Rush, maybe she didn't let grant in because she was afraid of getting hurt just one more person who was gonna chose someone over her. if Nan Has someone to Love her (cough cough ,captain) she'll probably understand what Blair and Rush are feeling and be bit more ........ normal and be less bitchy.she wouldn't have to feel so insecure all the time because she would have someone who gives her attention and love .So yeah think about giving Nan and Captain a book.
What i think Nan is feeling
i think she is jealous of Blair not just because she has Rush's love well that a reason but because.She see's something she will never be like( in her eyes) she'll never find the kind of love Rush gives Blair and have a happy home with a son and husband who love her.she is also probably afraid of becoming her mother so having Rush's love was practically saying you'll never be like your mother cause you have something she didn't have you have someone to love you i also think that when she see's Blair she sees someone that everyone likes even though she practically spent her whole life trying to get those people to notice her. SO she feels sad when she sees Harlow and Blair begin loved by everyone, so yeah i feel bad for Nan getting her own book is Good

I'm on the fence too....yes she is quite bitchy, moaning, childish, insecure, UNSTABLE. But having said that....Rush AND Grant BOTH saw redeeming qualities in her. So far, not so much from me. I like the Captain idea too.'s how I see it being played out......Blaire confides in Captain that Nan has upset her again for something....who knows what...and kidnaps Nan and holds her hostage on his boat. Now, that could get REAL interesting. Out at one to gripe too, complain too, she will just have to learn to trust in Captain. Yeah !!! I don't see them having a "traditional" relationship at all. It will take a LOT for Nan to be knocked off her high horse. Captain maybe just the man for the job.

OK, I'm going to say it......I feel kind of feel sorry for her. *running and ducking head to miss flying objects* I know....I know, but I do...kinda. I mean could any one person have two more self centered, self absorbed parents than she did?? She grew up knowing that no one but Rush wanted her. I agree that there does come a point and time that you have to become an adult, and quit blaming your parents for your mistakes and horrible behavior, and I'm not denying it's time she gets to that point. I just think she acts like she does out of insecurity, which, I agree, as an adult, it IS time to improve herself. I just think she's going to need a pretty major intervention. I like Tammy's idea of her being kidnapped onto Captain's boat. It will take something extreme for sure, because even though I kinda feel sorry for her, there is no question that she is a b*tch!! It's going to take a big time alpha male to get her fit throwing self, under control. gentle. :))

Kelly (last edited Jun 18, 2013 03:49AM ) Jun 15, 2013 09:09AM   1 vote
A BAD IDEA... Seriously, I couldn't read a book where the heroine just piss me off like, big time. I think Nan is one of the characters I dislike the most in a book, well maybe not the only one but one of those at least ;) So read a book about her? Ahah, a big No for me.

If i had seen any improvement in Nan, i wouldn't mind a book on of right now - i care nothing about her or her character. She can be left out of future books and i wouldn't miss her one bit. That said, I love this series and any Abbi Glines book.

I dont think I could get through it. I really dislike adults that act like toddlers.

Hayley (last edited Jun 12, 2013 08:40AM ) Jun 12, 2013 08:40AM   0 votes
I dont think Nan will necessarily get her own book.. i could be wrong though... however i do think that we will see Nan in Grants book and maybe she will finally get on with her life.. i'm seeing Nan and Captain.. Hey but i read Dirty Red.. talk about a non-redeemable character and i loved every disgusting minute of that! Some people are childish.. selfish.. and stupid.. that's life baby!

I think Nan can redeem herself but we will all hate her for a while, I think the spin off off grants story will be him and Harlow and Nan causing trouble:)

I don't see a problem with Nan getting her own book.
But I don't think she should end with captain....I mean really Hooking up with your brother's brother-in-law, that's kinda awks...I get that they may have a similar situation by not feeling excepted and loved by their folks, so maybe they can help each other out but not fall in love...
But hey I'm just the reader, let Abbi surprise it is her book after all...

Good, good! Let's give the bitch a HEA. Let her realize she already has people who care about her. Rush, Blaire (God knows she's capable of loving everyone and everything) and whole bunch of others. But please, stop being so childish, woman!

I think it will be a terrible idea. I've said in another post I don't think Nan will be Grant's love interest because it will be hard to redeem her for some readers.

fuk that, I wouldnt read a book about her!!!!!!

Kelly I think almost everyone is feeling the same about that so loving character. Ahum.
Jun 16, 2013 02:36AM
F 25x33
Stacy well it is not fair she doesn't get to explain her actions ...more
Jun 16, 2013 08:23PM

I HATE NAN.... BUT I would totally read a book on this b****! Haha Seriously tho we all love to hate someone and she def the holds the crown in this series. I hope her story is more rough around the edges type bc we all know that girl is a damn handful! She needs a hard lesson in the real world and not one where she can stomp her little foot and throw a tantrum like a child! PLEASE Abbi Glines!

Please pleaseeee we don't want a book about Nan! I know she had a bad childhood,that doesn't excuse her for being a bitch I really don't want her to have a happy ever after.
I hate her!!

I despise Nan. And even though I love Abbi I wont read a book with Nan as a main person.


@Stacy loved your comments, I also thought Nan might end up with Captain, quite an interesting mix don't you think.

I'm ready to read Nan's story, just to see if Abbi can change our minds about her and It will take some doing. After reading Tarryn Fisher's Dirty Red I still hated Leah but sort of understood her in a way, so maybe Abbi can do that with Nan.

Are you seriously sympathizing with Nan? are we talking about the same person here .... lol kidding... but in my eye though Nan's pretty nonredeemable. If Abbi's gonna give her a book she has got her work cut out for her cz from reading other comments i can say that some others feel the same way. Then again never say never right? Maybe ill luv her in her book , yeah right xD atleast i hope she goes thru hell for what shes done so far then maybe just maybe ill forgive her

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