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What is wrong with the title Ms.?

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Tracy Klein I don't get it. In the book, one of the characters, (forgot who but I think it was Shirley Mollison), starts mocking at a woman who chooses Ms. as title instead of Mrs. or Miss. In my country we don't have Ms. so I was happy when I moved to England and I could change it to Ms. because I think that the fact you are married or not is NOT IMPORTANT.

So, can someone explain me why having Ms. is so horrible to Shirley Mollison? Thanks in advance.

Aisling To be honest I can't remember it being an issue in the book but the only thought that occurs to me is that Ms is still seen by some as being somewhat pretentious and some object to it as being a feminist affectation. Personally I use it when a formal salutation is called for but I think most women nowadays tend to simply use their given name without the need to prefix it with anything.

Gale to me it means your not clASSIFIED AS EITHER MARRIED OR NOT MARRIED,and ms is a term of a feminist

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Caitlin Bronson What the others have said. I also think Shirley's the kind of person who would balk at any sort of feminist affectation.

She's a very conservative, traditional wife and she bases her worth entirely on Howard's position in society. To dare to do otherwise is exactly the kind of "misplaced," progressive thinking she finds so insidious.

Tracy Klein Thanks for your answers. I am not a feminist, but for some reason I find Miss. and Mrs. to be awkward. And yeah, it sounds like something Shrirley would cringe about.

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