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A Child Called "It" (Dave Pelzer, #1)
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A child called it

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Moises | 29 comments Imagine waking up and knowing that if you misbehave you might die, would you like a life like that? Well this is the life of David Pezler the book "A child called it" is his autobiography of how his mother started mistreating him and eventually almost killed him. I think that this book is really good because i like how he ecxplains how he felt once his mother hit him. Other books by Dave Plezler is "The lost boy" and "help yourself" I think that the recommended age is 12 because if not the reader will not understand most of the book . This book is like " A brothers journey" because it is also about abuse and how he tries to survive.

message 2: by Karalee (new)

Karalee Huerta | 27 comments I'm glad you liked the book.I'm glad that he is still living through all the stuff he went through. Hopefully I will have time to read this book.

message 3: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Arteaga | 11 comments It sounds like a really good book and how people get mistreated in the world. When I finish my other books a will try and read this book.

message 4: by Moises (new)

Moises Cardenas | 19 comments This book seems inspirational on how to never give up and keep on going with life. I will try to read this book when I'm done with my books.

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Veronica Lagunas | 17 comments this book sounds really intresting. i really want to read that book.

message 6: by Juan (new)

Juan Garcia | 27 comments I agree with you Moi because that book is really intense and sad. I also like how it's a true story

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