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Here, heroes train for swimming, or just fool around. There are multiple pools:
Training pool:
Jacuzzi Wade Pool:
Regular Jacuzzi:
Relaxation Pool:
Random Fun Pool:

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Meg waltzed in. Only to see her bestfriend helping himself to cake.
"Kyle?! Really? What happened to always inviting friends huh?" Meg exclaimed. Kyle's gaw dropped.
"Um...I forgot." He lied. He really didn't.
"Sure..." Meg said, rolling her eyes.

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Hannibal walked in with her.

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"Hey! Kyle! I said the cake was to be eaten AFTER we swim! Not before! Boys!" Angel says, dramatically throwing her hands up into the air. She then goes over and gets a piece for herself. When the others look at her funny, she says, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!"

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"Nah...I always beat them." Meg said grinning. Kyle blushed sheepishly.
"Sorry." He said, looking down.

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"Eat already!" Angel shouts at them before sitting down gracefully. She manages to eat her rather large piece of cake in five minutes without getting crumbs everywhere or losing her posture.

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He sat down.

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Meg sat down, and stuffed her face. Not even caring about grace. Kyle laughed.
"Slow down, you're gonna chock." He said, laughing.

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"Hey, I could kill a monster in under ten minutes without losing my posture. I am that skilled. Don't even try to beat me when it comes to cake." Angel says, sassily.

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((I have issues.))

"I'm skilled, I just don't care if I spill cake everywhere." Meg said, finishing off her cake.
"She is pretty skilled." Kyle agreed.

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"I'll race ya to the wade jacuzzi!" Angel says, running towards the pool.

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Meg jumped up and ran after Angle.
"Cannonball!" She shouted, jumping into the pool.

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Hannibal sat there murmuring to himself.

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"I said wade jacuzzi! So I win! Bwahahahahahahahaha!" Angel said, laughing at Meg's rather angry face. Angel slipped off her skirt and shirt to reveal a neon bathing suit. "Haha!"

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"You know what! This ones cooler because I'm in it." Meg shouted. Kyle rolled his eyes and continued eating his cake.

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Angel jumps into the training pool and starts doing laps. She was a good swimmer, so after she had warmed up a bit, she went into the pool Meg was in with a few marbles. She threw them into the pool, with her eyes closed, and dived after them.

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"Show off." Meg muttered.
"Be nice!" Kyle shouted. He was really good at reading lips. Meg stuck her tongue out at him, and dove after a marble.

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Angel saw her coming and sent a powerful wave at it so it was just out of Meg's reach. Angel grabbed it, and being the last one, came up for air. "Ha. Beat ya." she said to Meg. Then Angel realized Meg already had one of them. It would have been Meg's second. "Poop."

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"Haha!" Meg laughed. She most got two. She would have been more excited if she got too, but you know, life isn't always happy.
" Did you get any?" Kyle called from his seat on the pool side.
"One!" Meg yelled back.

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"I must bid you a due." He said Meg and walked out the door.

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"Bye!" Meg waved. Kyle walked over. He looked at the girls.
"Is it just me, or does he really not like me." Kyle asked.
"He doesn't like you." Meg said, grinning.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Alina walked in and looked curiously at everyone, then asked, "Any cake left? I'm starved."

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Meg looked at Kyle. He looked down.
"Ummm...I may have um ate the last um piece..." He trailed off. Meg rolled her eyes.
"He ate it all!" She shouted to Alina, in case she didn't get the message the first time.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Alina tried to hold back a smile and give him a stern look, but she ended up laughing. "It's all good," she said between laughs. "Who's up for swimming?"

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Meg laughed. "Me obviously." Since she was already in the pool. Kyle leaned back in his lounge chair.
"Sorry. You have to wait 45 minuets after eating to swim." He said as he put his arms behind his head.

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"Not for heroes. I had to abandon ship once right in the middle of dinner, and I swam perfectly fine the fie miles left to shore. And there's another cake in the fridge." Angel said.

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Kyle patted his stomach. "Well, you didn't eat aa whole cake then now did you." He told her. Meg shrugged.
"He's gotta point."

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Alina cannon-balled into the pool. Luckily, it wasn't too shallow. She came to the surface. "The water is GREAT guys!"

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Meg rolled her eyes. "I know...I'm in it." She said, trying not to laugh.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Alina splashed Meg. "I know you are, but they aren't!" She gestured at everyone who was still on the deck (or whatever the area around the pool is called...).

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Angel splashed Alina. She then dove under the water, to avoid getting splashed.

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Meg waited until Angel came up out of the water, then splashed her.
" Ha!" She then turned around and splashed Alina. But she also got Kyle wet.
"Hey! Watch it women!" He shouted.

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Angel came out of the water and went over to a trunk. She pulled out a squirt gun, filled it with water, and attacked. First she sprayed Meg, then Alina, then Kyle, then, for revenge, Meg again.

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Meg was mad. Really mad. Angel couldn't get away with that. Not on her watch.
"That is it!" She exclaimed as she grabbed the still sputtering kyle and walked to the pool house. She grabbed him a tub, and her a tub. When Angel and Alina weren't looked, they dumped the tub full of water over the top of their heads.

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Angel screamed at the top of her lungs. NO ONE was going to get away with that. She got a bigger spray gun and filled it to the top. She then prepared a few water bombs and put them in her pocket. This was war.

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Meg and kyle laughed. It was funny! But when they saw the guns and bombs, in a wordless agreement, they ran inside the Missing control door. But, they were barley inside. Still, no water allowed.
"Haha! Can't get me now! Suckers!" Meg exclaimed, taunting them.

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Angel threw a water bomb at the door, causing a big BOOM and water to get all over the door.

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Meg jumped. That startled her. Still, it didn't hit her. Meg and Kyle high fived.
"Missed me!" Kyle shouted.

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While they were celebrating, angel got dressed and went to the exercise room. From there she popped out and scared them half to death.

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"Holy Bleep!" Meg screached. "What is wrong with you!" She was out of breath. "That is pure evil." She said, attempting to catch her breath. Kyle just shouted out in surprise, but was fine now.
"You better watch your back." He warned Angel. Meg was famous for her pranks. She was pro at them.

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"Okay. I will. I'm used to it."

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Alina scrambled out of the pool and started sputtering and grumbling at everyone. "Wh-What was that for?" She shook the water off her hands and prepared to grab a throat. "I only hit Meg!" Then her grumbling face crumbled into a laugh.

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Kyle shrugged. "She was busy getting revenge on Angel, so I got you for her." Meg and Kyle always worked like that. It was how they rolled.

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"Are you two dating?" Angel said, being blunt and getting to the point.

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Meg blushed, and Kyle looked away.
" Just really close friends." Meg said, totally embarrassed. Kyle recovered quickly.
"She's like my sister." He said. She really was. He couldn't imagine dating her. It would just be gross.

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"Man. No chance I could arrange a date for you? Paris? Rome? The SS Romance?" Angel said, looking downcast.

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Meg tried not to gag. "Ewww he is practicly my little brother. That would be so wrong." Meg shuddered. Kyke nodded in agreement.
"Ya....sorry Angel...probably never ever going to happen." Kyle said with a grimace. It was just wrong.

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Alina shook her head at them. "You guys are crazy. Honestly."

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Kyle titled his head. "I dont get it..." How were they crazy?

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