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message 1: by Virginia (new)

Virginia Puente (ninotchkani) | 7 comments Hi! This is the first time I post here, so I hope this message is in the right folder. I write fantasy, I have now two novels in Spanish market, and I want to know if there's a way to make publishers of other languages (English, in fact, if that could be possible) know my work. I've translated the first chapters of my two novels (I'm not a professional translator, but I think it's, at least, understandable), but now I don't know where can I go to show it. Do you know a way to do it? I don't know, maybe in forums, or here in a thread I don't know yet, or... or wherever xD
Thank you, and if this isn't in the right folder I'm really sorry =(

message 2: by Edward (new)

Edward Wolfe (edwardmwolfe) Hi Virginia,

There are probably a lot of places you can show your writing. The first thing that comes to my mind is

message 3: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Lyons (amandamlyons) It looks like you may havee to pay to get it translated. Here's the info on Amazon's translation services:

The primary problem seems to be how cost prohibitive it can be which is where this article discussing sharing profits with the translator could be helpful:

This could also be helpful:

message 4: by Virginia (new)

Virginia Puente (ninotchkani) | 7 comments Yeah, my problem is that I have two publishers here in Spain (Ediciones B and Planeta) and obviously they are the owners of the rights of my books... so I cannot translate and publish it by my own. I just want some foreign publishers to know there are two novels published here and they could be interested. Could be. Dunno =(

message 5: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Lyons (amandamlyons) Have you asked your publishers if they would consider marketing your book to English language publishers? There is a market for this you just have to find a way to get it to the right publisher. It's part of what an agent would help with normally.

message 6: by Virginia (new)

Virginia Puente (ninotchkani) | 7 comments Well, I would like both of them, obviously hahahahaha but I think maybe El sueño de los muertos (something like The dream of the dead, though I don't like much the title in English as it is) could make a better bet.

message 7: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Lyons (amandamlyons) Do your publishers have foreign distribution rights? If not I think you should be able to submit it and market it just as you did with the publishers you sold those rights to. You'd have to find a publisher you like and market it to them letting them know about the distribution in your own country and what rights you've retained.

message 8: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Lyons (amandamlyons) This is the story of how one writer marketed his books in other countries:

message 9: by Virginia (new)

Virginia Puente (ninotchkani) | 7 comments Thank you, Amanda =D reading it...

message 10: by Margaret (new)

Margaret | 13 comments Hi Virginia , I made contact with Tim Hill on, I think LinkedIn--maybe Facebook--anyway, he helped me construct a Book Preview Site for marketing purposes. Tim lives in Poland and you can contact him from my site. Http://
His address is.
Hope this helps you. The service is reasonably priced and you can track your site's activity on google Analytics .
Best of luck, Margaret

message 11: by Virginia (new)

Virginia Puente (ninotchkani) | 7 comments Ooooh, thank you, Margaret =D =D =D I'm gonna visit your site and see how it works right now. Thank you, really =D

message 12: by Virginia (new)

Virginia Puente (ninotchkani) | 7 comments Hi again =) Well, as I don't know a lot about the book market outside Spain, I for starters have translated my novel's web to English. I dunno if this is going to be of some help, but I thought I had to begin with something... Ok, it's not a perfect English (better than Google Translator's, at least :P not too hard, that), but I did my best. It has excerpts (also translated), press releases, characters description, a brief encyclophedy... Do you think it can be worthy the effort I put in this? And where do I link it now? Doubts, so many doubts...
The web is here, btw, just in case somebody wants to get a look :P

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