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message 1: by Brianna♥, The Queen Bri (last edited Jun 10, 2013 11:09PM) (new)

Brianna♥ (briannaforrest) | 964 comments Mod
Which do you prefer? A physical book, reading on an eReader, or listening to audiobooks? Why? What are the pros and cons?

message 2: by Bobo :) (new)

Bobo :) (readwithbobo) | 12 comments I love the convenience of e-books and audiobooks, I've read a lot more books in the past couple of years.
But for me nothing can compare to the feel and smell of a physical book.

message 3: by Caitlin (new)

Caitlin  | 30 comments I mostly read eBooks since I got my kindle but I still sometimes read physical books and if I started a series with physical books I have to get the full set in physical copies. Also if I buy and eBook and really love it I have to buy the physical copy.

message 4: by Amanda (last edited Jun 11, 2013 04:31PM) (new)

Amanda I prefer physical books one of the reasons being I like being able to see how far I have gotten in a book and not a percentage. I do use my kindle a lot though.

message 5: by Emily (new)

Emily I normally am always reading one in all three formats.
I read the physical books while in the sun or bathtub.
I read the ereaders at night in bed while my hubby is sleeping
I listen to audiobooks while I walk and clean :)

message 6: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Fisher (lisafisher) | 46 comments paper books all the way! Before I got a kindle I would buy tons of books from the goodwill or borrow them from the library becuase I couldn't afford to buy them new. Now I buy a lot of ebooks since they are cheaper and convenient. :) I still prefer the feel of a real book in my hands though.

message 7: by Katherine (new)

Katherine | 69 comments Physical copies are my weapons of choice! I love the feeling of holding the book, turning the pages, and ogling the pretty covers (some kindle editions have no cover art). But I have a Kindle on my computer that I use sometimes

message 8: by Asser (new)

Asser (asserbeeyatch) | 8 comments I prefer physical copies. I also love the feeling of holding the actual book and the feeling of turning the pages. And this is kinda weird but I love the smell of a book — new or old. Lol. Every time I buy a new copy, I always, always smell the pages. :D

message 9: by Katherine (new)

Katherine | 69 comments That's not weird at all Asser! I smell the books as well. I just don't like it when they smell really bad! This one time, I checked out a book from the library, and it smelled awful, like someone had dumped an entire bottle of perfume on the pages! It was so bad I had to return the boo without ever reading it :(. I bought it later, though!

message 10: by Asser (new)

Asser (asserbeeyatch) | 8 comments Oh, I can relate Katherine! There are some books that smell really bad. There's this book from a second-hand bookstore that smell like poop. Seriously. I didn't buy it because of the smell even though I wanted to.

message 11: by Bonny Bon Bon (new)

Bonny Bon Bon (bonnybonbon) | 22 comments i definitely prefer to have a physical book in my hand rather than reading a book on my kindle. however they are most often then not cheaper the paperbacks, and occasionally free. i cant say bout audio books as ive never bought one

i vote paperback :)

message 12: by Beatrice (last edited Jun 11, 2013 10:35PM) (new)

Beatrice Masaluñga (beatricemasalunga) Paperbacks = they are cheap and physical books feels natural when reading. Just love the feeling buying it. New or old.

Ebooks = It's frustrating I read faster on this. Perfect for night reading. Also, some books that are are popular here, are not available in my place. They are in special order and it's too expensive. Not worth to spend that much.

Audiobooks = I tried once, but I fell asleep. LOL

So both for Ebooks & Paperbacks.

message 13: by Rosaria (last edited Jun 11, 2013 09:40PM) (new)

Rosaria | 34 comments Hi Brianna,

What a great question.

I love all three formats for different reasons and purposes.

I prefer reading eBooks on my Kindle because it's affordable and convenient - especially while on vacation. It fits easily in my purse. My E ink Kindle is great for on the beach because I don't have to worry about glare and my Kindle Fire HD is great if I'm reading in bed and don't want to wake my hubby.

There are times though that I'll still buy a physical copy of a favorite book even if I already own a copy of the eBook because I enjoy the experience of holding a book and flipping through the pages to memorable passages. It's like visiting an old friend. It also feels nice being able to support the independent bookstores in my community - there are a couple that I visit regularly that offer wonderful deals. It's like an adventure each time to see what the staff are suggesting are "good" reads. That's when I'll buy a pile of books for my bedside.

Audiobooks are wonderful for listening to while on road trips. Having someone else read to you is such a treat - especially if you're a passenger and can simply close your eyes and listen.

Okay I'm done. Sorry, I should come with a warning that I can be wordy :)

message 14: by Holly (new)

Holly Letson (bookaholicholly) | 15 comments I prefer paperback books. I like the feel and smell of the books, weird as that sounds.

I do also like eBooks. I am constantly using my eReaders these days. I carry them with me everywhere! The major pro to eBooks is the convenience, as you can take 100+ eBooks with you at once. Imagine carrying 100+ PB books with you! That also gives you a big choice about what to read next after you finish one. With PB books, you only have a couple with you to choose from.

Audiobooks is a new thing for me. I used to be firmly against them, as I would rather someone read the book than have someone read it to them, but I am gradually warming to the idea. I have listened to a few, mostly kids books, and they have been decent. I can see how they might would be good to listen to as you check your e-mail on your PC or to keep the driver awake during late-night trips.

Tara-Jayne (♥ I Read, I Love ♥)  Bell (tjchocolate) | 17 comments I love paperbacks.. and Ebooks!!!!

message 16: by Jenn (new)

Jenn Sternshein (bookdorkjenn) | 93 comments I am in love with kindle. If you're somewhere and finish a book it's so easy to just start a new one. Plus no one knows what i'm reading so they won't start a conversation about the book i'm reading when i'm not in the mood to talk to anyone and wanna be left alone.

message 17: by .chel. (new)

.chel. (itschel) | 18 comments Personally, I've always loved the feel of paperback books

However, I do most of my reading on my iPad. It just seems easier to store all my books in one device and it's a lot lighter to travel with. Plus, the 'one click' purchasing helps especially in the middle of the night when I want to read something.

At times, if there's a series or a book that I LOVE, I will go to the local bookstore and purchase it too.

message 18: by Crystal (new)

Crystal Taylor | 65 comments I love my kindle. It opens my options for books big time. I always take a paper back with me as backup though incase my phone(with kindle app which is also great and ibooks) go dead. I do still get a lot of paperbacks from goodwill. They are only $1 and I go to the used book store here where u take your old books and get a credit to use to by books their.

message 19: by Crystal (new)

Crystal Taylor | 65 comments The E-Readers also solve that reading at night problem. No book light or lamp needed, lol

message 20: by Jenn (new)

Jenn Sternshein (bookdorkjenn) | 93 comments Crystal wrote: "The E-Readers also solve that reading at night problem. No book light or lamp needed, lol"

0ne of my fav parts about my kindle... That way i can read and have my 4 year old know it's still bedtime... Lol

♥♡¢σσкιє♥♡ (Krystle)  (kookiekrysp88) I love the feel of a physical, but ebooks are just too convenient and cheap so I read ebooks most of the time.

message 22: by Brianna♥, The Queen Bri (new)

Brianna♥ (briannaforrest) | 964 comments Mod
♥♡♥Cookie♥♡♥ wrote: "I love the feel of a physical, but ebooks are just too convenient and cheap so I read ebooks most of the time."

This is exactly how I feel too! I think it's pretty evenly split for me though. I read about the same amount of ebooks as physical books. And I always am listening to audiobooks when I'm in my car. :)

message 23: by Becky (new)

Becky (booklovingcoffeeaddict) | 124 comments I use all 3 as well. My preference is ebook tho.

message 24: by Lade (new)

Lade Tawak (deaduramilade) physical books because there's nothing like the feel and smell of paper
ebooks because you can carry as much as you like, whenever you like and wherever you like
audio books because you can just lie down and listen

message 25: by S.K. (new)

S.K. Munt (wordwhisperer) | 7 comments I love physical books. I can't stand e-readers. WEll, I couldn't, but I found that only some stuff was available on e-reader so I caved in. My own book has been published on e-reader...but only so I can get a publisher's attention and have it made real!
I love audiobooks for when I'm cleaning or driving. Right now, I have a book going in each form :)

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