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Helloooo :)

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Can you just make it Shrishti? Garg's my Suriname :)

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Oh yeah, sorry! I will change it in a little...i can't change it on my phone.

So I wanted to do the female role in a historical romance, but I anlm really bad at making you have any??

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I Haven't done Historical Romance role play before, so I don't have any ideas. D:

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Hmmm okay, I will try to think of something!! *Challenge Accepted*

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Ooh, good luck!!

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Thank you. And trust me when I say I need all the luck I can get! ;)

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Any ideas?

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I have a few...

A maid falls in love with her rich master's son.

An arranged marriage between two people, that starts as hate, and grows into love.

A farmer falls in love with a princess, and pretends to be someone he is not, to woo her.

Any of those sound good??

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I think...3.

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Alrighty. So I am going to be the female, correct??

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Oh, sure. :)

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But can we do something other that a farmer?

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Yeah, just something lowly.

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How about, a blacksmith Or how about someone like a spy from a different place planning to invade the princess's place?

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Hmmm, I like both. You can pick since it will be your character :)

So I will make my charrie now.

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Okay, spies :D

I'll make my character when I get on my laptop. :)

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Alright :D

I will make mine when I get on my comp too... lol

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Okay, so can we keep the info basic?

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Yeah, just name, age, appearance, personality, and history?

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Sure. I'll do mine today.

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Okay. I started mine, but I had to I will do it in a little :)

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(Just a side convo, do you support gay rights?)

message 24: by [deleted user] (new)

(Well I am not against it, I just don't support it...)

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(Ok, can you at least check this out?

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)

(Yeah, sure (:))

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(Thank you. :) means a lot. )

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(So even though I don't support it, I signed it.....:))

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(Thank you, so much :)

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(No problem!)

So..I will try and make my charrie soon, right now I am too tired to think..long day :|

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Yes, I feel bad postponing it, but I don't have my laptop!

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Yes, I feel the same. I really will try and do it tomorrow, you can just take your time :)

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Yes. I'll do it tomorrow as well. :)

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See you then, I guess lol ^^

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See ya. :) lol

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Name- Jackson Skyes
Age- 25
Personality- Jake is a laid back kind of person. He is brilliant in his job, and isn't the kind of guy who worries easily. He is loyal, always their for his friends. He is calm and patient. He is a low laid field agent, who grasped the opportunity of the dangerous mission of spying on the Princess's place. When it comes to his job, he can be serious, and merciless.
History/Family- No family, absolutely none. History, unknown.
Skills- Jake is good with guns, and owns one gun of his.

((Any ideas for Appearance??))

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((Good job and let me see))

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((Oh and sorry I haven't made mine yet...I an such a procrastinator :P))

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Name: Hea Erth

Age: 22

Appearance: {Ebba Zingmark}

Personality: Hea is a sweet, playful person. She doesn't really care what anyone thinks about her. She loves talking, but is also a great listener and takes other people's feelings into consideration.She frequently disguises herself and sneaks out of the palace, wanting to feel the thrills of the outside world despite the danger. Hea wants to marry for love, and she doesn't like being forced into things. She is also not one to give up; she has a scary determination, which she is known for...once she gets her eye on something, nothing gets in her way.

History/Family: Hea is the only daughter of the Queen and Queen. She also had an older brother, who is very protective of her, Kuneiar. Hea doesn't have much history, other than being a princess.

Skills: Hea is very skilled in bow and arrow, though she isn't supposed to be. She is also quite graceful, which make her an excellent dancer, and a great voice which benefits her singing. Being a princess she was also taught to play the piano, and many royal sports.

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((Good job, appearance ideas??))

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Ummm...let me look really quickly :)

message 42: by [deleted user] (new)

Him maybe??

I have to go right now...If you don't like him I will find someone else later :) Goodnight!!

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Night? Lol, it's afternoon here xD
I was thinking of this guy Zac Efron
(view spoiler)

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Hahaha where do you live??

Yeah, that would work too!

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