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Harmony Courtney Ladies, has your relationship with your mother ever gotten to the point where it was strained in a way where you saw no way out but a miracle?

Miralee Ferrell has brought the complications of the mother-daughter relationship, placed it into the 1880s, and done wonders with it! Blowing on Dandelions is relatable, authentic, inspiring, and compelling.

Relatable, realistic, and inspiring, Blowing on Dandelions - the first in a series of three set in the year 1880 in Baker City, Oregon - has a ring of authenticity to it that is refreshing, and a storyline that is compelling. Mrs. Ferrell takes the mother-daughter relationship and the complications of single parenthood and created a circle of people who, with a little faith, see that which they never thought possible!

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Miralee Wow, Harmony, thank you! I'm so blessed that I saw this and that you posted it...a totally unexpected and very welcome review. And might I add, Blowing on Dandelions will also give romance lovers a little bit of enjoyment, as well.

Miralee Ferrell
Author of Blowing on Dandelions

P.S....and it's on a MAJOR sale right now in any eBook format on Amazon, B&N, CBD, KOBO, Bookshout and more, until July 5.

Harmony Courtney Miralee,

Not a problem at all. I'm glad it blessed you. I also posted in a note on facebook, and posted a blog about it at The Color of Faith, one of my blogspots. :) Attempted to post also to Amazon, but they said something about having to have bought the book through them in order to post?

Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks at the critique. :)

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Miralee Thanks so much for posting on FB and the blog, that's great! You have to have purchased anything from Amazon in the last 6 months, even downloaded a free kindle book. If not, they don't let you post. Bummer, huh! Did you happen to try to post on CBD or B& Those are both super helpful, as well. This is very cool that you started a discussion on Goodreads. Oh...and have you signed up for a critique or mentoring appt for the meeting in two weeks?

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Harmony Courtney I requested to work with either you or Leslie, but hadn't heard back yet from Kristen at this point, and didn't have either of your e-mails. Mine is

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Miralee I think Kristen will be sending out notices soon, and I"m guessing you'll have time with both Leslie and I, as so far we've only had about 8 people sign up. Since we're taking 15 min appts., we have time for several each. See you then!! If you're wanting a critique, you need to send it in advance to Kristen. Leslie is doing critiques, I'm doing mentoring/talking about your career, brainstorming, etc.

Carolyn Vandine West Loved the fact I got blowing on dandelions free Ebook I had never read Miraleesbooks b4. It sure won't be last one love this genre

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Miralee Carolyn wrote: "Loved the fact I got blowing on dandelions free Ebook I had never read Miraleesbooks b4. It sure won't be last one love this genre"

How very kind of you to comment, Carolyn!! There 4 books in this series, and Dandelions was the first. I hope you enjoy the other three as much. I'd be so blessed if you wanted to leave a short review on Goodreads, if you haven't already. If you did, thank you!!! Miralee

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Miralee MrsK wrote: "I am new to the 'goodreads' site. I joined so I could leave a review of one of my favorite authors, Miralee Ferrell!

I have read two or three other books by Miralee (and of course will be reading ..."

Mrs. K....I don't know how I missed seeing this, but Goodreads apparently didn't notify me of your comment a year ago. Please forgive me! I was so blessed when I just now saw your note, and that you cared enough to post it and post a review. In case you aren't aware, there are now 4 books in this series. Forget Me Not came after Dandelions, then Wishing on Buttercups, and just 2 weeks ago, Dreaming on Daisies. Blessings and hugs! Miralee

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