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message 1: by Cera (new)

Cera A bad beaten up park

♪ℰʟɪzᴀʙᴇᴛʜ ▪❂▪ℋᴇʀᴏɴᴅᴀʟᴇ▪❂▪ (elizabethisafangirl) Sarah walks around some of the broken slides and sits down on an old bench. She was slightly drunk, but didn't want to go home just yet.

message 3: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Tari glanced around before sliding off the motorcycle, "I'm thankful to the gods I didn't fall off... That would have been disappointing..." She said slightly amused before looking back at her with a soft smile...

message 4: by Broken Arrow (new)

Broken Arrow | 49 comments ((do you want them to be..anything, friends, or lovers..?))

she smiled back and got off the motorcycle.

message 5: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) ((Lol idc... *wiggles eyebrows* xD))

"So kiara, what shall we do?" Tari asked smoothly glancing around once more..

message 6: by Broken Arrow (new)

Broken Arrow | 49 comments ((mm..whatever you want..))

"first of all, tell me what are those weird things you say about seeing things and how did you know about the guy?"

message 7: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) ((I guess we'll just see how it goes...?))

Tari looked back at kiara her odd orange eyes boring into her as she smiled, "it's their fault for brushing against me," she said simply, "why do you think I haven't touched you or anything that involved skin to skin contact or even just a brush of your shirt..?" She pointed out, "it would mean I would know everything about you, every last thought and experience.." Tari revealed with a shrug.

message 8: by Broken Arrow (new)

Broken Arrow | 49 comments ((kk ;) ))

"Umm.. I would say that you are crazy, but after that thing with the guy.. I guess I don't have another choice but believe you and I wouldn't like know.. knowing anything about me.."

message 9: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Tari chuckled, "exactly, that is why I have been keeping my distance," she said smirking, "and its true its hard not to believe," she said rolling her eyes, "plus to you ever see anyone wearing animal skinned dresses and no shoes in a bar without knowing something's up?"

message 10: by Broken Arrow (new)

Broken Arrow | 49 comments "Animal skinned dresses... maybe, but bare foot...nah..i don't think so" she said smiling

message 11: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Tari laughed, "yes, odd isn't it? But it's the way I live," she said simply before stepping slightly closer to kiara, "may I ask, are you human or something else?"

message 12: by Broken Arrow (new)

Broken Arrow | 49 comments "Human!" She said confidently

message 13: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Tari nodded, "obviously," she said nodding glancing down at kiara, "have you ever heard of a amazon warrior?" She asked.

message 14: by Broken Arrow (new)

Broken Arrow | 49 comments "I've heard and what is so.. obvious?"

message 15: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Tari nodded with a smile, "you being human of course, but I can't tell without a touch since I refuse to get too close to humans... It's not fun knowing every gruesome detail about them.."

message 16: by Broken Arrow (new)

Broken Arrow | 49 comments "I see..."

message 17: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Tari smiled, "sure you do... Most of the time my kind know a human by scent, but I don't tend to... What you could say satisfy myself with humans," she crinkled her nose and glanced around..

message 18: by Broken Arrow (new)

Broken Arrow | 49 comments "Mm..well..i'm not afraid of you anyway, so..."

message 19: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) "Good, cause I shouldn't be someone you should fear..." Tari said simply looking back at her.

message 20: by Broken Arrow (new)

Broken Arrow | 49 comments She smiled

message 21: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Tari returned the smile, "do kiara, I asked you about amazon warriors for a reason.."

message 22: by Broken Arrow (new)

Broken Arrow | 49 comments "Because you are one. i can see that..."

message 23: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Tari smiled, "I am, in fact one..." She said, "the height must have gave it away, didn't it?"

message 24: by Broken Arrow (new)

Broken Arrow | 49 comments "nah.. the whole look actually" she said smiling

message 25: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Tari laughed nodding, "yeah a little far fetched to be walking around in the city dressed like this but I hate the thought of wearing anything but... Plus this is one of my favourite dresses that I made," she shrugged chuckling softly as she shook her head, "yes it's odd cause I joined the amazons a... While ago, well more like forced but I won't get into that, it's odd cause I am surprisingly a pacifist which is truly odd but what isn't about me, right?" Tari rolled her eyes and glanced around sharply.

message 26: by Broken Arrow (new)

Broken Arrow | 49 comments Kiara laughed "I like you. you are honest and you are not afraid of anything, you are a fighter. I am those things, too. you know.. you should wear in whatever you feel comfortable, you shouldn't care if others judge you! even if you are perfect, they'll find something to judge you, anyway"

message 27: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Tari looked back with a kind smile, "being comfortable is the least of the populations problems or mine, i would have changed clothing just to hide cause obviously I get noticed wearing this," she said chuckling, "and I'm completely flattered, also you should be happy since your the first human I've encountered that I had not wanted to desperately get away from, and people judge others cause they feel insecure about themselves so to make themselves feel better they point out others 'flaws' humanity is odd that way," she said with a slight shrug, "and everyone's afraid of something dear girl just depends on if they admit it to themselves..."

message 28: by Broken Arrow (new)

Broken Arrow | 49 comments "I know.." she said and sat at a bench "about your..outfit.. I can help if you want"

message 29: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Tari raised an eyebrow, "it's rare that I need help, but under these possibilities I have grown to acknowledge that most of the human population aren't known to question things that they most likely won't need in that time..."

message 30: by Broken Arrow (new)

Broken Arrow | 49 comments "So.. do you want a ride or something?"

message 31: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Tari smirked, "I would be faster on foot," she said her tone suggesting that there was a lot kiara didn't know..

message 32: by Broken Arrow (new)

Broken Arrow | 49 comments "Umm..ok. it was nice to meet you" she said smiling.

message 33: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Tari nodded dipping her head Down slightly, "feelings mutual," she said smoothly looking back at her dead in the eyes, "I have to admit, usually I rather be alone but I do have to say I enjoyed your brief companionship."

message 34: by Broken Arrow (last edited Jul 02, 2013 10:09AM) (new)

Broken Arrow | 49 comments she smiled widely "umm.. I think you know where to find me now in case you want company again" she said, winked at her, got on her motorcycle.

message 35: by ӍдѕҞa (new)

ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Tari laughed, "yup surly noted. I do hope to see you again kiara and maybe next time you'll learn more about my world," she said smiling she briefly waved her hand before she was gone in a quick, hard to see blur...

message 36: by Broken Arrow (new)

Broken Arrow | 49 comments Kiara drove away.

message 37: by [deleted user] (new)

Jace walked to the park.

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

Sam leads James to the park holding his hand and smiling with pure joy.

message 39: by Cera (new)

Cera James grins as they walk into the park

message 40: by [deleted user] (new)

Sam leans her head back and looks up at the stars. "There pretty" she told James.

message 41: by Cera (new)

Cera "They are." He answes but he was looking at her

message 42: by [deleted user] (new)

Sam smiles as she looks up at the stars. "Yes," she looks down and sees him looking at her. "Hey"

message 43: by Cera (new)

Cera "Hey what?" He ask laughing

message 44: by [deleted user] (new)

Sam smiles. " I don't know" she smiles and laughs.

message 45: by Cera (new)

Cera JAmes shakes his head. "Maybe you are the silly one."

message 46: by [deleted user] (new)

Sam makes a funny face, "who me? No way!!"

message 47: by Cera (new)

Cera James laughs. "Yes way!"

message 48: by [deleted user] (new)

Sam laughed and stepped on her tip toes.

message 49: by Cera (new)

Cera James laughs with her and gives her a kiss before jumping into a tree

message 50: by [deleted user] (new)

"Hey!" Sam runs after him. But then stops when he crawled up the tree. "I can't crawl up there in a dress"

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