Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, #4) Breaking Dawn question

Could you see any other twilight characters with children?
Jennifer Jennifer Jun 10, 2013 05:11PM
Edward and Bella had Renesmee. Can you see other couples in the twilight saga with children? They don't even have to be in couples but can you picture the other characters as parents?

I'm a really huge Jasper fan, but I can't really see him with kids at all :$

I could definitely see Rosalie and Emmett, or Jasper and Alice with a baby. Sadly that is impossible, but it would be a cute image.

I'm not invested in these characters enough to want to read any more of their story, but Rosalie wanted a baby so badly and she fought for Bella to have Renesmee.

The questioning part of me feels like she may have kind of hoped for Bella to die so she could have the baby, but regardless, she was just in love with that little girl.

So, for the purposes of this question-yes, I can totally see Rosalie with a baby. Maybe they could adopt.

I can totally see Jasper & Alice. Most likely a little girl, who would look just like Alice! But be shy like Jasper. Or Rosaline & Emmet having a little boy, all strong like his father & gorgeous like his mother. (:

deleted member Jun 10, 2013 08:29PM   0 votes
Jacob is featured with a child in a different sense of the term.

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