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message 1: by Me, Myself, and I, Nothing's fine, it's all wrong! I'm all wrong. (new)

Me, Myself, and I | 205 comments Mod
As the title pretty much suggests, this is where you can apply to become a mod and create one Narrator per person. The numbers are obviously going to have to be equal, so I would need people who are willing to make either a guy OR a girl character. If you're not, then. . . Uhm, yeah, you probably won't get chosen. No hard feelings, though <3

Please be as descriptive as you normally would be in a post, so I can get a sense of how you RP. And I seriously want honest answers as well, because if you're just applying to create a head honcho charrie, then. . . Uh. Yeah. I'm normally the type of person that allows for anything, and if it were up to me, than I wouldn't need to put a limit on the Narrators. But we all know that, if I didn't, then everyone would be making one. And that sorta defeats the purpose.

Name: (view spoiler)

Why You Want To Be Chosen: (view spoiler)

Why You Should Be Chosen: (view spoiler)

What Would Your Character Be Like: (view spoiler)

Favorite GIF: (view spoiler)

Other: (view spoiler)

*Note: Please, please don't be offended if you're not chosen.
It's nothing personal, I swear

✯✯ᔕTᗩᖇᖇᒪIᘜᕼT✯✯ Name: Cheryl (view spoiler)

Why You Want To Be Chosen: BECAUSE I AM THE CHOSEN ONE. Oh wait, I made that joke before. I am so lame, I'm sorry. Um because this is a really cool group, I obviously love the idea, and I seriously just want to do whatever possible to help you out. I would love to see this grow as much as possible. Also, as I am on summer vacation and have no life whatsoever I am pretty much on here 24/7. Seriously. I technically don't go to bed until like make 3 or 4 in the morning, and I wake up at like 9, then I'm just around on here all day. . . Yep. Just yeah. So yeah . . . there ya go.

Why You Should Be Chosen: Because you love me. Um, I don't know why I should be chosen. I'm sure other people are more qualified for the job, but I will always make sure people are following the rules and I will delete all spam, etc. I've been a mod for a few other groups, but I'm still learning? I don't know. Just I'll do whatever is needed for the group, whenever it's needed. And yes.

What Would Your Character Be Like: Ummmm good question . . . I was thinking maybe a female who . . . is interesting. *flails* I DO NOT KNOW ;-; I'm sorry. I will figure it out but I have the perfect picture for this sort character. She'll probably end up looking down at people and have a bit of a god complex.

Favorite GIF:

I mean just look at that beautiful smile and laugh. *coughcough* What? I'm not trying to bribe you with a Kellin Quinn gif. Don't know what you're talking about. . . >.>

Other: Oh look, some more Kellin Quinn, and even some Oli. :D

message 3: by The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ], The voice is a powerful thing... (new)

 The Chicken [ ιnѕpιraтιon ғor dυммιeѕ ] (wayuphigh) | 155 comments Mod
[ Name ] Aurora (view spoiler)

[ Why You Want To Be Chosen ] I would like to be chosen because I always get picked last for sports. I keed! No sob story coming your way ;p In all honesty, I'm really amazed by the idea of the group and I'd devote lots of my time to this group (view spoiler) I'd also like to be chosen because I'm not a mod in any other group (On Goodreads, anyway) and so I'd be much more inclined to going over the little details of this group and trying my best to come up with ideas and such. Yeah...I'm no good at this answering question thing >.<

[ Why You Should Be Chosen ] I should be chosen because...er....just because? I mean, I don't think there is a reason as to why I should be chosen but all I can tell you is that I'm more than willing to enforce the rules, I have a creative mind (more often than not) and I'd like to think I can come up with good plot twists, if that's what you need. Moreover, I enjoy chatting it up with others and ensuring all is well. That's as special as I get. ^^" Which is the same as everyone, really.

[ What Would Your Character Be Like ] Well, Girl or Boy(I really don't mind), I'm fairly certain I plan on creating them with witty traits and down right rude, sarcastic humour. Also, s/he will not know the limit to one's personal space and would have yet to learn when to not speak at inappropriate times (They're blunt and uncaring...in simpler words.) And...err....>.>" I have no idea...I just know they'll most likely be socially awkward in an amusing way (Amusing to roleplay, anyway xD)

[ Favorite GIF ]
My friend showed it to me...and I just...yeah. XD

[ Other: ]
Assuming you would like to know if someone is detailed or not...here's a sample of my writing. x]
(view spoiler)


message 4: by E.J. (new)

E.J. (ejschoenborn) | 36 comments Mod
Name: E.J.

Why You Want To Be Chosen:
Well, first off, this seems like a very interesting plot idea that will hopefully pan out in exciting and fun ways, and I would like to help with that.

Why You Should Be Chosen:
I'm not going to tell you how creative or artistic I am because... well... everyone on GR is. :P
Instead I will tell you that I plan on being your Knight of SPAM-a-Lot who deletes spam from cluttering topics, and that I will help answer any questions I can from group members.

What Would Your Character Be Like:
I have one or two ideas for my charrie...
If it is female, she shall be the nicest, sweetest charrie ever created who literally drips sugar and syrup over every living creature with kind gestures and words and soft touches...

HOWEVER, if it is male, he shall be a sociopath who preys on the weak, builds up armies of weak people to take on the strong people - they'll LOSE obviously, but they'll tire out the strong man so that HE can take him down - and he will just generally be able to manipulate and control weak-minded people.

Favorite GIF:

I'm on quite a bit with only a day or two max as an absence so far.

message 5: by Matthew, Remember Children, Accidents are the number one cause of Death. (new)

Matthew (phoebus) | 29 comments Mod
Name: Matthew

Why You Want To Be Chosen: I GAVE YOU THE IDEA! It was a pretty generic idea, and you turned it into a epic world. Yeah, the groups awesome and I want to help keep it that way.

Why You Should Be Chosen: I GAVE YOU THE IDEA! Nah. Um... because I am uniquely creative or something fancy like that. I'm helpful, it's summer.

What Would Your Character Be Like:
If it was a guy I am thinking about using this for a picture. Guy #1(view spoiler)

They would be clever, unpredictable, neither good or evil. Something based of that sort of idea.

Favorite GIF:

My sister had a baby boy named Emerson. ._.

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