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E M M A The Greyson's Family Cabin

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E M M A Paul; I pick lilian up off the floor and sling Bailey over my shoulder. "it's over this way, hurry!" I cringed as a huge boom and shatter of glass sounded from the street. I jumped down the slope that led into the forest, maneuvering around the dense trees. "lil?" I reached my hand out for her.

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E M M A Paul: Poor Bailey lay on my arms, sleeping. All this was much too traumatic for her, and I didn't expect shed make it out without going insane. We came to a poorly distinguished dirt trail I had hacked out the summer before, and was grateful. Without the trail, we wouldn't be able to find the cabin. "it should be up ahead," I told the others. I broke off a wooden sign that was hammered into a tree that read "Greyson cabin, 1/4 a mile ahead".

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E M M A Paul: "were here!" I whispered to them, without waking Bailey up. I noticed her ankle was severely swollen, and I opened the cabins three locks with the key that was hidden inside a fake rock near the door. The stepmonster had left a note on the table saying that she had moved from the cabin to her parents isolated house up in the mountains. "make yourself at home," I set Bailey down on the couch, rummaging around the kitchen area for the first aid stuff. I settled for some ice, and rested that on baileys leg. I'd correct the broken ankle later. "you okay lilian?" I asked gently, standing to hug her.

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E M M A Paul: "oh! And ee too, right? Can you try calling them or something? I'll go get them," I said hurriedly, offering my phone. I felt like a jerk that I hadn't remembered her siblings. Bailey stirred, and I patted her shoulder comfortingly. I took one of the leg braces out that we had, and I positioned my hands on her bad ankle.

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E M M A Paul: "we have to stay hidden. We can't be out in the open, obviously. But stay alert, they might find us of stepmonster didn't cover her tracks all the way. Ao far, she seems like she did a pretty good job," I grimaced when baileys ankle popped back into place, and I clasped my hand over her mouth while she howled in pain. Once she was okay, I slid the brace on and tightened it. "get some rest," I told her. "reynas in a gang? At least Marc will be safe. How about ee? YOur mother and aunt?" I cleaned off my hands at the sink.

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E M M A Paul: "lil, dont think like that," I said gently, placing my arm around her shoulder. "they'll be okay. Do you want to call them to let them now you're allright?" I suggested. I glanced over at Eva, then Lewis. I realized the Massive responsibility I had for these people, and the idea made me feel... Older. More in charge. I prayed that coming here had been the right thing to do.

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E M M A Paul: "lilian." I said firmly. "Call them. Who knows how worried your mom might be? This whole thing could of snapped her out of her problems. Just try, for me?" I begged, hands clasped.

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E M M A Paul: "see? Isn't it good to know the whereabouts of your family? Cmhere," I pulled lilian into a warm embrace, feeling sleepy and exhausted from all the adrenaline surges I had all in one hour. "lew? How's Eva?"

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E M M A Paul: "I'm no doctor, but that's the best I can do for now," I frowned at the ankle. Bailey was passed out on the couch, in no condition to survive. (someone should join them in the cabin like when they're sleeping and make a scare! Besides Lewis is lonely when pauls talking to lil))
"i worked so f ing hard on that PowerPoint, dammit!" I grinned. "it scares me how a completely normal day turns into... This," I ruffled her hair absently, thinking about how our day should of goneZ

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Rachel ((Hey sorry to intrude but are you looking for someone to join or something?))

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E M M A Paul: I laugh at Lewis's joke, noticing how anxious he seemed. "no caniballism for me, though," I said sternly. "you guys hungry or anything?"

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E M M A ((YESS!!)

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Rachel ((Well I'm about to make my charrie so I was wondering if you wanted a guy or a gal to come along? I can't decide :D))

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E M M A ((maybe... Either! Up to Hannah))

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Rachel ((I think I'll make a girl! :D Gimme some time and I'll join in :D))

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E M M A Paul: "we've got plenty, this is where we keep our emergency stock of food as well as regular use. Will a granola bar be okay for now?" I removed mtself from lilian and dug through the cabinets, holding up some nature valleys and Quaker oats bars.

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E M M A ((make him or her cocky or a jerk!!))

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E M M A ((brb showah))

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E M M A Paul: I threw three nature valleys across the room to Lewis and Eva. "you sure?" I asked lil. I wasn't sure if she was sick or just tired.

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E M M A Paul: I gave her a long stare, then reluctantly gave up. I leaned over the kitchen sink, peering out the window. It was eerily normal, birds chirping, bees pollentating, and squirrels chattering. I backed away from the window, making sure everything was locked. "we need to lock everything down. Every window, every door. You can tale your picks of the rooms upstairs, although it'd be much quicker for escape if we all stayed in one room. Probably the back room/den." I walked over the wooden floor to a closet, and took out two rifles, bullets, a hand gun, nathans bow and quiver of arrows, and a emergency back pack hidden behind all the coats. "help your selves," I gestured, picking up the rifle and clomping up the stairs.

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E M M A ((BAHAHA Lewis))
Paul: "we use if for hunting, and my dad would sometimes take us to the shooting range. Good thing, too. Ever shot before?" I called down the stairs. "well Bailey can sleep somewhere else. Don't worry."

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E M M A Paul: "uhmm.." I examined the gun; then took it gently from her hands. "yep. You can tell if it loaded by the weight. Be careful with it," I warned, then gave her a brief lesson on hot to load, unload, and shoot a gun.

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E M M A Paul: I guffaw, watching to see if bailey reacted. "dude, you're gonna kill someone. Put it down," I laughed, handing lil her gun back. "take good care of it, it's jamies. I never guessed Id be in this situation at all." I said truthfully.

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E M M A Paul: "gimme this, you're gonna make her cry!" I hissed at Lewis, Golding out my hand. "why don't you two go find a room big enough for all ofbus? Make sure it's hidden," i suggested.

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E M M A Paul: "it's Lewis. He can be serious sometimes, it just takes a scare. I don't know either, but as long as we stay hidden, we'll be fine. The army and the speacial forces should clean things up within the next few weeks, no worries. We'll get an a On that power point," I said determined.

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Rachel ((I've made my charrie btw :D Took me longer than I expected :D))

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E M M A Paul: "it won't." I said firml to lililan. "wow lew, when did you learn to count?" I made a surprised face. "perfect. I'll sleep down here playing guard, you guys can divide the rooms among yourselves, and don't forget... Bailey!" I bust out in laughter.

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E M M A Paul: "yeah, I'll be aok!" I winked at her, spreading out a flannel blanket out on the couch, propping pillows on the couch's arm rest. "sleep tight," I waved, settling onto the couch with my rifle.

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E M M A ((lmfao. Dancing bacon.... Where's Rachel???))

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Rachel ((I'm here! Sorry had to go out back now! :D))

Toni was running. The b******* that were chasing her were slowing down. They knew they had no chance to catch her, even when she had her heels on. Toni looked around herself in hope to find somewhere she could hide. She caught a glimpse of what looked like a cabin. She looked over her shoulder briefly and saw that no one was behind her anymore she sprinted to the cabin and hammered on the door.

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E M M A Paul: I had began to drift off to sleep when the sound of fists pounded on my door. I sat up, uncertain what to do. I loaded my rifle, sneaking to the window. A young ginger was waiting, breathing heavy. "what do you want?" I said in the Gruffest voice possible, watching her.

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Rachel Toni stares at the guy standing in the doorway. "Can I come?" She asked her eyes wide and wary. She still couldn't make up her mind if the men chasing her were gone or not.

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E M M A Paul: "why? What's your deal?" I replied. I wasn't about to let a complete stranger in when there was a war going on. For all I knew, she could be a russian spy.

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Rachel "Well I'm kinda being chased by some guys I've never even met before. They had guns and I didn't fancy being shot." Toni said catching her breath.

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E M M A Paul: "you were beig followed?" I shouted in disgust. I opened the door, tugging the girl in side. I slammed the door shut, immediately removing th couch cushions. I pulled out a briefcase with my fathers name on it. Inside were keys to the boat and to our spare car. "we need to leave. Go wake them up lil, hurry!" I ordered.

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Rachel "I lost them first but I didn't want to stand outside too long." Toni said. "I do think about other people believe it or not."

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Rachel ((Oops! Sorry I'll switch the now :D))

Toni: I walked over and helped the girl down the stairs. She looked like she was struggling under the weight of the other girl.

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E M M A Paul: "well I've had a pretty rough day, and if some girl bursts onto the front porch of my secret hideout, I'm not gonna be very friendly," I snapped for the first time in a while. "Lewis? Think you could carry Bailey to the shed?" I asked him. I brandished different sized backpack we used for hiking. "load each one up for yourself. Food, water, first aid. Maybe a blanket. Quick!" I threw the backpacks madly, shoving random food into my backpack until it bulged. I grabbed a flashlight from under the couch as well, replacing the cushions.

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Rachel Toni: "Ain't we all." I mutter under my breath. "Do you include me in that?" I ask. I don't want to but in somewhere I'm not wanted.

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E M M A Paul: "I GUESS." I muttered. I wasn't too happy with having an extra person, but what could I do? Kick her out? I finished my packing and baileys, helping eva with hers. "we ready?" I whispered. I completely froze when a flashlight beam shone through the front window. "stay. Silent." I whispered, all feeling gone from my hand.

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Rachel Toni: I just finished my packing when I saw the light. Oh damn it! I thought. I would've cursed but the boy had said to stay silent. I didn't plan on disagreeing. I watched as the light moved.

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E M M A Paul: after I see Lewis and Bailey get to the shed safely, I send Eva, then the new girl. "ready for this, lil?" I squeeze her hand. I heard the shouting coming closer, sounding different than English. Never good. "go!" I whispered, running over to the shed with her. Inside was our camping suv, and I ordered everyone to get inside and stay low behind the seats. The shed was nearly invisible to everyone else outside because o it's clever location. Once the men left, we would drive away.

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Rachel Toni: Great this is all my fault. I'm gonna get these innocent people killed. And why? All because I had to get my own way. Stupid idiot person. I moan at myself. I smile apologetically at the girl. I followed one of the other girls out to the shed.

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Rachel Toni: I feel my face blush red as she girl talks to me. Good question. I think but I know I can't say that. "I don't know. I'm so sorry." I say instead.

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E M M A Paul: "Someone who wants to get their ass kicked." I answered boldly. I was tired and hungry, and I felt done with everything. To keep myself from hopping out and doing anything rash, I strapped my seat belt on and drummed my fingers on the wheel. "so who are you?" I asked the girl through the rearview mirror.

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Rachel Toni: I looked at the boy in the drivers seat. "I'm Toni Lotson," I say to him. I notice the other girl glaring at me. I hang my head in shame. I shouldn't have done this to them.

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E M M A Paul: "Toni. Well I'm Paul, guys introduce yourself. It's not her fault, I wouldve done the same thing. Wed have to leave soon any way," I said nonchalantly. It appeared that I set an example for the others.

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Rachel Toni: I lift my head. "Don't be sorry. It's my own fault anyway." I sigh. "I don't know their names. I'm sorry." I smile slightly at Paul.

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