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Rachel Toni: I sat in the car for a minute or so just staring at the house and the river. All the pain and the grief I didn't let myself feel when Aunty J died was catching up on me. Shaking my head I got out the car and stretched. I was so stiff.

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E M M A ((does the picture show up for you?))

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Rachel ((Yeah does it for you?))

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Rachel Toni: I leaned my head against Lewis. "This was my Great Aunty's house. I used to come here all the time. I haven't been in almost three years..." She said softly. "My mum and dad come and check on it every month. Restock the cupboards and stuff like that. So there is food if we need it."

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Rachel Toni: "Yeah I was." I sighed. "I used to talk to her about everything. When she died, I locked myself in my room and wouldn't come out for a whole day. I haven't been here since before she died. The last conversation we had was all about me. I never talked to her about herself or how her life was going. I always talked about the problems I was having in my life." I admitted. "I miss her loads."

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Rachel Toni: "Thanks Lewis, you don't know how much that means to me." I tilt my head up and kiss him.

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Rachel Toni: I laughed with Lewis and take his hand. "C'mon then." I bend down and lift up the door mat. I remove my hand from Lewis's and lift up the slightly crooked plank of wood. I smile and pick up the spare key. I put everything back in place before opening the door. I take Lewis's hand again and drag him inside. "What do you want on your sandwich?" I ask him.

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Rachel Toni: "Yes I'm going to make you a sandwich, and this time you are going to eat it. Even if I have to force it down your throat." I open the cupboards and pull out what I need before turning back to Lewis. "Actually I don't think I'd go that far," I say giggling.

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Rachel Toni: "Believe it or not I had noticed." I tease as I hand Lewis his sandwich. I grab a glass and pour myself a glass of water. "Do you want a drink?" I ask him.

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Rachel Toni: I shrug. "It's a sandwich." I say nonchalantly. "I'm sure you've had loads." I smile at his goofy grin. I take a drink of my water.

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Rachel Toni: I laugh and roll my eyes. "Well that was gone fast." I comment. "Do you want something else to eat?" I ask him.

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Rachel Toni: "I'm not hungry." I tell Lewis smiling at him. I finished off my water and put my cup in the sink. I gave it a rinse and left it in the basin. I'd do the dishes later.

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Rachel Toni: I giggled. "Lewis," I said mimicking him. "If I want to fit in my clothes then I want to stay with the same appetite I've already got." I smiled at him. I was being serious but I'd made my voice sound like I was joking.

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Rachel Toni: "You might not, but I do." I say. "And besides if I did get fat I'd need to buy new clothes to fit me. And I'd have to drag you along to. Through all the different shops and changing rooms. Trying on loads of clothes, asking what you think of this top, of this skirt. Then I'd have to go and buy it all, then we'd have to carry it all back." I smile teasingly. "Then we'd have to go back because I forgot my purse or something silly like that. Or because I don't actually want that top but the other one..." I stop there. "So you see it's really not worth getting fat."

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E M M A Paul: "oh! Sorry," i apologized, scooping her up from the seat and out of the car. "you better now? Looks like you have more color in your face," I teased, holding her lofting above my head.

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Rachel Hannah wrote: "Lewis: I bang my head on the counter several time. "Ugh," I moan with my face pressed against the granite. "Okay, okay. I get it. No food for Maria!" I wanted to push her buttons just a bit."

Toni: I scowl at Lewis. "Watch the counter. You might break it with your big head." I scold him. I'm tempted to walk out the room but that would seem childish. Instead I stayed where I was.

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Rachel ((Yeah just a little :D But we love him for it ;D))

Toni: "Is it now?" I ask sarcastically. I lean down to his ear so my lips brush it when I talk. "Maybe try using it in future." I say in a loud voice and flick his ear with my finger.

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E M M A Paul: "good," I gave her a goofy grin, spinning once and gliding to the house by the river.
((I don't see the picture!!))

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Rachel Toni: "You called me Maria." I shrugged. "Hardly anyone knows that's my real name. You and my family. That's it." I put my hand on his arm. "I'm sorry that I hurt your ear." I smile at Lewis.

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Rachel (( Does this help at all?

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E M M A ((thanks!!))

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Rachel ((It's cool :D))

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E M M A Paul: "as you wish," I bowed dramatically with her in my arms, then kicked open the front door. "where are they? Lewis?"

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Rachel Toni: "I just don't," I shrugged smiling. "But as we've discussed before you're an idiot and I'm crazy." I laughed.

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Rachel ((I'm gonna go... falling asleep on top of my laptop isn't a good idea. Night guys))

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Rachel Toni: I laugh and walk over to the cupboards. I open each one in turn looking for something to eat. I find a packet a dried fruits and start to eat them.

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Rachel Toni: I grin. "Nah I was bored." I roll my eyes. I finish my fruit and go over to the bin I lift the lid and squeal.

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Rachel Toni: Gingerly I placed the empty packet in the bin and drop the lid. I walk over to the other side of the kitchen before answering Lewis. "I don't know." I shrug eyeing the bin wearily.

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Rachel Toni: I nod my eyes still not leaving the bin. "That's a good plan." I tell him. "Got any ideas about what our plan is?" I ask him.

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Rachel Toni: I sigh and turn to face Lewis "No there's a spider in it and I'm watching to make sure it doesn't leave. Cause if it does I'm getting the hell outta here." I explain. "I am too. I can't even begin to try and think how we could defend ourselves."

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Rachel Toni: I laugh as I watch Lewis trying to kill the spider. "Are you sure it's dead?" I ask him wearily. I do not like spiders. At all. Scary eight legged freaks of nature.

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Rachel Toni: I kissed Lewis back. "You have to remember that in a good way or a bad way?" I ask him an eyebrow raised. "And yeah I'm afraid of spiders. Scary eight legged freaks of nature!"

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Rachel Toni: I groaned. "Don't sing that song!" I plead. "Not only is it so annoying it gives me shivers!" I scowl when he continues to sing. "You are evil." I tell him.

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Rachel Toni: "It's fine," I say laughing. "Why does the world have to be like this?" I ask him sighing.

((I've gotta go walk the dog be back in about an hour tops!))

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E M M A Paul: "love you too sweet thang," I laughed, clomping through the house and exploring the rooms.
((a mini description of the house please?))

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E M M A ((nooow what? Brb shower))

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E M M A ((same...! I guess I'll hold off on this page for now))

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Rachel Hannah wrote: "Lewis: I sigh with her, "I don't know, but its not fair." I shake my head.


Toni: "Yeah it's not fair." I smile slightly and lean against the counter. "So what should we do now?" I ask Lewis.

((Sorry was a longer hour than I thought! Turns out we had to go make social calls as well. Emmm I'll work something out for the house but if someone else gets something before me we can use that :D))

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E M M A ((omg aww!! That's sad! :(( it could be like pails turn to guard and he fell asleep so Eva gets killed in front of Lewis's face, and he gets super pissed at Paul and they get in a legit fight?))

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Rachel ((OMG! That would be so sad!!! So they get attacked then they all get separated - or maybe in twos or something like that - then something?))

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Rachel Heather wrote: "((omg aww!! That's sad! :(( it could be like pails turn to guard and he fell asleep so Eva gets killed in front of Lewis's face, and he gets super pissed at Paul and they get in a legit fight?))"

((Ooooo! Ignore my idea Heather's is better :D))

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E M M A ((lol okay so Lewis will try to fight them off when he hears people downstairs, and in the turmoil the bad guys drag Eva off and stab her or something so she dies slowly, then Lewis hates, absolutely hates, Paul, then tries to hurt him pretty badly and maybe he could threaten to hurt lil as payback?))

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Rachel ((Yeah that sounds good. Then Toni and Lil have to pull the boys away from each other. And Bailey can do what she likes. Then Paul, Lil and Bailey ((This is assuming the three of them stay together)) have to leave or something...))

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E M M A ((yep! Let's wait until like tonight tho))

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Rachel ((How long are we waiting?))

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E M M A ((actually wanna just ff? Narrate?))

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Rachel Hannah wrote: "((lets give them some time. Have them all sit around and joke and eat together and bond or whatever. then, night will come and Paul will guard and it will be downhill from there))"

((Okay sounds good :D))

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E M M A Paul: we found the others in the house, and we hung out in the living room for a while. We managed to scrounge together some odds and ends for dinner, and the day passed slowly by. I lay on lilians lap on the couch, hands clasped together on my chestZ

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Rachel ((I'm fine with one of you two doing it :D))

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