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Claire | 83 comments Mod
If you would only like to be compared to a Virals character, please submit here!
**Do not comment on other peoples' submissions here; go to their discussion!**

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Sierra | 63 comments Name: Sierra
Age: 15
Pets: Dog
Siblings: Brother
Hobbies: I love hiking, camping, hunting, and lacross. I take an awesome karate class and swimming all year plus all of my other seasonal sports. I do a lot of fishing with, hunting, and hiking with my dad and tons of vonenteer, learning medical skills, and scouts with my mom. I love rock climbing and I'm going skydiving this summer! (Is there anything else I need to put?)
Interests: I love trying new things, but things don't catch my attention easily. They have to be daring, adventreous, and out of the ordinary.
Favorite School Subject(s): I hate school... Gym, maybe?
Hair Color: light brown
Eye Color: black
Tall/Short: short
Favorite Color: I'm not gothic or anything, but I love the color black because its neutral and can pair with my paleness.
Personality (Outgoing, shy, etc.): When I was younger, I was told to be shy by my grandparents. They used to tell me that children should be seen and not heard, and rarely ever seen. Even though my grandparents have tried to break me, I've always been rowady, outgoing, and recklace.
Sports: I play everything! There isn't a sport I can think of I don't know how to play!

If you want more info just ask!

Also, I have only read the first book.

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