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Claire | 83 comments Mod
If you would only like to be compared to a Hunger Games character, please submit here!
**Do not comment on other peoples' submissions here; go to their discussion!**

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Maddy (view spoiler)

Name: Madison (Maddy)

Age: 15

Pets: Do siblings count? No, alright. 2 dogs. Maltese's, Bogey and Bunker

Siblings: I am the eldest of four. I have a sister who is 12, a brother who is 11, and another sister who is 6

Hobbies: I love to read and spend time outside. I am the kind of person who hates to sit still and must be active all the time. I like to swim, bike, draw (although, i stink and throw away whatever I paint when im done :) I just use it mainly as a stress reliever)

Interests: FOOD! My favorite book series are maximum ride, hunger games, divergent, escape from furnace, and the mortal instrument series. Im addicted to Goodreads. I have to admit, I am a thrill seeker. I love roller-coaster and plan on parasailing, skydiving, bungi-jumping, you name it!

Favorite School Subject(s): I love math and science. Specifically biology, genetics. It all just fascinates me. I love math, geometry, algebra. You name it, I can do it

Hair Color: bleach blonde

Eye Color: distinctive green

Tall/Short: tall 5'7

Favorite Color: blue

Dislikes I hate spiders. Sorry to sound all girly, but those are the things I cannot stand... I am also chlosterphobic. I don't like people who act like they are better than others. I cant stand bullies. I don't like makeup and hate that all most people care about now-a-days is how they look.

Personality: about me... hmm, let me think. *taps chin*. Ok, well, first things first. I am not weak, I don't take any kind of crap from anyone, im not safe, some call me evil. Mainly my frinds :) im not really social, I can be the loudest, most talkative person you have ever met. But there will be times where I just blend in the back. That's how I like it.

I am strong and don't let others tell me what to do. Well, they can tell me what to do, doesn't mean I'll listen :) I am a leader and can do things on my own. I am independent. I can be nice, despite my nickname of evil. You just have to be on my good side :) a.k.a not a prep :D I cant stand those kind of people. I am very energetic and a bit crazy. Alright, I cant lie to you guys, im entirely crazy

Sports: Im on the swim team, started swimming about a year ago, and I played soccer for about eight or nine years

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۪H۫۰۪a۫۰۪l۫۰۪e۫۰۪y۫۰ | 26 comments Name: Haley
Age: 10,

Pets: My sister Jade? Umm all of my pets have died so.. I do have a giant stuffed animal called Foop-A-Doodles though!

Siblings: My older sister Jade.

Hobbies:Dancing, Reading, Cooking, Music, Cello, Piano, I love to read.

Interests: Dancing, Reading, Cooking, I love to read. Divergent, Maximum ride,
Percy Jackson. I love so many books! I am addicted to Goodreads, and I like going on vacation.

Favorite School Subject(s): Math. I love math.
Hair Color: Dark brown almost black, auburn natural high lights, And brown natural highlights, and it has red natural highlights in the winter.

Eye Color: Dark dark brown, almost black

Tall/Short: I am tall for my age.

Favorite Color: Neon Green.

Personality (Outgoing, shy, etc.): I am really outgoing. I am quite sarcastic and I worry a lot. I am very independent and have a great fashion sense. I am pretty bossy though. I am a natural born leader. I am very hyper. I am super SARCASTIC!!!!!

Sports: Hmm, Dance and well thats it really. Oh and tennis.

Other: I am adopted from china.

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Sierra | 63 comments Name: Sierra
Age: 15
Pets: Dog
Siblings: Brother
Hobbies: I love hiking, camping, hunting, and lacross. I take an awesome karate class and swimming all year plus all of my other seasonal sports. I do a lot of fishing with, hunting, and hiking with my dad and tons of vonenteer, learning medical skills, and scouts with my mom. I love rock climbing and I'm going skydiving this summer! (Is there anything else I need to put?)
Interests: I love trying new things, but things don't catch my attention easily. They have to be daring, adventreous, and out of the ordinary.
Favorite School Subject(s): I hate school... Gym, maybe?
Hair Color: light brown
Eye Color: black
Tall/Short: short
Favorite Color: I'm not gothic or anything, but I love the color black because its neutral and can pair with my paleness.
Personality (Outgoing, shy, etc.): When I was younger, I was told to be shy by my grandparents. They used to tell me that children should be seen and not heard, and rarely ever seen. Even though my grandparents have tried to break me, I've always been rowady, outgoing, and recklace.
Sports: I play everything! There isn't a sport I can think of I don't know how to play!

If you want more info just ask!

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Gabby (imnotafraidtokeeponliving) | 20 comments Name:Gabby

Age:14-16 age range

Pets:a family goldfish named Mr.Bubbles that was won by one of my little sisters at a fair

Siblings: I am the oldest of my four siblings. Three sisters and one brother

Hobbies: Drawing, softball, acting, and reading

Interests: I love to be outside and play sports. I tried to skateboard once but that didn't work out so well...I love the beach and surfing(something I wish I could do more often). I love reading. My favorite series are Maximum Ride, the Mortal Instruments, and Vampire Academy. Gotta love Goodreads!!

Favorite School Subject(s): English/Literature, LUNCH, and p.e.

Hair Color: Very light brown with many natural blonde highlights throughout. I've been told by some that I'm blonde but that's not true.

Eye Color: Light hazel that change colors often. They range from green to light brown. They are so weird...

Tall/Short: tall 5' 7 1/2"

Favorite Color: Purple and green. I know that those are the colors of Barney*barf* but no just no

Personality (Outgoing, shy, etc.): Uh...I'm outgoing and friendly to basically everyone. I love having fun with my friends and being my crazy self. I have way too much energy and can never sit still. I like to be a goofball and do crazy things:)

I am extremely sarcastic which may get me in trouble sometimes...I don't like it when people tell me what to do(stubborness). I don't take any crap from people and I speak my mind often. I'm independent and don't like people doing things for me. I have a hard time doing something and sticking to it(short attention span) so I like to try almost anything but most of the time, I lose interest after a while. So, I like to do exciting things to keep my attention. I get goofy with my little siblings and friends whom I am very protective of. I feel like I act nicer on Goodreads, and I'm not quite sure why that is.

Sports: I've been on a softball team for three years and on a basketball team for two. Otherwise, I pretty much like to casually play any sport.

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