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A nice place, where it is cool to enjoy during the summer.

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Legolas galloped into the forests of Hobbiton at a gallop beside Arwen, feeling the muscles of his black stallion underneath his legs as he surged Tempest on. "HA!" He yelled at his friend, "I'm faster than you!"

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ella  (katarella) | 83 comments Arwen made Asfaloth go faster and soon she was just a little before Legolas. "Mot anymore!", she shouted back to him. She smiled and stopped Asfaloth in front of a huge tree. "Let's rest a little here!" She jumped off her horse and took out her water.

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Legolas skidded abruptly to a stop in front of the tree and dismounted with a graceful jump. Taking large gulps of his water, he sank to the floor with a happy sigh, crossing his legs over as his keen elvish eyes scanned the forest.

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Woodsong wandered through the forest of hobbiton looking around the dense forest for anyone.

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Legolas began to sing. "When the cold of winter comes, starless night wil cover day, in the veiling of the sun, we will walk, in bitter rain. But in dreams, I can hear your name, and in dreams, we will meet again," he smiled. It was a song of his childhood.

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He heard the distant singing and walked towards is only when he saw him he quickly rushed under the cover of the trees rustling a few branches in the process.

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Legolas stopped singing and looked around, drawing his bow and nocking an arrow to it. "Mi ernet Legolas, I niet frisend." The elf said in SIlvarin. "My name is Legolas, and I come as a friend," he repeated, this time in english. "Who are you?" He called, taking aim as a rustle sounded. "COme out!"

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He walked out from the bush "hello." He bowed "ljudje me kličejo woodsong." He said back to him. He hands raised.

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Legolas lowered his bow with a smile. "A fellow elf!" He said. "Come, Woodsong. My name is Legolas Greenleaf, son of Thranduil (King of the Mirkwood)."

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Woodsong bowed once again and walked up to him.

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Legolas sat back down and invited Woodsong to join him.

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ella  (katarella) | 83 comments Arwen smiled. "Nice to meet you, I'm Arwen." She sat down next to Legolas, too.

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He bowed to him and sat down.

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ella  (katarella) | 83 comments "I'm Arwen, Daughter of Elrond (Lord of Rivendell)", she said, as the other elf sat down next to them. "Do you live here?", she asked.

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"I usually just wander around never staying in places to long but I like this place, more specifically these woods." He replied.

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Ferus sat in a tall tree, a weird one he couldn't identify, and watched on. He wasn't moving until they had gone or he was sure they wouldn't see him.

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Legolas took out a reed pipe and began to absentmindedly play it.

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Woodsong pulled out a small harp and played it along with he flute.

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Legolas grinned at Woodsong with his eyes, and focused them then on a nearby stream. He continued the melody, which was old elvish folklore his mother used to sing to him.

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Woodsong rembered this from his youth and started paying the appropriate notes.

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Once they had finished, Legolas took the pipe out of his mouth and smiled at Woodsong. "You play the harp well."

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"As you the pipe." He said smiling back at Legolas.

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"Thank you," Legolas said, tucking a long strand of blonde hair behind a pointed ear.

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he's cute. Woodsong thought to himself and ran is hand through his hair.

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Legolas leaned against the worn-smooth bark of the willow, his stormy gaze savouring the green foliage and boughs of the tree from a different angle.

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"I've always found trees to be very interesting what about you?"

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Legolas still did not take his eyes off the foliage. Dreamily he said, "I've grown with them. They are like my brothers and sisters. I hear them whisper stories of ancient old to me." He looked Woodsong in the eyes and grinned. "They are amongst the oldest beings of Middle Earth. I find them interesting as well." He clapped Woodsong on the shoulder.

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"I've grown with them lived in them, I've got to say they are interesting you can look at them and see a thousand stories." He said in a airy tone.

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Legolas nodded, running a pale, delicate hand over the trunk in almost childish awe.

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"You okay there?" He asked.

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Legolas looked back at him and gave him a childish grin. "Yes. I just.. tend to get carried away."

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"I know what you meant." He said smiling back.

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Legolas stood up, moved to the middle of the clearing, where the sky was just visible beyond the leaves of the trees, and lay down, with his hands behind his head.
He patted the grass next to him to indicate Woodsong could join him if he wanted to.

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John wrote: "((Hello))"
(((Hey there))

Ferus heard what they were saying and gently snapped a few twigs off. He made it sound harsh, but once done he put them in a small bag on his hip, saving them for later.

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Woodsong walked over to Legolas and sat down looking up at the sky.

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Legolas, hearing a sound, stood up, twitching like a frightened rabbit. He darted over to his weapons with inhuman speed, nocked an arrow to the string, and drew it back. The result was a satisfying grinding sound as the arrow slid over the yew bow. He brought his drawn hand up to eye level.

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Ferus saw the bow and growled, moving further back into the foliage.

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Legolas noticed a rustle and his bow sang. The arrow made a satisfying impact with something that was definitely not wood.

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Holt (tnkphk) Zarnak stomped into the forest, cooling off after he roasted an orc.

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'AAARGH!' Legolas shouted as a dragon alighted in front of him. "SHOO! Get away from me!" He yelled at it.

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Holt (tnkphk) Zarnak cocked his head at Legolas. He snorted smoke out from his nose and roared.

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Legolas threw himself on the ground and covered his head, trembling with fear. He was not one to fight a dragon.

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Holt (tnkphk) Zarnak sat down, confused with the cowering elf. He roared around, scaring a passing orc.

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Legolas peered out to see it burn a passing orc to flames. He straightened up, confused. He addressed it in elvish. "Ni eimiet alshak Saruman man yahl?" the he repeated it in english. "Are you against Sauron?"

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Holt (tnkphk) "I am not against Sauron, nor against the good." Zarnak roared. He billowed white hot flames, which accidentally roasted a troll. It missed Legolas by a foot.

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Legolas gave a startled yelp and hopped to one side. "Cut it out!" He yelled at the beast.

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Holt (tnkphk) "I simply discarded a troll next to you." he said, surprised.

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Legolas straightened up, furious. "It missed me by this much!" He yelled, showing it with his fingers.

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