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message 1: by D.A. (new)

D.A. Metrov (metrov) | 29 comments Why is it so difficult to find my "Author Dashboard?" I've found it a few times by accident in the past, but I've just spent 30 minutes clicking everywhere imaginable trying to find my Author Dashboard, still no success. Please make the Author Dashboard easier to navigate to. Every time I need to go to it, I can't find it. Only by accident. Why not just put it where we can easily see it... like on the drop down menu next to our photo? That would be so awesome. So simple. Such a no-brainer. Thank you

message 2: by Debbie's Spurts (D.A.) (last edited Jun 09, 2013 11:15PM) (new)

Debbie's Spurts (D.A.) Sounds like a site improvement suggestion for the feedback and/or author feedback groups rather than a book specific issue for librarians (I believe only author and goodreads staff members can see an author's dashboard and only programming staff could implement changes to the feature--but, I'm neither staff nor librarian).

Goodreads Feedback group is at

Goodreads Authors Feedback group is at

I just butted in with my two cents since staff not usually working on weekends. During regular business hours you may get a more official response other than my suggesting you post in the groups that handle site issues and suggestions.

message 3: by D.A. (new)

D.A. Metrov (metrov) | 29 comments Thanks for sending me in the right direction. Will post using "Author's Feedback" group.

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