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In the end everyone gets what they deserve.
Jason Pelaez Jason Jun 09, 2013 07:20PM
The story, THe Westing Game, by Ellen Raskin is a great story about mystery and suspense. However, one of the key points to this book in my opinion is that in the end everyone gets what they have coming to them. From the beginning of the book it was said that one of them clearly killed Sam Westing. Personally, if I were playing the Westing Game the first thing I would have done is trusted no one because for all you know you could end up dead and losing the game. It was obviously one person's job to find out who killed Sam Westing. Though Sam died of old age he did inherit his possessions to he who could solve the problem. Therefore, intelligence really came into play and those who knew how to solve puzzles and read people well would eventually triumph. Lastly, this is one of the main messages because in the end only one person kept the possessions and that is what they had coming. Though everyone else was left just how they got there. Therefore, it pays off to be smart, it could make you a billionaire. I would recommend this story to anyone who can't wait to flip to the next page because they want to know what will happen next. Overall, though, this book is great and it should really be taken into consideration to read.

So, Sandy "died" But yet Julian Eastman still lives. How is this possible?

And who poisoned Sandy?

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