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message 1: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie I did like this book even though I was left completely hanging in the end. I guess I expected some kind of finally or ending, but there wasn't. It does work really well as just ten stories of these lives. I just kept hoping for more for Yunior but I didn't get it. I guess that's part of the point though. From what was happening there probably wasn't more to tell. He most likely just continues to live the way he was.

Kaitlynn Goward I felt the same exact way! I felt like we were hanging at the end. I wanted to know more. I, like you, wanted more out of Yunior. How did he make it out in life? What did he do beyond New Jersey and the pool table job? I just felt like we were left without answers. Maybe that was what Diaz was going for. But I agree with your last statement. He probably just ended up the same as he was throughout the book. He never really had much going for him anyways. He probably lived there with a life of cheating, stealing, and drugs. But who knows, maybe he broke the old habits and made a life for himself!

message 3: by Ashley (new)

Ashley I also was waiting to read more about Yunior and was disappointed when I didn't get to read anymore. I just felt like I was left hanging. It made me feel like I was watching a movie and in the end there wasn't an official ending so you knew there was going to be another one coming out.

Sara Remick I agree that I would have liked to know if No Face gets the surgery, if Mami just stops taking the calls from the father and what ever happened to Rafa, Aurora and Girlfriend? My guess is that everything stayed the same or they were consumed by the way they lead their lives.

message 5: by Crease (new) - added it

Crease Just received this book but it came in glossy paperback instead of hardcover version I ordered. Can someone confirm if there really is no "real" hardcover version? Otherwise Im leaning toward returning.

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