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Julia  (juliavdc) | 382 comments Mod
Fill out this character form:

Age (10-16):
Male or Female:
Appearance: (picture please!)
Two Survival Skills:
(For example: (choose from these, or if you have a different one)
-Fighter: helps defend the makeshift camp
-Healer: Good with medicines, knows how to fix broken bones, etc.
-Scavenger/Hunter: Finds and hunts food
-Cook: Knows what food is safe or not.
-Searcher: Searches for signs of civilization or help.)

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Name: John Jackal
Age (10-16): 15
Male or Female: male
Personality: he is a very strange person and very pessimistic person he is a little messed up in his head but is very good medically.
Appearance: (picture please!)
Two Survival Skills: good healer and knows how to track so searcher.

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Julia  (juliavdc) | 382 comments Mod

message 4: by Julia (new)

Julia  (juliavdc) | 382 comments Mod
Name: Bianca Klarkson
Age (10-16): 15
Male or Female: Female
Personality: Kind, spunky, tough, atheletic and adventurous.
Appearance: (picture please!)
Two Survival Skills: Searcher and Fighter.

message 5: by Julia (new)

Julia  (juliavdc) | 382 comments Mod
RPing will open once there are enough characters.

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((I was wondering do you think Bianca and John could hook up.))

message 7: by Julia (new)

Julia  (juliavdc) | 382 comments Mod
Approved! :)

message 8: by [deleted user] (last edited Jun 10, 2013 05:01AM) (new)

Name: Riley Scarlett Constantinople
Age: 16
Male or Female: Female
Personality: TBRPd
Survival skills: cook/healer, and fighter

message 9: by Julia (new)

Julia  (juliavdc) | 382 comments Mod
Approved. :D

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Name: Raven McKenna
Age: 14
Male or Female: Female
Personality: Extremely hyper and loud, which bothers a lot of people. She just can't get herself to be quiet. Raven is of average intelligence, not especially smart or stupid, but lacks the thing called common sense. She rarely does as she is told, and mostly acts upon impulses instead of what she should probably do in the situations she finds herself in.
Appearance: (One on the far left, except she (in my imagination) has different socks on)
Survival skills: Healer, scavenger

message 11: by Julia (new)

Julia  (juliavdc) | 382 comments Mod
Approved. :D

message 12: by Chloe (new)

Chloe (animalgirlsmagazine) | 95 comments Name: Lilli White
Age (10-16): 11
Male or Female:
Personality: A bit of a stereotypical "girly girl", hates getting dirty and fears the dark. Not the most smart, but her wits aren't bad for her age. She's not very brave, but she tries her best, despite her many weaknesses. Sometimes she can be a bit rude or nasty towards her aqcuantences, but she never truly means it.
Appearance: (picture please!)
Two Survival Skills: Fighter, Searcher

message 13: by Julia (new)

Julia  (juliavdc) | 382 comments Mod
Accepted. :)

message 14: by Julia (new)

Julia  (juliavdc) | 382 comments Mod
(((I dunno. You can ask Nicole, too- since Riley is the same age as John)))?

message 15: by Chloe (new)

Chloe (animalgirlsmagazine) | 95 comments ((Yay!))

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

((Oooh, interesting. Romance in the rainforest.))

message 17: by CJ (new)

CJ (smudgie) Name: Kani
Age (10-16): 14, about to turn 15
Male or Female: Female
Personality: A little sassy, fun-loving, but since she's been stuck in this mess her mood's gone down a bit. Regardless, she tries to keep everyone's spirits up and loves adventure. She has a strange fascination/obsession with death and all variety of macabre stuff, and is kind of a big flirt.
Appearance: (picture please!)
Two Survival Skills: Fighter and Healer

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Name: Tania Scarlett Constantinople
Age: 14
Male or Female: Female
Personality: TBRPd
Two Survival Skills: Fighter, Hunter
(*Note: Riley is her sister)

message 19: by Julia (new)

Julia  (juliavdc) | 382 comments Mod
Both are accepted. :D

message 20: by CJ (new)

CJ (smudgie) I forgot my picture, but here:
Maybe without the accessories, but definitely same face and hair. That's her signature facial expression (the one she uses the most.)

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: Thenardier jackson
Age (10-16): 16
Male or Female: male
Personality: TBRP
Appearance: (picture please!)
Two Survival Skills: healer, fighter

((btw Riley bf))

message 22: by [deleted user] (new)

(Riley's bf? k.)

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Name: Gabriele
Age: 15.5
Male or Female: Male
Personality: Somewhat hostile, and angers slowly. But when he does get angry, he doesn't bother holding back. You would have a very nice hospital trip though. If he loves something, he is gentle, and kind around it. He'll protect it at all costs.
Two Survival Skills: Searcher, Healer (he kinda has to know...)

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 69 comments Just so I can make my characters tomorrow~
This girl whose name I have to figure out (view spoiler)
Alysha Nett
Pawel Lewandowski
Paddy Mitchell


message 25: by sucre'd fiend (new)

sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 69 comments Quick Question: Why's the cap age sixteen? It could serve better at twenty-five or twenty.

message 26: by Chloe (new)

Chloe (animalgirlsmagazine) | 95 comments You have a lot off charries. o_O

message 27: by sucre'd fiend (new)

sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 69 comments I usually do

message 28: by Julia (new)

Julia  (juliavdc) | 382 comments Mod
Hi! I'm glad you joined!
The cap is 16 because its a plane for teenagers, and I figured it would be better if there weren't any adults.

I don't mean to be rude, but could you choose just three of those characters to make? Making all of them might be really confusing for everyone, having to memorize the names. Thank you so much!

message 29: by Julia (new)

Julia  (juliavdc) | 382 comments Mod
(Instead of all 9)

message 30: by sucre'd fiend (new)

sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 69 comments Well, I planned to make that many characters because of the current boy girl ratio.

message 31: by Julia (new)

Julia  (juliavdc) | 382 comments Mod
You could do 2 boys and 1 girl, if you want.

message 32: by sucre'd fiend (new)

sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 69 comments I more so like a balance with my characters as well ^-^

message 33: by Julia (new)

Julia  (juliavdc) | 382 comments Mod
How about two boys and two girls instead.

message 34: by sucre'd fiend (new)

sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 69 comments And then that leaves me with the choice of narrowing this down, and scrapping ideas that I had for these characters.

message 35: by [deleted user] (new)

You know what I'm going to Change johns personality.

message 36: by Julia (new)

Julia  (juliavdc) | 382 comments Mod
@John- Ok

message 37: by Julia (new)

Julia  (juliavdc) | 382 comments Mod
I'm really sorry, but 9 characters is just too many to keep track of, and the rest of us have between 1 and 3 characters, so 4 is kind of stretching it either way. I'm sure all of your characters are amazing, but could you just choose 4?

message 38: by sucre'd fiend (new)

sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 69 comments For you, it might be too many. I'm in a number of groups with over 12 characters and I'm perfectly capable of keeping up with them.

message 39: by Julia (new)

Julia  (juliavdc) | 382 comments Mod
I have no doubt that you can keep up with them. ;) But I cannot speak for myself, or the other RPers. I'll send out a group message, and I will ask if they would be okay with all of your characters joining. If not all of them are okay with it, then only 4.

It's not that I don't like a lot of characters, it's just that the other RPers may have a hard time keeping track of all of the characters, and having a large amount of characters [more than everyone else combined] kind of makes it so with so many characters, you are leading the story, in a way, while it's all of us writing together.

I hope you understand where I'm coming from as a moderator, and I'll send out the group message.

message 40: by sucre'd fiend (new)

sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 69 comments I wouldn't actually have more than everyone combined :/

message 41: by Julia (new)

Julia  (juliavdc) | 382 comments Mod
I was just guessing. :P

message 42: by Julia (new)

Julia  (juliavdc) | 382 comments Mod
I sent out the message, and I've gotten 4 "no's" so far. (Not everyone had responded yet)
(I can give you a picture of the responses, if you'd like, unless they were sent to you...I'm not sure how the message thing works)

I'm really sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you to just make 4 characters. The rest of the group (at least those who've responded) have said no.

But so you don't have to scratch 5 of your characters, I'd love to have you join the Mystic Island and Steampunk RPs- it would be Great to have your other characters there, if you're interests. :)

message 43: by Julia (new)

Julia  (juliavdc) | 382 comments Mod
(There are 6 "no's" now- the majority says no, post above)

message 44: by sucre'd fiend (new)

sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 69 comments Alright then. I'll just have to rework it.

message 45: by sucre'd fiend (new)

sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 69 comments There, dropped it down to four :/

message 46: by sucre'd fiend (last edited Jun 18, 2013 01:10PM) (new)

sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 69 comments A Fiendishly Compiled Character & Template By Fiend, SeaThe
(view spoiler)

{Part Jeden}

[His eye is on the Sparrow]

Zyalle Melvyn Clarisse Nawok
Zyalle {Z-ai-ALE}
There is no meaning to her name, as far as Zyalle knows. Her mother swears up and down that
there is nothing to it but the sound, and her father says nothing because he’s not around. So, she
is left with thinking that her name is an odd enigma she will have to live with.
Melvyn Clarisse {Mehl-VEE-n || CLAH-rees}
Melvyn is a female transformation of Melvin. Why is that her middle name? Because Melvin
was her grandfather's name, and family is important. Clarisse was just pretty to her mother, but there is some sort of significance to her father that she doesn't quite know, or want to know.
Nawok {Nah-WOHK}
New guy in town, from the root now, meaning new. The Nowak surname was occasionally
bestowed on one who converted to Christianity (a new man). The Nowak surname is among the
most common in Poland and is also very common in other Slavic countries, especially the
Czech Republic (where it is spelled NOVAK). This has every bit of significance to Zyalle’s family,
seeing as they are strongly Christian, but are slightly loose in the way they see certain things. Neo-Christians, if you will.

Ale, All, Zall, Zah
She prefers the usage of her real name, but some people have taken it upon themselves to find something shorter to call her.

[Oh, the river: it’s running free]


Race| Spell-Caster
Gender| Female {Feminine, of the xx chromosome}
Age| 16 {Sixteen, Ten and Six}
{Date of Birth} May 18th {05/18}
{Zodiacal Symbol} Taurus
Sexual Orientation| Zyalle is mostly confused at this point, but believes that she is Pansexual. However, she cannot be sure due to wacky hormones.

[that's what the water gave me]

[Visual and Audial]

At the moment, the first thing most notice when they see her is the current state of pregnancy. When she wasn't pregnant all eyes would shot down to her chest. She's rather well endowed in the area, as are most women in her family. Zyalle, unlike most of her family, has an olive-toned complexion complimented by light freckles. Heart shaped in structure, her face is usually hidden by her glasses. They shade her stormy blue oculars, giving them a more gray tint. She doesn't mind when people confuse them for a different color, but the voices would say other things. Her lips are full, plump like her mother's. The soft shell pink shade is taken from her father. She's well-built, not muscular, but not as slender to be stick thin.

Standing at a small five foot four, she's at a lower vantage point then most. This doesn't much displease her unless someone were to poke fun at her for it. She already knows how small she is. She weighs a standard hundred thirty three, only slightly more than that now with her pregnancy. Besides other areas, her breasts would be more of that weight, to her dismay. There is also the addition of her hair, which doesn't look as thick as it is. It's a manageable midnight hue, and she finds it best put in a braid or in a pony tail to keep from getting in her way.

Zyalle's voice isn't unpleasant to the ears, but it's just about average. A normal sound that isn't often regarded as anything special. It's slightly higher pitched than most women her age, but not to the point of irritation. If anything, it makes her seem that much smaller than she already is. It most similar to a whisper, but a stage whisper would be more accurate.

With her voice, there is just the raspy intonations of sleep. It doesn't affect her clarity, but sort of makes her Polish accent thicker than it would be originally. She has a tendency to clear her throat to avoid being misunderstood or having to repeat herself multiple times.

[Distinctive Markings]
The most distinctive marking that Zyalle could have at this time is her inflated abdomen. She is, after all, eight months pregnant. Other than that, there is the endowment of her chest. Even without the extra growth added by pregnancy, they are larger than the average female's would be. Height wise, she's not exactly of average height. She's more so below it, if anything.
Zyalle has a peculiar style that most people tend not to see as appealing. It is within the category of Goth, but in a ray of soft colors. Pastel Goth, as the trend is called. She finds the soft shades of colors to be pleasant, and that they are fairly easy to find. There is also the thinking that most of it looks cute. Outside of pregnancy, she would wear generally large sweaters and tights, with either boots or sneakers.

Since her pregnancy began, however, she hasn't been able to wear what she wants quite as freely. Though her mother isn't very well mentally, she still has the tendency to try to continue having a say in what her daughter wears. So, Zyalle usually wears a dress, even in the coldest of weathers. She just makes sure to wear something warm underneath if need be. Her dresses are usually blues and yellows, as those are among her favorites on the spectrum, and come down to just below her knees. The time period style usually stays within the modern century, but there can be a time when she feels that something vintage would be nice.

[oh, my love, don't forsake me; take what the water gave me]


Trait One Perceptive, and yet oblivious
Trait Two Perpetually Dreaming
Trait Three Sarcastic and Witty
Trait Four Truthful
Trait Five Slightly Insane; not there, but getting there
Trait Six Perverse and Vulgar

Despite looking completely thoughtless to everything going on around her, Zyalle tends to be very perceptive. It's not often taken much note of by those who really know her, but she can surprise those who don't know her. However, she can also be entirely oblivious to what's going on around her. It can be an annoyance for most people, having someone suddenly tell them what their problems are and not know that something is totally wrong with them. In that way, Zyalle could be a better friend than she herself believes, as she would be paying that much more attention to them than to herself.

If you don't keep her involved in conversation, Zyalle tends to drift off into the land of dreams with her eyes open. It's a habit she has to break out of during important situations, but usually just lets happen. She'd actually rather be sleeping at all hours of the day as opposed to having to walk around awake. So, she daydreams. She can mumble when she daydreams, and it can be distracting for some people. She, however, has not a care in the world when she's gone. Getting her attention once she's gone tends to be hard, so to speak, unless you distract her with something that she likes.

Given the chance, Zyalle can be a whiz when it comes to sarcasm and wit. She's well-versed in it, and it comes out of her mouth like a language she's learned and practiced. She can go overboard, but she knows how to keep it in check. When the voices come out, though, she can't do much about it. Some people would think that she'd practiced or thought about it beforehand, but it comes naturally. Some would call it sass.

Zyalle will always tell the truth. There has never been a point in time that she hasn't. As a Christian, it's one of the Ten Commandments to not tell a lie; Thou shalt not lie. She holds strongly to this, and is more likely to hurt feelings than to help anything. This is why you aren't supposed to tell her secrets. Should someone ask about them, they're given away like candy. She doesn't see this as a bad thing, and no, she has no plans of ever seeing it as so.

There are a few inconsistencies in Zyalle's mental health. She hasn't been diagnosed with anything despite numerous therapy sessions and evaluations over the years. Her mother had decided that she was perfectly sane, ignoring the clear fact that her daughter was hearing voices and seeing things. However, she does say that her daughter is blessed with the gift of hearing and sight of seeing angels. Yeah, crazy. Zyalle likes to believe that to be true, but still has feelings that she might be clinically insane. She doesn't take medication and has managed to keep everything at bay, if you call whispers and shadows "at bay". She doesn't often reflect this instability, but when she does it's difficult for her to regain control over herself.

As far as being a pervert goes, Zyalle could be one of the worst. She has a vulgarity that is very rarely matched, and she enjoys being just that. There isn't much to say about it, except that she isn't a shameless flirt, if you were to connect it back to her instability. She has a bad habit of touching, that doesn't sit well with this trait of hers. Bets not let her get her hands on you.

Intelligence: She's a fairly intelligent person, though it can be clouded at times with her mental instability.
Memory: She never forgets a face once she's seen it.
Cooking: An excellent cook, seeing as she's had quite the bit of practice.
Perspective: Zyalle likes to look at things with a different vantage point, no matter what it be.
Dreaming State: Being a dreamer has its perks, seeing as you tend to add an optimistic view of things and the way that she can be oblivious of things around her.

Lethargy: Zyalle is always tired, not just because of her pregnancy but also because of a weird sleeping schedule.
Sexuality: Zyalle isn't sure of which gender she prefers best, and she feels at a disadvantage because of this. It's not a terrible thing, but it is an uncomfortable topic of discussion for her.
Outer Perspective of Self: She just doesn't like the way she looks, and is concerned for how people really see her. Having her heart broken did that to her.
Over Exertion: Zyalle is easily fatigued now, what with the extra weight and energy usage.
Father Figures: Zyalle's father left her at a young age, and she has never really been able to look at father figures the same way as she did before.
Deteriorating Mental State: The voices are getting louder, and she's not all so sure if she's seeing reality or if she's still dreaming sometimes.


Interrupted Sleep
Thunder Storms
Loud Areas


message 47: by sucre'd fiend (new)

sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 69 comments {Part Dwa}

[the mind is a terrible thing to waste]


{the following history is narrated in the fashion of an interview}

[sanity doesn't always look sane]

"Tell me about your life." ; "Where do I start?"

Twins are said to be rare in the Nawok family.

The only twins ever heard of died in World War I when Russians went through Poland. Since then, there hasn't been any. Twins are weird. They start out as one embryo, and become two separate organisms like it's nothing. That is quite the crazy happening, if you ask me. The small cell, that one life, splits apart and becomes two lives in the course of several months. Sometimes, there are instances when you have twins one morning, and the next you don't. Doctors know the cause, but most mothers are too surprised and worried to want to know what did it. So, the mothers are spared the horrifying details, unless they ask or they already know. Some can feel it, feel that something isn't right. What do they feel, and how does one suddenly not have twins?

One eats the other.

It's not to say that the fetus will grow a mouth specifically for the purpose of eating the other fetus, but it happens. Sometimes, it's more of an absorption that an actual eating. The other fetus melds back with the first, and viola, no more twins. The literal eating, it happens less frequently than the absorption. The rarity of this is exponentially high, so it's usually the twin that remains is usually studied for behavioral inconsistencies.

That could be why they wanted to study me.

I ate my twin when I was only four months old in my mother's womb. Had I not done so, maybe things would be different for me. It wasn't like my parents didn't still love me, they just felt a certain way towards me. My father, especially. I can't explain it, and I really don't feel like it.

[two heads are better than one]

"How you are you mentally?" ; "...That was a joke, right?"

Have you ever had the feeling that you're not alone, but you really are?

I've had the feeling every day for as long as I can remember. It started out small, like I had an imaginary friend or something, you know, like most kids do. I didn't think anything of it until the voices actually started, when they weren't as friendly as I thought before.

The first time I truly heard them was during a birthday party. It was my seventh, or rather, our seventh. At first it was just the usual one, but it sounded different. One tiny, insignificant voice. I originally thought that it might have been an adult. You know, one of those pedophiles that talk to kids in a voice they think is comforting. When I looked up to confirm my suspicions, I didn't see anyone.

I searched the crowd, still thinking that someone was talking to me, when they started saying things that made me uncomfortable. Not the sexual kind of uncomfortable, but the kind that makes you sorta scared to sleep at night. Like the kind of stuff my parents would shield me away from if they let me watch a horror movie with them. And to make things worse, the voice got louder. It was screaming at me to go and do those things that I'd only ever been able to hear with my eyes closed.

I was seven and I was scared, so I did the only thing that seemed logical: I screamed.

I drew enough attention with screaming until I was blue in the face that silence dropped over the party. Only then did the voice stop. My parents called everything off immediately and sent everyone packing. They clled the police, only to be frustrated by my "I 'unno"s for every single question. A dead end to the case I'd opened up.

When the officers left, my parents sat me down to ask what had really happened. I figured that they guessed I was scared by the officers. So, I told them the truth, what I'd heard. They didn't loos surprised, but more so disgusted and sympathetic at the same time. Like they knew something like this would happen. I didn't tell them about the weird images, though. I didn't really want them to have a worse reaction than what they were having then.

So, they sent me off to the church every day after school to speak with the priest under the pretense of hearing angels. After a bit, it got annoying, and I asked to see a therapist.

[a house divided falls]

"How was your home life afterwards?" ; "Well, I'm lacking in the father figure department."

My father left us six months after I'd been sent to the priest. Yeah, not so awesome, but it was life. I don't think it was the fault of my mother, but maybe it was mine. I mean, I was a little kid and I thought that I had done something to have my father stop loving my mother, and find love with someone else. And she wasn't even that pretty, the woman he left us for. I think he just gave up on me, because he was weak.

I believe that's mostly why he left. He left because he couldn't handle a daughter that spoke to celestial beings. Or that he just didn't love me. Even after he left, he made an attempt to pay attention to me, or make me feel loved. He didn't do a very good job, but I guess he tried. He sent my gifts up until I was fifteen, the last being a doll when I was twelve. I didn't even want dolls, ever.

But, my mother had their last child together. It was a baby boy. She had entered her third trimester when I was turning eight, and I'd heard stories about babies born early. I remembered being scared that the baby and I would share the same birth day, the day I'd kept as my own for eight whole years. I wasn't ready to give up the attention like an eight year old wouldn't be able to. I didn't have to worry for long, because it never happened.

My father didn't bother to show up to Ezekiel's birth, or any of his birthdays. My mother told me to just let it be, saying that God was just testing us and that he would be back soon. She pushed herself hard those first couple months after Ezekiel was born. She was so optimistic, and I think that's what kept her from leaving us, too.

But my father never came back.

I think my mother gave up when she met his girlfriend. Calling just to check in like she always did, she was answered by the woman. The confrontation that ensued was one sided, my mother trying to calm her down with soft murmuring. The woman ended up coming to our house. My mother could have done a number on the woman, had she not been so depressed.

And I blamed the voices, and myself, for everything.

[all that glitters is not gold]

"Relationships lately?" ; "Does the evidence not show?"

Looking back, I should've known better.

A very mentally unstable person like me thought that I could be in love. I met Leonardo a little after I turned fifteen. I decided that I needed to put myself out there and went out to shut the town down. I was so set on going no where, because I didn't have a clue where to go first, that I walked into him.

I never forgot Leo's face after speaking with him for hours on end in a little café. It was nice, and felt like it was the perfect setting. I fell fast for this guy I knew close to nothing about, determined to learn everything there was about him. I went home that night with another date planned.

Half a year passed with me in the illusion of love. Over the course of those six months, I'd come to terms with my sexuality for a bit. I'd never known which was better, and I still don't. I thought then that it was time to pass on the v-card, and Leo was the right guy. I was so drunk with this façade of love, and I ended up how I am now.

When Leo found out, he tried to get me to go through with an abortion. I said no. I had thought that the baby was a sign form God, that we should raise the baby together because we were meant to be together. He didn't hesitate to leave me. He told me that he wanted to do nothing with the two of us, and I told him that if he changed his mind I'd strangle him.

[responsibility matures the immature]

So, that's my story in a nutshell. I'm going through with this pregnancy, having this baby, and keeping it.


Marissa Claire Nawok
Zyalle's mother. The woman is currently sixty-six years of age, and has retired from work. She has developed Alzheimer's, and is being cared for by her children.
Charles Joshai Nawok
Zyalle's father. The man died of a heart attack when Zyalle was fifteen, but she is unaware of the fact. He had not kept contact with her since he left the family.
Ezekiel Moses Nawok
Zyalle's brother. The young man is eight years her junior, and is currently fifteen years of age. He is still attending school and is helping to care for his ailing mother.

The Unborn Child
As Zyalle is currently in her third trimester, the baby should be coming at any time. She decided to wait for the babe's gender at its birth, and has yet to decide on a name for either gender it might be. The father of the child is no longer in their lives.


None as of now, but could be subject to change

Leonardo Marcelle
The father of Zyalle's child. He left her within the first week after she'd announced her pregnancy, and when she'd refused to go through with an abortion. She, ever since, has felt a certain murderous way about him.


None as of now, but could be subject to change


How would one sum Zyalle up in a few words?

She's a nice girl, but the growing instability of her life could do a number on her.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 69 comments So, I now have three characters left :/

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Julia  (juliavdc) | 382 comments Mod
Approved. ;)

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Thanks! So.. do i just jump in the amazon or??

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