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Nicholas Sparks' books are all really similar?
Rachael Dewhurst Rachael Jun 09, 2013 02:37PM
By this, what I mean is that they all seem to follow the same formula that, for me, made reading more of his books (I've read The last song, Dear John, Letter in a bottle and The notebook)more like a chore. The story lines began to seem mundane and uninteresting because I found them to be so predictable. Has anyone else found this? They all appear to follow the formula of struggling heroine, love, despair and not that much happiness to end.

you cannot read 2 of his books at a strech. becomes boring and predictable.

He does have two common elements, impossible love and a heart wrenching death or loss.

He's a romance writer...I doubt he'll ever stray from love and the drama that goes with it. :)

deleted member Jun 19, 2013 02:34AM   0 votes
Yes, he does follow a certain formula in a way, people fall in love, then something terrible happens, their love has to overcome it...etc. But he mostly manages to give it a twist somewhere, keeping it interesting.
But they are pretty predictable.

The only book I recently read of his is "A Walk to Remember". Which I did enjoy, but I watched it before reading the book, the plot of the book and movie were similar but the characters were kinda set differently. I've seen the other Nicholas Sparks movies though, they all seem similar to me.
I do hope I get to read his other books sometime soon to see the pattern in his writing.

His older books are very similar, all with a tragic event in them. I did noticed that his later books don't seem quite as tragic. I also found myself not being able to read more than one Nicholas sparks books back to back. Even with the similar themes and main characters I will still be a fan, an read his books!

They do follow similar formula but are so well written that its definitely worth reading.

His books do have a common theme - love, and a death during or before the story starts - but I still love most of his books.

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yes they are similair not the story lines well thoses are too of course the romance but havent you noticed the guys always have the same gentleness and always listen and always kind and stuff?

Rachael Dewhurst yes! It's not just the story lines that remain similar which i can understand due to the fact that he is a romance writer but the characters seem to b ...more
Jun 16, 2013 05:12AM

That's true and I've noticed that too but in my opinion, every book is unique I don't know why but I found myself want to read more and more when I finish one of his books. Although I want to read A Walk To Remember, I consider it because I don't know whether I should read the book or watch the movie...The thing is that Sparks writes really well but as you said it can be really predictable yet I want to read the books...

Similarity? Yes. A whole bunch of letters which the boy or girl never received -(The Notebook and The Last Song). The same Lake or some other Lake, same birds flying all over. Same sea beach or sea shore. Same white porch. And yes...Second Chances. Very encouraging and Inspiring. I'm not really sure that it happens in Real Life but it's still wishful thinking and dreaming perhaps. Nicholas Sparks always has that special magic to drift us into a magical, hopeful, dream world where there are second chances. It is sad, wonderful, and happy at the same time. It is like " Better to have loved, than never to have loved at all."

I guess it's different for everyone as different people interpret characters and story lines differently I just found that after I had read a couple that they all seemed to merge into one as I was so easily able to predict what was going to happen.

Yes, his books are familiar one way or another. But that's just his style. Nicholas is in his safe zone, he doesn't follow change. But i think that some of his books were great that you just don't notice it anymore, plus some of them weren't predictable. Anyway he's a great writer despite it all. :)

deleted member Jun 11, 2013 07:59AM   0 votes
yes.You can almost always guess what happens if you r a regular reader of his books.

Yes almost all the books follow more or less the same storyline but what interests me is his way of writing. It's very good.

I can agree with Rachael and Gretchen. But for me his books always interest me it's like a hunger pang i'll crave more of his stories and have to read his books to sate the craving. Even though the plots are similar but his characters are always unique to themselves with their own problems and background stories.

I've read the last song, the notebook and dear John and I agree with you... They are very similar and He used the same words, but for me is like he was telling me a story by his own words. If you read Spark's novels You can feel how he thinks, like if you knew him from long time ago ;)

Ps: Sorry about my english.

Lauren (last edited Aug 10, 2013 08:40AM ) Aug 10, 2013 08:39AM   0 votes
Yes, his books generally follow the same pattern. I also noticed that the settings are always the same - some fictional town in North Carolina. But if you space out his books, meaning read one and then wait a month or so before reading another one, it seems to be okay. His books are predictable, and I always know I will enjoy them. (The only one I haven't enjoyed is the Lucky One, which I read one chapter of and then threw in my "junk" pile.) I just read The Choice last month, and this one was a little different than his other books, but the outcome was very predictable. Either way, I'll still keep reading his books. I'm a sucker for the Notebook!

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