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The children of the forest?? Will we eventally see them??

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Marie where are these magical or so-called vanished creatures that Old Nan told the Stark children about that ever since the birth of the Dragons have been appearing yet we still know nothing. Where are the children of the forest? who is coldhands? what are and what do the white walkers want? What do the others want?? When is GRRM going to answer these questions??? thoughts??

Josh We've already met the children of the forest. They live underground with the three eyed crow.

Marie I haven't re-read book 5 yet, I'm still re-reading book 4. and I know we know Bran has made it there to the crow but we also still have a lot of unanswered questions about them. A lot of their history is mentioned in the first book and get little specs from the other books.

What's the relation between the children and dragons and coldhands?

Amber As Josh said, we do meet some Children of the Forest in the 5th installment when Bran reaches his destination beyond the wall. The Children of the Forest have always been there, they didn't start appearing again at the birth of Dany's dragons. They're numbers are just slowly dwindling.

If you want to know more about them you can always read the wiki.

We do not know the identity of Coldhands though many people believe he is a Stark Ancestor (thats just a theory) we only know that he is sentient unlike other wights and that he died ages ago according to the Children of the Forest.

The Others and White Walkers are actually one in the same, I believe what you are asking about are the Others and there Wights. The Wights do not "want" anything because they are controlled by The Others for all intents and purposes, with the exception of Cold Hands. However, The Others clearly have some goal, it just hasn't been made clear yet. It is assumed they oppose the god R'hllor though as Melisandre sees them as the ultimate enemy and mentions it more than once in the fifth book. My guess is that the ultimate goal of The Others would the opposite of whatever the goal of R'hllor is. Possibly to create an endless night and winter so that their species could thrive, but thats just conjecture so far.

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