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message 1: by Ibrahim Rahal (new)

Ibrahim Rahal إبراهيم رحّال (ibrahal) | 6 comments How to add my own quotes (not an author) ?

message 2: by Paula (new)

Paula (paulaan) | 7026 comments You don't unless you meet the notable person criteria

"Only enter quotes from notable people. Generally, a person is notable if they have been the subject of published secondary source material which is reliable, intellectually"

Otherwise they will be deleted

message 3: by Frenchie (new)

Frenchie | 31 comments Shame, I have some good ones too (so, I'd like to think).

''secondary source material which is reliable, intellectually'' I know it is GoodReads rules but there are some authors that I would not call reliable intellectually, especially in the Kindle self published sector. Many are good, but some others....

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