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Jillian Kleine Der Lowe is looking for women whom love Contemporary Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy to read uncorrected and unedited Advance Reader Copies of her final draft.

Seven Deadly Sins is a Contemporary Fantasy series which will be available as an ebook for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Kindle, Nook, Sony eReader and many other devices.

There will be nine novels in the series. The first trilogy is set in the present day. The second trilogy is a prequel and it is set in the past. The third trilogy is set in the near future.

Wicked is the first novel in the series.

Earth: it's the promised land for Kin, beings from the astral planes.
Some, beings of light.
Others, The Fallen, beings of unimaginable evil...

Seven Cyn is Kin and a CIA Operative. With her best friend Leon in tow, she flies to Wales in pursuit of an ancient relic, The Spear Of Destiny.

Then throw the enigmatic Luc into the mix as he and Sev discover a love that defies the stars. Yet, there is a catch...Sev has been tasked with ending his life.

Together, they uncover the location of The Spear and end up in a race against time with the survival of the whole entire Universe left hanging in the balance in a battle between good verses evil.

Has Sev finally bitten off more than she can chew?

About the author:

Jillian Kleine Der Löwe is a writer by day and (not your average) space cadet by night. She is an art enthusiast and writer whom possesses a love for all things digital. With many years of experience in advertising, design, marketing and public relations; she decided that the time had finally come for her to self-publish the novel which she had always dreamt of writing. With a steady supply of tea streaming through her veins, she enthusiastically and excitedly battles each day passionately crafting stories, one chapter at a time equipped with only her sarcasm and wit!

She lives with her husband (whom she has somehow managed to remain madly in love and enamored with after eleven years) and their mischievous albeit cute cats.

Stay Wicked!

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Venture | 7 comments sounds interesting. I would like to read it

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Jenne (hellloitslate) | 1 comments Sounds great!

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Thank you! I will e-mail you both individually!


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