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Bob & Carol Bridgestock (rcbridgestock) | 3 comments The latest of 85 5* reviews on Amazon for the 'DI Dylan' series
Price Check - Amazon Kindle = All 3 - £4.97 Caffeine Nights Publishers Books = £6.99 = Great Father's Day present!
1. White Lilies (DI Jack Dylan) Brilliant 6 June 2013
Fast ...paced and too good to put down, good plot, interesting characters, would recommend to anyone who enjoys tense plot.
2.Deadly Focus (DI Jack Dylan) 6 June 2013
I really liked this a book good story line that kept you interested I look forward to reading more from this author.
3. Consequences (DI Jack Dylan)
Yep another good police novel well written and experience from authors years on the force means that we get a good insight to duties and pressures that face our current day police folk!See More @

message 2: by Demetrius (new)

Demetrius Sherman | 40 comments very interesting. Thanks. I went to the site and will have to check things out further.

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