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Where Black Riders are said to wander and where unsuspecting horrors lurk round every corner...

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Vindicta stalked through the forest, waiting and watching for... anything really. He jumped slightly as he saw a large shadow pass by. Shaking it of he continued on his way.

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Madelaine looked around as she came through the forest. She looked at everything. It definitely was NOT the Hobbitation forest...

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Erin Elenwë wandered through the forest, her eyes darting at birds and her ears listening for any sound.

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Aragorn was out for a walk he needed some time alone with himself he suddenly heard someone coming his way drawing his sword he shouted "show yourself whoever is there"

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Erin "Rainë Mellon (peace friend) hold your sword if you be good" said Elenwë, unafraid

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he was surprised a woman was standing in front of him he quickly withdrew his sword "I apologize for my rudeness my lady"

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Erin The lady gave a small bow of her head "forgiven, lord Dùnedain, one cannot be too wary in the forests" she said with a twinkle in her eye "I sense you speak the Elven tongue, my name is Elenwë Tiri Órr"

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"yes I do speak elven tongue but a lady shouldn't be wandering here late in the night It's dangerous here" he said to her in a slight whisper

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Erin She lent forward and whispered also "true, oh sir, but why should a lady such as myself trust a man who will not give his name in such a place" she winked and stood tall, swirling her red cape around her

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"sorry again my name is Aragorn" he wanted to lie to her he was in enemies realm bt something made him trust him and he doubts that she knows him

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Erin "Aragon is not a name I know I'm afraid sir, but you and I are some distant kin. My father was of your kind, Dúnedain, I see it in you" she said, still rather unphased by the danger in her location

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"ahh than I'm afraid that you never met me" he said to her laughing a little "who was your father ? can I know?" he asked her not expecting her to answer

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Erin "Perhaps Aragorn will be a name I will hear more of in the future" she said with a small smile, he eyes smouldering. "My father? His name you will not know, he lived over 3000 years now, he came from the isle of Númenor" she said this last part in a rather dignified tone, proud of her human heritage, and yet her ears showed her definitely to be Elven.

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"oh well I'm a little too much informed about history I heard about numenor kings of past but I never knew that ancestory still exists" he said and saw her ears it seems like she is half elf to him

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Erin "They don't, except for me, princess and ruler of the lost kingdom of Gondolin" she said, giving a short bow before standing up and smirking "yet I suppose being princess of a lost city is nothing to be proud of"

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"people shouldn't lose hope you know you can establish a better and glorious kingdom if you have good persons on your side" he said and gesturing her to move it wasn't a good thing to remain in a place

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Erin "Hm yes I suppose it would be nice to gain a following perhaps. However my lord, I beseech you never to speak of my identity to anyone and if we come to be in the presence of others, address me only as Ellen" she saw Aragorn indicting they should move on, she began to walk alongside him, though not with great caution "afraid of the dark sir Aragorn?"

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"well your identity is safe with me Ellen" he said smiling to her laughingly the said "afraid and me?" he asked in a mocking voice "I'm afraid my lady that I never came across a word afraid it's just I don't wants to reveal my identity to others like you don't wants to" he spoke now in an earnest voice

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"you should call me strider" he said "in front of others" he quickly added

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Erin "Thank you my lord. Where else would you suggest we travel then? If you are so obstinate to live recklessly" she tooled at him with her large eyes, flashing her eyelids

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Erin *looked

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"I think we should move out of the jungle because my purpose was to spent some time alone but I have a company now although I don't mind interesting companies" he said not sure where to go."where were you going dear ?" he asked

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Erin "Me?" She said innocently "oh I was only wandering with the intent of finding some magic" her eyes twinkled as she said the word "a wizard perhaps"

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"ohh you looking for a wizard I see but elf really needs wizard help ?" he asked her "well I'll be honest with you I'm a descendant of numenor and heir of isuldur" he told her without a hint of fear in his voice

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Erin "This elf needs help in nothing" she said confidently, putting her hand on the 1 and half foot long sharp blade of ancient Elven steel that hung on her belt. "Wizards are interesting people and they know how to have a good time " she looked at him, her eyes twinkling with the joke. "Ahh then you are Elessar? I know your name. You should think, I, queen of a kingdom gone and you, king of a kingdom on its knees"

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laughingly he says "I fears that I'll be on my knees in front of anyone I'm too prous to do this" he said "and yeah I'm elessar Ellen"

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he watched the blade which she was carrying and said "i hopes you knows to use that my lady"

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Erin "If I were you, I would hope that I did not know how to use it half as well as I do" she said a fire revealed in her eyes

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"I'm totally scared now I think you gonna rip me apart and claim the throne" he asked with a bemusement in his eyes and points toward his elf hunting knife and a sword "I think we should give it a try wat you says ?"

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Erin She looked sweetly at his face "you wouldn't attack a poor young girl I'm sure my lord" she said "especially such a pretty one.." She stepped closer to him and gazed into his eyes

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meeting her eyes he said "poor young girl.....I won't attack but" he stopped before completing his sentence "pretty things are usually the most dangerous one won't you agree with me ?" he asked

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Erin She smirked "aha quite right my lord" she laughed, stepping away. "And now my lord I'm afraid my legs yearn to run. I have no doubt we will meet again... Strider." She sprang up and grabbed a low branch of a tree above them, before going onto to jump to another tree and then further into the canopy, her dark red cape covering her in the shadows, leaving Aragorn rather dumbstruck.

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Aragorn was silenced for a moment he didn't knows what to think of it "we wil meet soon I hope Ellenx with that he moved towards his destination

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Legolas walked into the forest. Yup, it was Mordor alright. Too familiar to be anything else. bowstring tense, arrow drawn back. He saw another figure, but as soon as his keen elf eyes saw the markings on the blade it wore, he knew who it was.
He clapped his friend on the back. "Strider," he said. "Hello my good friend."

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"what a pleasant surprise my friend" he he said he was totally surprised he wasn't expecting anyone tonight yet he met two people "no wonders looking for some adventure" he teased

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Madelaine heard voices, and stayed on the spot. They were to far away for her to hear clearly. Although, Sirius jumped out of her arms and ran towards the voices. "Sirius!" she said. She started in the direction of Sirius, but she couldn't quite see where Sirius had gone. She sighed and took her sketch book out of her backpack. She got out her copy of 'The Hobbit' and sketched the map. After she was done, she ripped the page out and studied it. She got up and headed deeper into the forests of Mordor...

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As she walked deeper into the forest, she slung her backpack off her back and pulled out a light green cloak. She held it and looked at it with awe. She had made it herself, so that she could maybe have a cloak somewhat like a dwarfs. She put it over her shoulders, and pulled the hood over her head. She wished she wasn't in the clothes that she was in. She wished she could where clothes from this land, because they seemed more normal, than shorts and a t shirt.
((btw shes supposed to look like the girl on my profile pic, and she's wearing the same cloak.))

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Sirius ran up to Legolas, and pawed at his feet. She whimpered.

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Madelaine left the forest unharmed and traveled to the Elven Kingdom. She cam back to find Legolas, and Sirius. But she had met some villagers, who were more than glad to let her borrow some clothes so that she looked 'Normal. ((Heres what shes wearing.

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"Hey doggy," Legolas said, ruffling the dog's fur. He looked up. "Hello, Madelaine," he continued, looking at her, "glad to see you've blended in. This is Aragorn, as you probably already know, a good friend of mine." he turned to the man and said, "Come on, you know I'm ALWAYS looking for adventure." he grinned. He changed the subject. "So, where are you two off to?" He put a hand on his bow stroking the wood with a fair hand lovingly. "Personally, I'm just wandering around aimlessly..."

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"ohhh yeah right you're always looking for fun" he grinned at him "pleasure to meet you Madeline" dche extended his hand "well I was roaming here and I......." he stopped before taking the name of the stranger he met he trusts him but promise is promise for him "met you" he finished

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Legolas shot Aragorn a sly glance. "You're just the same as ever."

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Holt (tnkphk) Zarnak flew overhead, then seeing Legolas, decided to bother him.

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"only when I'm in mood my dear Lego" he said patting him on his back "so where are we going ?"

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The elf prince shrugged. "Dunno. I'm just wandering around aimlessly into Mordor." He made a drunken step forwards, swinging his legs out. He turned back to Aragorn with a grin.

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Holt (tnkphk) Zarnak got bored and flew away to find more treasure.

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"A prince of such importance shouldn't wander widout any reasons you know this ?" a questioning look in his eyes "and are you drunk?"

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Legolas gave a laugh. "I guess my acting skills are improving by the day." Seeing Aragorn was serious, he said, "Of course I'm not drunk. I take extra precaution. And I do know it. I like to disobey my father, you know it. He can't do anything about it anyways, so..."

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Madelaine pulled the hood off her head, revealing thick brown ringlets. "Exactly why would he be drunk?" she asked. "And why are we in Mordor?" she asked confused.

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