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Dwarves are short, stocky little people with an obsessive love for gold and other jewels. The castle entrance is in the side of a mountain, but the rest of the palace the dwarves have made. Dwarves are brutal fighters who quite like combat. They are loyal to one another.

Here's the outline.

[<.b>First Name:<./b>] MAKE IT DWARVISH!!

[<.b>Last Name:<./b>] MAKE IT DWARVISH!!



[<.b>Personality:<./b>] Please Make it at least 5 sentences.

[<.b>Physical Appearance:<./b>]
< IMG SRC= picture link / >

Distinguished Markings (If any):

[<.b>Backstory:<./b>] Please make it at least 8 sentences


[<.b>Relationship Status:<./b>]


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Glitchieyt TTV | 1557 comments Mod
First Name: Ragnar
Last Name: Ironhammer
Titles Captain of the Guard
Age: 45

Gender: Male

Personality: Hearty, fun loving and a bit of a Glutton. He has a tendency to love Bar brawls, but as a Captain of the Guard, he never leaves his comrades behind. He grew fond of Ty, and follows him when he is in the most dire situations. Ty has dwarven blood within him, and Ragnar knows of this, another reason they get along so well."

Physical Appearance:

Hair: White
Eyes: Hazel
Weight: 150
Height: 4"4
Distinguished Markings (If any): Runed tatooes all over his back.

Backstory: Growing up in the Lonely mountain after its recapture, Ragnar grew fond of the gold there. Once, he left this behind, and began learning of the ways of the warrior, he traveled the land, taking on a horde of orcs from Moria. He grew stronger every day, and learned how to use rune magic to his advantage. Happening upon Minas Tirith, Ragnar joined the guard, and eventually was promoted to captain.
Sexuality: Straight.

Relationship Status: Single

Other: Ragnar wields Thunderfang, a weapon from the second age which was found deep below the mountain in a secret vault. Thunderfang has similar qualities to Isidlurs sword.

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[First Name:] Ovak

[Last Name:] Trollhewer
{Titles} warrior

[Age:] 28

[Gender:] male

[Personality:] Ovak is a kind and happy man. Most of the time that is if someone brings up the subject of his father he tends to get gloomy. But usually he is a cheerful dwarf. He loves the thrill of battle. As most dwarfs are he is a very loyal person. He usually acts first and thinks later.

[Physical Appearance:] IMG SRC http://digital-art-gallery.com/pictur...

Hair: red/ginger
Eyes: green
Weight: 150
Height: 4'6
Distinguished Markings (If any): scar under left eye

[Backstory:] Ovak grew up to a poor family of miners. When he was ten tragedy struck, his fathers rope tying him to the upper ground snapped and he fell to his death. Ovak knew someone was responsible for his fathers death. He is determined to find out who. If he can help other dwarfs he'll do it. But that's is usually the only thing he'll stop for besides a nice warm bed and a stomach full of ale. Whenever he is in a battle he is usually on the front lines.

[Sexuality:] straight

[Relationship Status:] single

[Other:] besides the two axes he carries he also has a pick axe that is strapped to his back.

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(Approved or not)

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Approved! Sry, I fell asleep :D

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That's okay thanks.

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ThePsychopath∞ | 163 comments {{There don't appear to be too many Dwarves. Noooo D: XD}}

Personal Information

First Name : Dakul
Second Name : Yargvenossia
Title : Honour Guard
Gender : Male
BirthPlace : The IronHills
Age : Thirty Four Years of age {34}
Sexuality : Straight
Relationship Status : Single

Personality :

Dakul is a battle hardened warrior with very little mercy on his enemy and has skill in battle. Dakul, like many Dwarves, is sometimes seen as a stubborn fool who lusts too much for combat. Unlike other Dwarves, he spent very little time mining and instead took the time he had either training with his trusted axe or guarding the mines with it. Dakul is not full of greed but does have a lust for battle. Dakul is loyal and trustworthy, but does not trust others very easily and can make it obviously clear that he does not trust, nor like, someone.

History :

Raised in the IronHills, a life of a miner was expected of him. Although he did start his life out as a miner, he soon proved himself in combat and made it his task not to be a miner, but a guard or a warrior of any kind. He quickly accomplished this goal, and rose to the rank of Guard for a Dwarven Noble. After years of work, until around the age of twenty nine {29}, he had become a recognized Dwarf to the Noble through battling beasts and even through harsh times, remained loyal to his Lord. In the same year of becoming one of the leaders of the guard, a large Orc Horde took the lands by surprise, and successfully massacred the few hundreds of Dwarves on the lands with very little resistance. By the time that Dakul and his troops won the battle, it was too late. Now, he spends his time travelling the lands with two friends of his from the old lands.

Appearance :


Hair : Long black hair
Eyes : Blue
Weight : 160lbs
Height : 4'6"
Markings : Dakul has tattoos on his back and the back of his neck, they do not appear to represent anything in particular but they are mainly random tattoos of patterns.


Dakul is extremely skilled with both axes and shields whether mounted or not, but he is usually using ponies instead of horses due to his size. He is, however, dreadful with spears and is not too skilled with bows either.

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Natalie | 23 comments I was always disappointed about how there were very few female dwarf characters. So I will make one. Plus, dwarfs are awesome.

First Name: Caltria
Last Name: Stonehelm
Age: 139
Gender: Female
Birth: T.A. 2880
Birthplace: Iron Hills
Titles: Lady of the Glittering Caves
Affiliation: People of Middle-Earth, Enemies of Sauron

Status: Married to Gimli

Husband: Gimli
Daughter: Ketmina
Brother: Thorin III Stonehelm
Father: Dáin II Ironfoot
Mother: Caldina

Personality: Caltria is a no-nonsense person. She is very stern and doesn't tolerate the foolishness of males (excessive drinking, harassing women, and so forth). She has a soft spot for women and young children of any race (dwarf, elf, hobbit, man). She does not think that women should be left behind during war and that women are just as capable of fighting as men. She is grim and doesn't commune much but she does have a passion of building, not just weapons, but other tools for battle such as catapults and cannons.

Background: Caltria was born in the Iron Hills in the year T.A 2880, 14 years after her elder brother Thorin III Stonehelm was born. As a daughter of the Lord of the Iron Hills, she was raised to be a lady of taking care of the household but also a warrior with a skill of axe wielding.

In her youth, she developed a fascination with mining and crafting of weapons and would spend her time building weapons that she thought would be useful in battle. However, this was soon discouraged by her mother, who wanted her to behave like a daughter of a lord.

At T.A. 2941 when her father went to assist Thorin Oakenshield in the Battle of the Five Armies, she was forced to stay behind with her mother in the Iron Hills at age 61. When the war was over and Dáin began to prosper as King Under the Mountan, Caltria, her mother Caldina, her brother, Thorin III, and majority of the dwarfs of the Iron Hills relocated to Erebor.

In T.A. 2989, shortly after Balin left with a company of dwarfs to reclaim Moria, Caldina fell ill and died at age 225. Caltria, her father and brother mourned at her loss and Dain kept Caltria close in fear of loosing his only daughter after the death of his wife.

In the year T.A. 3018, her father sent Glóin and his son Gimli to Elrond for the counsel concerning the One Ring. She stayed behind with her father and brother until her father had died in the year T.A. 3019 in the Battle of Dale and her brother Thorin became King Under the Mountain.

After the War of the Ring, Gimli returned to Erebor and assisted in rebuilding it after the devastation of the war. Eventually Caltria and Gimli with a colony of dwarfs went to the Glittering Caves and rebuilded the Gates of Minas Tirith with mithril and steel.

In the Glittering Caves, they were married and became the Lord and Lady of the Glittering Caves and had one daughter, Ketmina.

Images of Family
Dain II Ironfoot


Thorin III Stonehelm



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Approved! Well done :)

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Natalie | 23 comments Thank you.

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So adorable! :D

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Natalie | 23 comments Thanks. ^^

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Natalie | 23 comments Here is the original character I claimed.

Name: Gimli
Age: 140
Gender: Male
Birth: T.A. 2879
Birthplace: Blue Mountains
Titles: Elf-Friend, Lockbearer
Lord of the Glittering Caves
Affiliation: Fellowship of the Ring

Status: Married to Caltria

Wife: Caltria
Daughter: Ketmina
Father: Glóin
Mother: Herna
Uncle: Óin

Personality: (I'm not making him too goofy like the movies) Gimli is a grim character for the most part, laughing only occasionally and hardly joking. Gimli is somewhat more superstitious than the others of the fellowship, one example is when he was acting very much as if Caradhras was an actual living being.

Gimli also carries smouldering vengeance against enemies of dwarves, such as when speaking of Moria. He also is shown to have a steadfast nature to match. Example, is when he plunges heedlessly across a stagnant creek in his eagerness to get to Moria. He also has a love for food, complementing the lembas of the Elves most highly.

Background: Gimli, as the only young dwarf seen at the council of Elrond, was appointed as a member of the Fellowship of the Ring. Gimli stood more than all the others with Gandalf on the matter of passing through Moria. This may be influenced by his curiosity about the fate of his cousin Balin, who went thither to refound the ancient kingdom of the Longbeards, and also his vengeful nature. His first clash with Legolas occurred before the Doors of Durin, in a brief dispute over whose fault it was (the Elves’ or the Dwarves’) that the friendship between the two races waned. Gandalf quickly intervened, though it was not until Lothlórien that they would truly become friends.

Despite this early struggle, it is Gimli of all the company that is most remembered for his deeds in Lothlórien. For his heart softened towards Galadriel and as a result toward Elves in general when that great lady sympathized with his sorrows, using the traditional Khuzdul names. In return he attempted to compliment her, as he saw her love and understanding. Though slightly clumsy in his first attempt, he distinguished himself when, as Galadriel gave the Company gifts, he asked only for a single strand of her hair. Galadriel gave him three hairs with a blessing. Henceforth Gimli was known as "Lockbearer". He wept OPENLY at the departure from Lothlórien, calling the light more dangerous than the darkness he had feared.

By the time the Fellowship departed from Lothlórien, Gimli had become fast friends with Legolas the Elf, a result of Galadriel’s kindness. This, too, made him famous among all the Dwarves of the Third Age.

After the Breaking of the Fellowship, Gimli seemed the most shaken by Fangorn Forest while they searched for traces of Merry and Pippin. Gimli felt no reluctance to shoot the “unarmed” old man whom they thought was Saruman, unlike Aragorn and Legolas. After Gandalf was revealed to them, Gimli fell to his knees. Gandalf put his hand on Gimli’s head, and the dwarf laughed for the first time recorded during the Quest of the Ring.

Gimli participated in the Battle of Hornburg, Battle of Pelennor Fields, and the Battle of the Morannon.

After the War of the Ring, Gimli returned to Erebor and assisted in rebuilding it after the devastation of the war. Eventually Caltria and Gimli with a colony of dwarfs went to the Glittering Caves and rebuilded the Gates of Minas Tirith with mithril and steel.

In the Glittering Caves, they were married and became the Lord and Lady of the Glittering Caves and had one daughter, Ketmina. To whom he gave his unbreakable vial which contained the three hairs from Galadriel with intention of having it passed down in his bloodline.

Images of Family
Glóin & Óin

Old Glóin




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Approved! :D

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Natalie | 23 comments Awesome. Thanks. ^^

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Natalie | 23 comments Here's a female dwarf whom I noticed got little-to-no attention.

Name: Dís
Age: 259
Gender: Female
Birth: T.A. 2760
Birthplace: Lonely Mountain, Erebor
Titles: Princess of Erebor
House: Durin's Line

Status: Widowed

Husband: Víli
Sons: Fíli & Kíli
Brothers: Thorin II & Frerin
Father: Thráin II
Grandfather: Thrór

Backstory: Dís was born on the year T.A. 2760, 10 years before the dragon Smaug attacked Erebor and took over the mountain. It was during this attack that the mother of Thorin, Frerin & Dís perished in the flames of Smaug while Thráin carried Dís (only 10 years old at the time, a small child in dwarf years) when the dwarves went into exile.

In the year T.A. 2799 Dís lost her grandfather Thrór and her brother Frerin in the battle at the Eastern gates of Moria against Azog. After the victory, her people continued to travel until they settled into the Blue Mountains where she learned to be a blacksmith by Dwalin and Thorin's teachings to support her people.

It was in the Blue Mountains where she met Víli, Fíli & Kíli's father, and married him. In the year T.A. 2841 her father Thráin returned to the Lonely Mountain with one of the Seven Rings of Power only to be captured and imprisoned by Sauron. After his death in T.A.2850, her brother Thorin became King of Durin's Folk.

After years of sadness from her father's disappearance, Dís became depressed but recovered from the birth of her sons Fíli & Kíli in the years T.A. 2859 & 2864. Just days after Kíli was born, her husband went to hunt for some food in the mountains but died in an avalanche accident.

With no father for her sons, Thorin and distant cousins (such as Balin, Dwalin, Óin, and Glóin) assisted her in raising her sons with Thorin as the closest father-figure for them.

In the year T.A. 2941 when Thorin and his company were about to set out to reclaim Erebor Dís was against it and would not hear of it. She angrily protested against it and would not allow her sons to go. She did not want the last of her family, her brother and two sons, to leave on a quest that would most likely end up taking the life of her remaining family members.

After some persuasion from her sons, Dís begrudgingly gave in. As such, she gave both her sons tokens as a promise for them to return to her. After the news of their deaths she attended their funeral and had the tokens buried with them in their tombs.

As the last of her family died, Dís couldn't bear to stay in Erebor or the Blue Mountains. Saddened by too much grief, Dís spent the rest of her days traveling. Her current location is unknown and she is unaware of those who died have been brought back.

Personality: Dís is a kind-hearted dwarf but also very stern from raising her two sons as heirs of Durin's Folk. Since she spent most of her youth in exile, she harbors no love for gold or any other metals besides iron and steel for forging.

During her work as a blacksmith, she developed a love for literature and small talismans since she was never used to having personal belongings due to her traveling for most of her youth.

Having only two children, she had a soft spot for them but was also strict with them. It was the persuasion of Fíli & Kíli that allowed her to grant them her blessing of accompanying Thorin on his quest to reclaim Erebor.

After the deaths of Thorin and her sons, Dís grew a great dislike towards Gandalf due to the plan of reclaiming Erebor being his. She blames Gandalf for the death of her brother and sons and wants nothing to do with wizards. She has no opinion of Bilbo or Tauriel since she has never had contact with them.

Images of Family

Thráin II

Thorin Oakenshield


Fíli & Kíli

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Natalie | 23 comments Thanks. ^^

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ThePsychopath∞ | 163 comments Personal Information

First Name : Foldgruth
Last Name : Coldstone
Introduction : I am Foldgruth Coldstone, son of Bhigg Coldstone, brother to Baelan.
Titles : Dwarven Slaughterer {Military Rank}
Gender : Male
Age : One hundred and Forty One Years of age {141}
Birthplace : The Iron Hills
Sexuality : Straight
Relationship Status : Open

Personality :

Foldgruth is a proud and stubborn dwarf, who values honour and dignity, and shares great pride with his ancestry, hence he makes it clear he was the son of Bhigg Coldstone. Many years in the ranks of the Dwarven Slaughterers of the Iron Hills has battle hardened him, making him unsympathetic to his enemies and has changed his views of many races. Foldgruth shall never back down from a battle, and will happily swing his axe down upon an enemy at a moments notice. He's also a stubborn git, who will never back down in an argument and thus leads many fights with fellow Dwarves following him into it when he has others around him.

Appearance :

Hair : Rather long and dark with a very large beard
Eyes : He has dark blue eyes
Weight : 78Kg
Height : 4'5


History :

Foldgruth was born as the son of Bhigg Coldstone, a little known noble who was struggling slightly. A few years after Foldgruth, his younger brother Baelan was born and rapidly the two got on together and it was clear, they were to watch out for eachother. The two were brought up to be fierce warriors and to be proud of their lineage and as soon as they could, they both joined the ranks of the military of the Dwarves and were eventually transferred due to their excellent battle capability to the Dwarven Slaughterers, prestigious warriors wielding axe and shields. Eventually they both left, seeking adventures of their own away from the military. They both got separated over time and Foldgruth spends a great amount of time searching for him.

Notable Family Members

Father : Bhigg Coldstone
Brother : Baelan Coldstone {Someone can make him if you wish}

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ThePsychopath∞ | 163 comments Merci!

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ThePsychopath∞ | 163 comments I've not decided to use this character yet, someone else can have it if they wish, just let me know first please!

Personal Information

First Name : Baelan
Last Name : Coldstone
Introduction : Baelan. Baelan Coldstone. Son of Bhigg
Titles : Dwarven Slaughterer {Military Rank}
Gender : Male
Age : One hundred and thirty four Years of age {134}
Birthplace : The Iron Hills
Sexuality : Straight
Relationship Status : Open

Personality :

Baelan is much like his older brother, Foldgruth Coldstone, in the fact that he is also stubborn, proud and a ferocious fighter much like many other Dwarves. He shares many similar traits, however it is arguable that his brother has more sympathy for Baelan and if not for him, Baelan would have chosen a different path of life, one that lead to much darker tidings in the long run. Baelan is stubborn and proud, he will never back down in an argument and often ends up in fights that he would not win, but he has his brother around to fight alongside him and therefore they've been able to drag themselves through many scraps with other Dwarves and common races. Baelan also has a hatred for Elves with their silly trees, and the two brothers often mock them and their traditions.

Appearance :

Hair : Slightly shorter than Foldgruth's but still pretty long hair
Eyes : Like his brother, he has dark blue eyes
Weight : 74Kg
Height : 4'4

{{This but with darker hair, much like his brothers, the armour is also pretty much identical to his brothers.}}

History :

Obviously, Baelan was born to Bhigg Coldstone, shortly after his older brother Foldgruth. Bhigg was a terribly proud and stubborn minor Dwarven Noble and therefore taught them from a young age to be proud of their ancestry and how fearsome their ancestry had been in battle. The bond between Baelan and his brother was great, and both looked towards reclaiming what their father before them had begun to lose, their family's fame and nobility. For this reason both brothers went into the military, and doing their family proud they got transferred to the Dwarven Slaughterers, a unit feared in battle and swung axes with the most dangerous of foes. After a long time, they both left the Slaughterers in order to seek fame and fortune other ways, and after many years of travelling they both got separated not too long ago, and both search for each other.

Notable Family Members

Father : Bhigg Coldstone
Brother : Foldgruth Coldstone

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Approved! Wonderful detail!

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ThePsychopath∞ | 163 comments Thank you ^_^

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Not at all.

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ThePsychopath∞ | 163 comments Too bad I have nothing to do with them :P xD

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Huh? :O

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Hmm, um... Well, I could make more characters, but I have loads of school.

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