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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) This old bridge is probably not safe to cross but shifters do it anyway. It has to be repaired often do to high river water and storms.

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Antonia (adf7793) ((Should we bring then in after the prank or before?))

Legion pulled her car right up to the old bridge and put it in park. She glanced over at Cady a cheeky smile on her face, she couldn't wait! It was going to be crazy, the poor shifters wouldn't even know what hit them, so t speak. "Are you ready for this? Your arm doesn't hurt does it?" Legion asked slightly worried, she didn't want Cady to push herself too much. She had a tendency to overreact to injuries and things of the sort. It made her a good First Enchantress though, her Coven was important to her. She sighed when she realized she was being motherly again, flashing Cady a sheepish grin.

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((We'll skip to the part where they've finished the prank and about to go:))

Cadence wrapped her recently-tattooed arm around Gi's neck to prove the point. "It's okay, now let's go do this," She grinned, and held up the little plastic bottle of permanent super-strength dye. They had chosen a bright green, to let them know that they are aliens to them. Caden chuckled at the thought, and turned to Legion, pushing a few strands of hair from her face. Gi had always been there to help, even if she had gotten really hurt. Cadence recalled when she was still in training for the lead battle caster position, and had literally snapped her wrist in half. "Let's go!" She grinned, a gleam in her eyes that turned her iris' a strange shade of golden-brown.

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Antonia (adf7793) ((Okay, sounds good to me!))

Legion was running so fast, Cadence was right on her heels, with the amount that they were giggling she was surprised that they hadn't gotten caught. It was too easy for them! They had gotten to the shifters' pack house in record time, and pulled off the prank without a hitch. Green. They were all going to be green, which was fitting seeing as they had a tendency to hulk out at times. "I can't believe that actually worked, I seriously thought that one shifter almost caught us!" Her face was flushed with amusement, and she was gasping for air, they were almost home free as Legions car was only another five minutes away.

Spencer wearily walked onto Shifter territory, it was an odd feeling for him...perhaps because he was a werewolf. The tension he felt was practically visible in the air around him, he glanced around for the shifter Beta Broden. Spencer and Broden went way back, they had been friends for years, which was strange because Broden didn't seem the type for friends. Only acquaintances, he chuckled as he thought about how he and his lion shifting friend had met. Broden saved his life, literally, a group of rogues had cornered Spencer. If Broden hadn't stumbled upon them...he shuttered at the thought. After strolling five feet into their lands, the devil himself had appeared, "Hey Brody, long time no see!" He grinned at the sight of his friend.

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Cadence almost doubled over from how much she was laughing, but kept running alongside her best friend. "Oh my gosh, if it's this easy to get in and out of their territory, I'm surprised by how we haven't overcome them yet," Cadence chuckled, wiping a non-existent tear from under her eye dramatically. She had a bit of an uneasy feeling, but immediately dismissed it as fading nerves. They were only a few miles from the border, what could go wrong? She kept up with Legion quite easily, as all those years of training had finally paid off.

Broden looked up from the ground, the scent he caught disappearing from mind as he saw his other friend. He only really had two, Madden and Spencer. He and Spencer went way back, having history on their side more than anything. "Spence? What are you doing here?" He chuckled and brought him into that man-shake thing that most guys greeted each other by clasping his hand in one and using the other to pat Spencer's back roughly. He heard a few crunching leaves, his head whipping to the side. Someone or something was inside the borders that wasn't welcome. He gave Spencer a pointed look- they had been in many situations like this before, being excellent battling partners when paired with each other.

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Antonia (adf7793) Legion glanced to the side, distaste clearly written on her face, it was common knowledge that she didn't like weres or shifters, "You're right, it is shocking..." She mused to herself, "This route will be useful if we ever need to plan a surprise attack." She winked over at Cady, though she was only half joking. She slowed down to a walk, something was nudging at the back of her mind...like a warning. She brushed it away, her and Cady could handle anything, or anyone together. Though their families were in charge of the Coven through their lineage, both of the girls had earned their ranks through hard work.

Spencer grinned, and slapped Broden back on his back, though not as hard...Broden was too strong for his own good. He winced slightly as his friend backed away, he was sure to have a bruise there later, so it was a good thing that their kind healed fast. "Lucas...I mean Alpha Lucas," Spencer corrected himself real fast, it was hard to remember to call his cousin by his proper title, "Um, asked...me to help you patrol your boards today. He wasn't pleased with the sudden breaches that you've had..." Spencer rubbed the back of his head as he explained the purpose of his visit. He saw the irritation in his friends eyes, but before Broden got the chance to respond his head jerked to the side. Spencer heard it too and he was instantly on high alert, he simply nodded at Broden and followed him closely as they went to check it out. They ran into a clearing, two girls were laughing and joking around, clearly proud of something. He sniffed the air...humans...no, they were Casters. He let out a low growl, only his friend would have been able to hear it.

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Cadence nodded in agreement, but immediately heard something. She swallowed, touching Gi's shoulder to cease their joking. "Gi, I heard something," She warned, wariness written all over her face. Red strands of hair blew into her face, and Caden realized how easy it would be for a wandering shifter or werewolf to catch their scents. She blinked a few times, making sure that her best friend knew their situation. Sure, they had trained for them but never encountered a real life one. She scanned their surroundings, seeing nothing but still tense.

When Broden and Spencer had reached the edge of the clearing, he raised an eyebrow at the two girl casters. They must be absolute idiots to be here, especially dancing around like that where their scent would be easy to pick up. Spencer let out a small growl, but the red-headed girl heard him and alerted her friend, who Brody recognized but couldn't put his finger on. He tapped Spence and gestured for them to split so that they could stop them from escaping the clearing. Though they were slower than werewolves and shifters, their powers outweighed any physical abilities.

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Antonia (adf7793) Legion's eyes flashed from a light violet to a dark amethyst, she had completely entered battle mode. She discreetly passed her keys to Cady, it was an unspoken order, if worst came to worst she was supposed to leave without her. Under Lynx, Legion was the most powerful caster their Coven had ever had, and Cadence was a close third. But, Legion had been preparing for situations like this her whole life, and she would stay to hold the shifters off while her best friend got to safety. That was her job as First Enchantress, and she took it very seriously. She gave the signal for Cady to run, she assumed it was only one shifter, that was how it had been thus far. In that it was better for them to split up, is would be harder to chase both of them. Legion planned to draw the shifter to her to give Cady a chance to get to the car before she headed that way.

Spencer wanted to kick himself for letting the girl, hear him, he had been to caught up in his rage. How dare they come onto another species lands, it was forbidden, everyone knew that. He took off in the direction of the red head, she was the one that had heard him, and for some reason he just felt drawn to her. Much to his dismay. She was fast, he would give her that, but he was faster, and right now he was just toying with her. Allowing her to feel like she was home free before he "caught" her. He noticed that she was heading to the old bridge, and took a shortcut to head her off. He arrived a few moments before her, standing between her and the car he assumed she was trying to get to. "It's illegal to trespass, you know." He smirked, his words holding a double meaning, informing her of the treaty infraction.

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Cadence knew an order, though she was certainly not going to leave her best friend behind. She took off with the keys clutched in her hands, putting every ounce of speed she had into that sprint. She could hear someone on her tail and she groaned. Of course they had to come running after her. Caden wasn't planning to drive away- she would help defeat the bastard chasing her then wait for Legion to finish up her business. Her fiery hair was streaking out behind her, flying around her face. Suddenly something stopped in front of her, and Cadence skidded to a halt. She couldn't help but think that the shifter before her was not bad looking, but she would never admit that. "So is murdering someone," she snarled, flashbacks of her mothers crashed car coming to mind. Cadence noticed that they were right near the bridge, which happened to have a little stream running under it. Deciding it was enough, she gathered the water and rose it out of the ditch, solidifying the form to make icy daggers. "I would advise moving out of my way before I make you go through a human sized paper shredder." She tried to say menacingly, it coming out more as a squeak.

Broden watched Spencer sprint after the redhead, and he glanced back at the other one. Obviously she was of higher rank if she was so willing to protect her coven member. He put on a stoic expression, and walked out of the shadows. The girl was standing her ground, so he had no reason to run. "Why the hell would you enter pack grounds, without permission. I hope you know this could mean death for you." He growled, but something in his gut told him to take it easy on her. He ignored it and kept moving closer, his movement like that of a lion ironically. He came to a stop a couple of yards from her, his beta face on. That's what Madden called it anyway. He crossed his arms over his chest, waiting for the girl to respond.

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Antonia (adf7793) Spencer narrowed his eyes, he didn't take to kindly to threats, even if they were given by beautiful girls, like the one in front of him. Especially like the one in front of him. He didn't understand her obvious distaste for him, it was if she hated him, and he couldn't image why. That that thought his wolf starting whimpering...whimpering! What in the world was happening here? His wolf was usually emotionless in most things, except in battle Spencer's wolf enjoyed fighting, more than Spencer himself. He stared at the icy spikes wearily, he was sure he avoid some of them, but not all of them. Which was something they both knew, but he had no intentions of letting her escape both Broden and Lucas would have his hide. So he stood his ground as well, taking a few steps closer to her...testing her. "Let's not do anything...hasty here, Icy." He held his hands up, as if to show that he didn't want to hurt her. Because, strangely, he didn't.

When Cadence took off behind her, she sighed in relief, that was until she heard the sound of someone pursuing her best friend. She knew she shouldn't worry, Cady was more than capable of defending herself. But she was going to hurry, regardless. Legion watched the shifter approach her as if he was a lion stalking a lone zebra, her eyes swirling dark by the minute. Her position was relaxed, she wasn't going to let him think that she was intimidated by him. At his words she chuckled, it was a highly amused tone, he could try...but he would fail. Right now she held the advantage, as her species were ranged in nature and she was in the perfect position. "If I feared death I wouldn't be here, Simba." She closed her eyes for a moment, astral projecting herself behind him, "Besides, it will be harder than you think." Both of her forms smirked at him, and inside Legion was jumping for joy. She had never actually been able keep both of her forms conscious at the same time before.

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Strangely enough, Cadence couldn't hurt him, even if she wanted to. Which funnily, she didn't. Even though he was a werewolf, the cause of her mother's death. Warily, Caden let the icicles reform back into water and drop into the ditch, pushing her red hair back. She gulped as he took a few hesitant steps and she put her hands out. "Watch yourself wolf boy. Too close and I'll bite," she said stonily, trying to hide her emotions. Like usual, she failed miserable, her distaste and curiosity showing on the surface. The guy in front of her was strangely alluring, but Cadence tried to push the thought away. The last thing she needed was falling for a mutt. Her eyes darted behind him, fixing on the car before settling back on his clear ones. Keeping one eye on wolf boy, Cadence tied her hair into a messy ponytail to keep it out of her face.

"Caster, I am telling you once more, come willingly or we will make you. You'll be paying a nice visit to the Alpha." He spoke stonily, his gaze, locking on the original form he had seen. If Broden was anything, he wasn't an idiot. This must be one of the Caster twins, the most powerful casters seen in centuries. He didn't know much about them except they were of rich heritage. He formed halfway, claws sticking out of his knuckles(view spoiler) and eyes forming slits. He took a few more steps closer to the girl, really studying her. He had to admit, she was beautiful, her dark violet eyes resembling an amethyst, and her dark locks falling down her back in a messy fashion. He watched her closely for any signs of movement that will indicate her next move. He was a very skilled fighter, better than most and he had been known for his excelled speed and agility.

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Antonia (adf7793) Spencer let out a breath that he didn't even know that he had been holding when she laid down her arms...so to speak. He chuckled as she called him wolf boy, it was impressive that she had deduced that he was a werewolf since he was on shifter lands. "So I'm going to assume that all the perimeter breaches here lately have been you and your friend? Why would you want to come on shifter territory...that's not the smartest choice you could have made." His words weren't full of malice nor were they condescending, Spencer was merely curious. She seemed like an intelligent girl, why she would risk her life to come here was something he wanted to know. Though he wasn't quite sure why he wanted to know. If he were being truthful with himself, which he wasn't, he would admit that she was getting to him. In the sense that he wanted to let her get away...not from him just out of the danger she was in here. He took a few steps towards her, driven by the sudden urge to touch her. He hoped she wouldn't make a run for it, for some reason the thought of that hurt him.

Legion smirked at him, "I have a name you know...it's not Caster, Simba." She watched as he started to partially shift...that was okay, two could play at that game. Legion wasn't sure why, but she didn't want to harm him...albeit she disliked his species and that of his ally's with a passion. Which wasn't surprising considering what had nearly happened at the hands of one to her beloved twin, Lynx. Sighing she decided to go on the defensive, rather than her first choice which had been, obviously, offensive. Who knew pulling a prank would end up in a stalemate with...well a male as attractive as him. Which he was...incredibly so. The image of her in front of him blew away like dust in the wind, the one behind him swirled matching the the surroundings. She was virtually invisible, a perk of being able to control multiple element was that she could combined them. "Why don't we call this a truce, you willingly allow me to leave, or I'll make you." She repeated his words, they sounded all around him, giving him no clue to her current location. She studied him as she waited for his answer, feeling more and more drawn to him...much to her horror.

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"You can assume that my friend and I have things sorted, and we can go as soon as she finishes up business." Cadence retorted, her sarcastic side showing. It was a sort of defense mechanism for her, to ward off people when they became too close. She cracked her knuckles, a bad habit she had developed over the years. Her golden coloured eyes watched his curiously, and an unexplainable urge to touch him made her shiver slightly. Caden tried to hide it by moving closer to the guy until they were an inch apart. She looked up into his eyes, trying to look intimidating but failing mostly. She sighed as he still didn't move, and used the back of her hand to push him out of the way so she could get to the car. Mostly, it was just an excuse to satisfy the strange urges she had gotten before, and Cadence froze when she felt the dreaded tingles.

Broden tilted his head, hearing her breathing and the shuffle of her feet expertly. Invisibility isn't everything. He walked up to the spot where he had locked down on her location and stood about a metre away. "Tell me your name and I may consider that option." He relented, surprised at his words. Broden most definitely wasn't the forgiving type, but something was telling him to forgive her for any wrong-doings. He licked his chapped lips and retracted his claws as a sign of peace. If she cooperated, so would he. Brody crossed his arms over his chest and resumed a stoic position, waiting for the caster to show herself so they could discuss the issues she and her friend had created. He felt an unexplainable urge to brush the flyaway piece of hair on the girl's forehead, but resisted it. What was coming over him?

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Antonia (adf7793) Spencer ground his teeth when she snapped at him, he was only curious. He couldn't explain why but he wanted to know everything there was to know about this mysterious beauty in front of him. His glacier azure orbs peered down at her, she was ensnaring him with her golden honey gaze. Spencer found that he was having a hard time breathing as if she were literally taking his very breath away. How was that even possible? That a girl...a Caster of all species seemed to have such an affect upon him? It baffled him. He smiled at her as she tried to intimidate him...it wasn't working, though it morphed into a frown as she tried to push past him. He didn't want her to leave. Her hand brushed his chest and sparks shot throughout his body. His eyes grew dark, instantly he wrapped his arms securely around her waist, "Mine..." He had no intentions of letting her go now. Not now, not ever, she was his mate.

Legion was impressed, he had managed to find her fairly quick...damn enhanced shifter hearing. He must be a high ranking shifter, she thought to herself, a regular patroller wouldn't have found her. She was about to push him back with a blast of air, to allow her some time to get away, but paused at his words. She ran her teeth along her lower lip, contemplating her next move...he seemed truthful...enough. It was a plus that he put away his talons. So she revealed herself to him, her darkened violet eyes unintentionally lightening to their normal hue. "Legion..." She told him her name as wind blew her curly mahogany locks around her. She felt a strand of hair on her face, and tucked it behind her ear. She cocked her head to the side, wondering why he was looking a her the way that he was...like she was important to him. She scowled herself at that thought, there was no way...none. She was seeing things.

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In that moment, a torrent of emotions cascaded through Caden's mind. Completion, at the thought of finding her mate. Despair, as to the fact she had been paired with the one man she could never be with. And finally, complete confusion. She had never, never seen this situation coming and she was unprepared, her jaw hanging open. Her heart felt full, and for the first time since her mother had been driven off the road and driven a hole through Cadence's heart. She looked up into his blue eyes, transfixed by their depth. Everywhere he touched her had a pleasurable tingle that slowly faded to comfortable warmth, making her never want to leave his arms. But reality called, and Cadence knew what she had to do. Gently, she pushed on his chest so they were separated, immediately missing his warmth. "I-I'm so sorry, but we can't be together." Cadence stammered, her whole body trembling. A tear slipped down her face as her heart became ripped in half all over again. She felt like she was going to collapse,and her knees were shaking under her body.

Broden raised his eyebrows in pleasurable surprise when Legion revealed herself. It was a sign of trust, and strangely, it pleased him more than he should. The caster told him her name clearly, and a dawn of realization spread across his face. "Legion Balthasar. I have heard many things about you." He stated, watching her facial movements. He noticed her eyes had returned to a lighter shade of violet, which must be a good sign. His lion was scratching at the surface, begging to be let out for some unknown reason and Broden pushed it down, annoyed at his loss of self control. "Broden Vickers, beta shifter." He greeted her, a slight tilt of his lips the only sign of civility. His eyes flashed a darker hue as his lion rose to the surface again, and Broden started getting confused. Why was he acting this way, around a caster more so?

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Antonia (adf7793) Spencer could feel the rush of emotions flooding through his mate, all of which he could tell weren't positive ones. He frowned, he had a feeling that this wasn't going to turn out like he had planned. His fears were confirmed when his beautiful mate looked him in the eyes, they were filled with horror, sorrow, and pity...he felt his heart fall into his stomach. He was so stunned that when she pushed away he allowed her to, not tightening his grip around her like he should have. "I-I'm so sorry, but we can't be together." With those words, Spencer's whole world collapsed around him, leaving him hollow inside. He near seen this coming, sure having a Spell Caster as a mate wasn't ideal since he was a werewolf and all. But she was his mate...his wolf howled in pain from within, and Spencer just stared at her, his face full of despair. He couldn't lose his mate, not after only just finding her...

Legion saw the surprised look on the shifters face, but brushed it off, though it made her smile slightly. As he said her name out loud with the addition that he had heard about her, she laughed softly, "Good things, I hope?" Strangely she actually hoped that it was good things, as if the thought of him thinking badly of her in anyway could potentially be...heartbreaking. Broden Vickers, she had heard of him as well, he was one of the strongest shifters his species had ever had...under their alpha of course. She also noted that he was a lion shifter which she could see was close to the surface, however she broke out into a fit of giggles. She tried to contain them to no avail, winding up gasping for air as she clutched at her aching sides. "I-I'm..so..sorry. I, I just think it's funny that-- I called you Simba, not knowing that you were actually a lion." Legion finally managed to explain why she was laughing, maybe it wasn't as funny as she thought, but it was funny to her.

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Cadence felt a few more tears slip down her face at the look of utter despair on her mate's face. She wanted him, she truly did... but they couldn't be together. She couldn't let down her mother by betraying her coven, not to mention that is was they who took care of her when Katia had died. Caden would have rathered rip every strand of hair from her head than hurt her mate, but it couldn't be helped. This is what she did to people. Swallowing, she tried to explain her case. "I'm sorry, I j-just... you don't know what position I'm in," She cried, and pressed her enclosed fists against her forehead. Inside of her was a raging battle that was slowly killing her, especially with Spencer's distraught expression.

Broden nodded a little, recalling some of the things he had heard. "Your actions today certainly didn't reflect what they told me." He confirmed, raising an eyebrow as Legion burst into a fit of giggles. It was attractive, yes, but completely unexpected. She barely got out her words, clutching her stomach in laughter. "Well, I am." He said unflinchingly, though a little tilt of his lips signified his amusement at Gi's outburst. She was a peculiar one, yet strangely appealing. He shook his head, mentally scolding himself. What the hell was he doing, casually conversing with a Caster on his lands? Shaking himself out of the temporary lapse in judgment, he raised a hand to stop Legions fading giggles. "Let's get to the point; why are you here and what did you do to the pack's property?" His voice resumed it's original tone, unrelenting and firm.

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Antonia (adf7793) Spencer hated to see his mate's tears, but he couldn't bring himself to comfort her. Not when he knew that it would only hurt her more, he couldn't...he wouldn't do that to her. No matter what he, himself, was feeling. His decision was only re-enforced when she told him her teary explanation, she was right, he didn't know what sort of position that she was in. Spencer didn't care what Lucas would say when...if he found out that this gorgeous red haired caster was his mate. Pack law stated that when a werewolf or shifter found their mate, regardless of species, their bond was sanctioned. Spencer didn't know if it was the same for Casters and Vampires, but judging from her reaction the answer was no. He knew then that he just had to suck it up, he wouldn't force his mate to chose between him and her Coven. His face was solemn, as was his voice, "I understand...if...if you wish to reject me, then I will accept." Spencer choked the painful words out, he would do anything to make her happy. Even if that meant letting her go, which was something he knew he would never truly recover from.

When Broden placed his hand in the air, she stilled, taking a step backwards. Not in fear, or because he had intimidated her, but because she needed distance from the alluring lion. Legion pulled herself together, what was wrong with her? Laughing and joking around with a damn shifter of all people, she was truly losing it. Though the way that he had almost smiled, lifted her spirits, more than it should have in fact. Why should she care? It's not like she was attracted to him or anything...okay, she'd admit that was a lie. Much to her dismay she was highly attracted to the shifter Beta. Legion could see that their...well whatever moment they had just had was over as his game face came back on. She sighed, it was too bad, shockingly she had enjoyed their little interlude. Legion shrugged her shoulders in response to his tone, her violet eyes sparkling with mischief, "You'll find out eventually. Don't worry no one will be injured...well besides their prides, anyways."

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In that moment, a fleet of options flew through her head. She bit her lip hesitantly, wiping away the last of her tears. "I know what I'm about to say is selfish of me but... I can't reject you. I'll... I'll figure something out." She murmured, looking at her feet. It was true- she couldn't reject him, not because of his saddening looks but because of her own stupid, selfish emotions. She needed him, and she would find a way for them to be together... hopefully. Embarrassed by her decision to put them on hold, she ran around him to the car, unlocked it and jumped inside. Cadence knew she had been self-centered to even consider not rejecting him and getting it over with, but she knew she would probably fall into depression again from the pain. She was a coward, and she knew it. Caden gripped the steering wheel, her forehead banging into the horn, making a long, harsh blazing sound.

"This isn't a game Balthasar." He stated firmly, a dark tone underlying his words. As much as he was attracted to the caster, he needed to know the details. He wouldn't admit it, but pride was very important to a werewolf and shifter, and wouldn't be tolerated by any members of the pack. A riot would be after the casters and vampires, sending them into a civil war. He gritted his teeth when a loud blaring noise filled the forest. He lifted an eyebrow at Legion, in a questioning manner. He tried to refrain from staring into her eyes, as they drew his mind to places where he shouldn't go, or even consider thinking about. The blaring sound was probably a signal for Legion to leave, but strangely he didn't want her to go. He swallowed down the emotion, giving her a pointed look. His lion was still scratching at the surface, and Broden was having a hard time pushing him down.

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Antonia (adf7793) Spencer's lips formed a tight grim line as she told him he wasn't going to reject him. His emotions were mixed, he was glad that she hadn't but he was slightly annoyed at the fact that she was practically stringing him along. But more so he was hurt, which he hated to admit, this Caster held his heart in her hand...and she didn't even know it. He knew he wouldn't be able to handle wanting her and not knowing for sure if she wanted him or not. His wolf wasn't conflicted at all however, he was jumping for joy that his wolf hadn't completed denied their bond. Werewolves who didn't complete the mating bond became weak, and eventually lost their wolf. That's the reason why pack law was so lenient when it came to mates, despite of their race. He watched as she rushed around him, as much as he wanted to stop her, he didn't. Lucas and Broden would understand...hopefully. He couldn't take his mate to Lucas, his cousin was harsh when it came to punishments. He would never allow his mate to be hurt on his watch, and Lucas would just have to accept that. Spencer flinched as she blared the horn and gave her one last fleeting look before heading back to the clearing where he had left Broden.

Legion grinned at him, teasing him was going to be fun...he was much too stern, "Isn't it though? You know you should really lighten up...wouldn't want to hulk out, now would you?" She laughed softly at her and Cady's private joke...well it was private for now anyways. She knew their prank wasn't enough to start a war, the shifters had done much worse to the Coven's lands. So Legion and Cady felt it was time to give them a little payback, she wasn't going to allow the strange feelings that this shifter made her feel distract her from their goal. She found herself staring at him, her heart began racing, and her stomach felt like it was being attacked by butterflies...as if she were nervous. Like the way she felt back in middle school when she had her first crush. That was not possible...she couldn't have a crush on this...this stuffy shifter! The rebounded sound of a horn brought her back...Cadence, Legion had nearly forgotten the fact that the other shifter ran after her. She stepped passed Broden, heading to her car and her best friend. Part of Legion hoped that Broden would stop her, which made her scowled herself.

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Cadence saw the fleeting glance Spencer offered her and she sighed. He probably would reject her in time, but she would be prepared... hopefully. She saw Legion approaching the vehicle, giving Spencer a wide berth of space between them. Caden gave Gi a small smile through the window and gulped when she entered the car. She knew Legion would always stand by her, but she knew the Balthasar's hatred for werewolves and shifters ran far deeper than her own. She gave Gi a sad look before raking a hand through her bright hair. "Gi... I found my mate," Her voice ended shakily, her knuckles white from their extreme grip on the steering wheel.

Broden's eyes followed the beautiful caster as she made her way back to her friend, but he let her go. Today she was lucky, but any more pranks and either Maddox or Lucas would be brought in. He noticed a warring expression on Spencer's face and walked up next to him, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Spence? What's wrong?" He asked, watching Legion make her escape with her friend. He had to admit, the two were very brave to even consider stepping on shifter lands. Not to mention stupid. He returned his eyes to his friend hastily, worried. Spencer was normally focused and strong in these situations, but he seemed utterly torn.

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Antonia (adf7793) Legion strolled passed the...werewolf, the one that had followed Cady was a damn werewolf? Her eyes darkened, she readied herself to fight him if she had to, the only thing that stopped her was the devastated look on his face. She shot her gaze to the car, her best friend seemed okay...just upset? Legion frowned why would Cady be upset? The sky turned a stormy gray, and the wind picked up around the Caster and the Werewolf. "If you hurt her in anyway, I will kill you." Her tone was strong, laced with acid and full of promise.

Spencer just glanced at her before walking away, "I would never hurt her..." His voice was so low she could barely hear it, she didn't like what they implied however.

Calming down enough to brush pass him, Legion rushed to her car to get to Cady catching her smile as she got in. Legion opened her mouth to ask Cadence if she was okay, only for Cady's words to stop her before she even got it out. Her jaw opened and closed in a rapid session as Legion processed what her best friend had just told her. "Mate?" She was dumbfounded, it was rare for werewolves and shifters to find their mates, but in Casters it was practically impossible. Her eyes shifted back and forth between light and dark hues, and the car shook around them as the sky crackled with thunder. Legion was battling her personal hatred for the beasts, for Cady's sake. She sighed, gaining control of her temporarily out of control powers, and grasped Cadence's hand gently in hers, "If you want to be with him...we'll think of something."

Spencer was shocked by the look on longing on Brody's face...was it over the other Caster female? He was actually surprised that his friend even let her go in the first place, Broden took his job as Beta very seriously, just like his older brother Dagger did. Spencer felt Broden place his hand on his shoulder and looked up at him, as his friend was a few inches taller than him. "She's my mate...and she doesn't want me..." Those were the only words that he could say, and he didn't know how Broden would take them. As about as well as Lucas or Dagger would he assumed, probably how he would if their roles were reversed. He rubbed the back of his neck, his eyes rested wearily on Broden, waiting for him to say something...anything to distract him from the dull ache in his chest.

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Cadence nodded, a single tear slipping down her cheek. She quickly brushed it away, and gave her best friend a quick hug. Caden hadn't been sure of Gi's original reaction, but was glad she was allowing her the opportunity for a happy future. Or as happy as it could get. Cadence reversed out of their little parking spot and drove away from the boys- and her mate. The scar of her mother's death had just been reopened by today's events, but she tried to focus on the driveway to get her head off the despair on Spencer's face that kept coming to the front of her brain. She had a death grip on the steering wheel, and it felt like with every inch she got further away from him, the harder it was to breath.

Broden watched the two pull out and drive away, wrapping his thoughts around Spencer's words. It was rare to find your mate of the same species, but it was near impossible to be with the other. Broden's eyes flickered back to Spence's, an understanding look on his face. "Spence, it's rare enough to find your mate as it is. My word of advice is don't let her get away," He finished, clapping him on the back gently. The distraught expression on Spencer's face had been heartbreaking, even for someone as stoic as Broden. He turned to face the way Spence was, eyes on the truck that sped down the driveway and away from them, which felt wrong on so many levels. Shaking the thought from his head, Brody nudged Spencer to let him no that he was heading back to the pack house. It was up to Spence, he could come or not, Broden didn't mind either way.

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