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People who seek justice and an end to militarism feel like they are laboring in relative obscurity, organizing seemingly unnoticed actions, but at some point a wave of mass resistance arises.

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Alicja (darkwingduckie7) | 228 comments You know you've lost total control of your country (because you were a power hungry idiot or religious nut or both) when...

Prime Minister Erdogan called tweeting “a menace” and people were arrested for tweeting.

The government’s response has been brutal with 1,700 injured and 1,900 arrested, but it has led to larger revolts.

Good for the people of Turkey (and all the others fighting, too)!

message 3: by Robert (new)

Robert Zwilling It seems like the unrest that succeeds in achieving critical mass in countries erupts into violence which does not go away. The Arab spring is turning into a cold fall.

It is not surprising that Turkey exploded the way it did, it has been violently suppressing the Kurdish population which is one of the largest populations without a country for a long time. Having that much unrestrained forced inequality is liable to blow a gasket somewhere as the politically enforced hate is copied towards other unintended goals.

Under Saddam Hussein Iraq tried to move them off the face of the Earth and is still giving them a hard time.

In the west there is a growing tendency to create laws that harshly punish ordinary folk for insulting corporations and other state backed organizations reminiscent of religious blasphemy laws.

Protecting the US has become protecting the US corporate interests and the cops have become the government spying on the entire population as they seek to keep the wheels of business running smoothly with little regard to those crushed below it's wheels.

The spying accomplished via the internet mixes our buying and social habits with our supposed anarchist tendencies providing reports that are less informative than ordinary yahoo news articles.

Private individuals throwing an occasional monkey wrench into the frayed social fabric which hides the corporate abused crumbling infrastructure masquerading as business as usual only serves to muddy the waters of consciousness.

The shenanigans to artificially boost non sustainable profits of the western corporations copied by the newly minted Asian efforts playing catch up results in increased gunfire to settle any kind of argument in areas where there is little infrastructure and violence and politics are one and the same.

There are several problems using gunfire to settle arguments. It is a lit fuse burning back to the source. It is hard to stop using because at first it seems to work so well. If global change has taught us anything it is that we are a global village now and gunfire on one side of town will appear on the other side of town eventually. The railroad tracks only mark the dividing line they do not stop anything from crossing them.

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