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Susie Barnes Susie Jun 08, 2013 08:15PM
Just finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larssen. I loved the writing and the story but not the horrible violent scenes. I'm not judging but after I read it I was glad I had but not sure I wanted to read the other two. Are they as gory as the first? If so, I'll wait a little while before I open The Girl Who Played with Fire.

Any comments?

I read it a while ago but irrc they're as gory as the first.

The series is amazing. In my opinion you should deffinetley read all books. They cover a wide-spectrum of plots, not just murder, and the details, even if some may find them missleading, are actually amazing. I got sucked by the other two quite well. As to the graphic rape scenes, the first book is the most graphic one!

It's been a while since I read this series, but I think they are all equally gory. After reading the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I also felt like I needed a break from the violence. I found the lightest fluffiest book on my shelf and read that next. The Girl Who Played with Fire kind of ends on a cliffhanger (or in the middle of the action), so I didn't have the same need to decompress before starting the 3rd book.

They all contain violence and there's nothing wrong there. The first and third books concentrate more on Lisbeth, The second spends more time talking about outside characters.

I didn't consider it horribly violent, but I knew it was a crime/murder mystery, it seemed pretty typical of the genre.

I enjoyed Dragon Tattoo the most, Played With Fire second and Hornet's Nest last, I actually didn't finish the last in the trilogy, just didn't find it as compelling.

If I were you, I would not read the next two books. They are virtually completely unrelated to the first book so there is really no need to read them. They still have quite a few gory scenes without the rich plot that the first book had.

I found that they were also quite tedious as there were many parties investigating the same things repeatedly which coupled with Larsson's overly meticulous detail proved tedious and detracted from the story line.

The third book left much to be desired, especially with the ending, but I suppose that if you like very open ended endings, the ending could suit you. The book was also quite centered around Lisbeth's trial and Swedish politics both of which I found quite dry except for the bit where Teleborian gets what is coming to him.

Mare (last edited Jun 19, 2013 11:26AM ) Jun 19, 2013 11:25AM   0 votes
First, I loved this series. Second, I have nothing against graphic violence in a context that makes sense. Third, yes, the others are both violent, although, to me, nothing quite as nasty as the rape scenes in the first. The good news about the second and third novels is that they didn't take me as long to get into as the first. It took me around 100 pages to get to the "gotta" Dragon Tattoo.

When you already read the first book, surely you dont want to missed the second and third..:)

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Jun 14, 2013 05:58AM
Ema salander's description in the book really match her in the movie. i was amazed. :-) yeah right, the trilogy is a page turner and keeps you pin down to ...more
Jun 21, 2013 12:35PM

I didn't found the book overly gory/graphic or scary at all.

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