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Right- time to create your character! Be creative and have fun, but please follow the rules! When I approve your character, you will be put onto the Student Roster where you will be randomly Sorted. If you are strongly against your House I might change it, but remember that your House doesn't make you who you are! Please don't Role-Play until you are approved and on the Roster.

So, lets meet the students! Please include all of this information in a "profile" in a post below.

*Age and Year (for example, 13- 3rd year)
*Physical Description
*Pets (optional)
*Patronus (optional)
*Relationships (optional)

Note on Relationships: your "relationships" must be with another student enrolled here. These students must agree to be your friend/girlfriend/boyfriend/sibling or at least have Role-Played with you once before.

Have fun!

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Ok, as an example (and because I need a character) I will start off with mine:

Name: Elana Seraphine Maldray
Age: 14 (4th year)
Physical Description: Elana has long, curly, red-blonde hair, grey eyes and a freckled face. She is small for her age, petite and slim, with a rosy smile that will charm the most hard-hearted of people. Elana wears her school uniform usually, but on Hogsmeade trips she wears her favourite cardigan over a flowery dress. She loves soft, pretty clothes.
Personality: Elana is clever and brave; she gets high grades in Charms and Arithmancy, only struggling in Herbology. She is a good friend, but can be hot-tempered. You don't want to be at the receiving end of one of her jinxes!
History: Elana magic was discovered when she turned three and jinxed her father's beard into growing twelve feet long. Her parents were thrilled when a Ministry wizard came to tell them Elana had been accepted at Hogwarts, and have been proud of her ever since. Despite her kind personality, Elana has few friends, and tries her best to make new ones when she can. Elana is a Muggle-born, hence the reason some students dislike her. She makes money to spend at Hogsmeade each year by making magical cosmetics.
Pets: Elana has a pet brown owl called Serena. Serena is generally good-tempered but has a bad habit of chewing the edges of Elana's letters.
Wand: Elana's wand is rosewood with a phoenix feather core. She polishes it monthly, but it has a few scratches on the handle. Elana keeps it behind her ear for safe-keeping.
Patronus: Elana's Patronus is a dove.
Relationships: ...

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And, um, I guess I'll accept this profile!

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Name: Cassie Knight
Age and year: 15-5th year
Physical description: 5'4, shoulder length, shiny black hair, one green eye, one blue eye (couldn't resist), slim, but muscled.
Personality: easy-going, nice, likeable, but not great at making friends. She's very fun and loves to have a good time. She is slow to anger and always tries to be a peacemaker. She is very forgetful, and is late to many classes. She is bright, but tends to struggle in non-practical magic but excels in Transfiguration. Favorite subjects are Transfiguration and Defense against the Dark Arts.
History: Pureblood. Comes from a whole family of Slytherins, never quite fit in. Has parents, siblings, crazy uncle, strict aunt, the whole lot, and all set on her being a Slytherin. Her parents particularly drive her insane. *recently her cousin and closest family member died, which crushed her, but she's determined not to let anything get her down.
No pets
Wand: Length: 10 3/4 in
Wood: Vine
Core: Unicorn hair
Flexibility: Slightly Yielding
Patronus: Phoenix
Relationships: Best friends with Lilli Shannon(3rd year Ravenclaw)

*Her hero has always been Albus Dumbledore. She's dreamed of one day becoming Hogwarts headmistress, but first hopes to teach Transfiguration.

Heh. That was fun.

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*Name John Jackal
*Age and Year (for example, 13- 3rd year) 15-5th year
*Physical Description he has short close cropped blonde hair piercing blue eyes and is a lean muscled man
*Personality he is easy going, and relaxed. Usually the person who gives great advice, he is the person who comforts you no matter what.
*History he comes from a long line of Slytherin on his fathers side and a short line of ravenclaws on his mothers side his mom was forgiving his dad was strict and snappy
*Pets (optional) has a cat named stela
*Wand 11 1/2 inches rigid
*Wood Australian Blackwood
*Core unicorn
*Patronus (optional) jackal
*Relationships (optional) open

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This is good, John- approved!

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You are on the Student Roster, along with me and Ally! You are free to start RP with anyone you like! Don't forget to add suggestions if you want anything!

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Ana you want to rp with me.

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Ok John- meet me at the new Discussion topic to decide who and where!

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments Name: Melania Flitwick
Age and Year: 15- 5th Year
Physical Description: Tall, curvy, long brown hair, lean face with high cheek bones, long legs and a gentle smile
Personality: Humorous (sarcastic when you get to know her), sweet, generous and not very social when you first meet her
History: Her background on her fathers side come from Griffindor, but on her mothers side they are Slytherin. Her mothers side is very moody and quick tempered, while her fathers side is mellow and care-free.
Pets: Three cats, Siamese- Elmer, Manx- Louis, Tabby- Earl
Wand: 9 inches, core is Veela hair, Aldridge wood
Patronus: Cottontail Bunny
Relationship: Dating John Jackal

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Ok, while you're not meant to have HP characters like Potter and Black (or Flitwick), I can make an exception! Accepted!

message 15: by Melania (new)

Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments Thank you! Happy to be a part of it all!

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Ok, I will add another character to add interest-

Name: Artemis Piper Jones
Age: 14 (4th year)
Physical Description: Artemis is of an average height, with a mass of white-blonde curls and green eyes. When not in her school uniform Artemis likes to wear coats and boots, preferring to blend in rather than stand out. She has a bright, pretty face with delicate features, with a quick smile.
Personality: Artemis is a shy girl, but is never afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She struggles to make friends, but is a kind and loyal friend. Artemis does very well in all her subjects, and is considered by many the smartest in her year. She is clever, and enjoys Charms and Care of Magical Creatures the most.
History: Artemis is a half-blood- her mother was a witch and her father a Muggle. Her mother Reagan works at the Ministry; her father Elias is a baker specializing in donuts. Artemis was trained to become a witch since a baby. Her mother has a high status and there is a lot of pressure for Artemis to do well at school. Artemis dreams of joining the duelling club, and has decided that this year she will join.
Wand: 12 inches; pine; specializes in charm casting; unicorn hair.
Pets: A chocolate brown owl called Epiphany
Patronus: Falcon

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Elise (elisemae) | 1453 comments Name: Lena Coldwater
Age: 16- 6th year
Physical description: Lena is medium height, with long raven black hair that flows like a wave down to her shoulders. She has green eyes with a few freckles on her oval face.
Personality: Sweet, kind, selfless, outgoing, loyal, courageous and stubborn. She wouldn't hurt anything. She cares very deeply for her family and friends. People find her very trustworthy and always come to her for advice.
History: Her father is from Gryffindor, who is very strong headed and sarcastic. Her mother is very intelligent, who is in Ravenclaw. She is in Gryffindor. Her best subject is Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms.
Pets: She has a cat named Mae
Wand: Nine and a half inches. Phoenix feather with pine.
Patronus: cat
Relationship: free

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Elise (elisemae) | 1453 comments I put that i was in gryffindor, just ignore that. I didn't know you sorted us into our houses.

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Meagan | 32 comments Name: Rose Hathaway
Age: 15, 5th Year
Physical Description: Rose is 5'7" with tan skin and a very fit physique. She has natural long, dark brown hair with big waves. She has blue/purple eyes with a round face and full lips. She is a curvy girl with hips and a bust, and a thin waist cut slightly with muscle. When dressed up for a special occasion, she is stunning and envied by many. However, she would prefer to wear pants and a t-shirt or any other more practical/comfortable outfit.
Personality: Rose is a spitfire. She is very feisty and does not enjoy following the rules and expectations. She gets into trouble due to her lack of discipline and acceptance for authority. However, she is very nice to everyone and a fun person to be around, everyone likes having her in class or to hang around with. She is very good at getting herself and friends into trouble! She is extremely successful when it comes to anything athletic or physical. She is extremely bright in defense against the dark arts, but does not have the patience for lecture classes or anything. She hates dressing up, even when she has to, and is a strong girl who would rather fight with the boys then gossip with the girls. She is also a quidditch seeker.
History: She never knew her father, but did know that he was a wizard. Her mother is a very well known and successful Auror that has big expectation for Rose. Rose feels as though she can never live up to them and is always letting her mum down. She does not have a great relationship with her mother, but knows that she is there for her. Her mother was in Gryffindor and she is unsure what house her father belonged to. Rose has one best friend, among many good friends, that she considers closer than a sister, however, her best friend does not attend Hogwarts. Rose is an only child and very independent.
Pets: Rose has an all black cat named Jethro, who is never far behind her, and always there when Rose needs to talk to someone!
Wand wood: Willow
Wand core: Dragon heartstring
Patronus: Wolf
Relationship: free

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Rose and Lena- you are both accepted! Welcome to Hogwarts!

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Elise (elisemae) | 1453 comments Thank you, im excited!

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You can start wherever you like!

message 24: by Elise (new)

Elise (elisemae) | 1453 comments Okay

message 25: by [deleted user] (new)

Wow, awesome! Approved, Meiyu! Approved!

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You're free to do whatever you like!

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Have you checked the Roster, Mey Mey? I Sort the characters randomly into the Roster!

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Luna Belle Pris (lajoqb) | 7 comments Name: Oliby Paisley Thorne
Age: 11 (First Year)
Physical Description: Long red hair down to her knees. Pale skin, rosy cheeks, chestnut brown eyes, long curly eyelashes. Skinny, but uncommonly strong. On the tall side. She usually has an unkempt appearance and looks like she needs a bath, because she spends most of her time climbing and playing in the dirt with her animals. She wears braids and long torn dresses her mother had made, when not wearing her school robes.
Personality: Extremely smart and has a natural talent with animals. Though she is shy she also has a wild side. She loves animals and her ambition is to become an animagus. She breaks any rule she does not like. For example, she brought her Jack Russell Terrier, Pris, to school though not on the list of pets allowed.
History: Oliby comes from an entire family of animagi who live in the woods in a cabin that is bigger than it appears. She is halfblood, but there maybe nonhuman blood to somewhere down her line.
Pets: Many, but really friends
wand: Unicorn hair, willow, 10 inches, firm
Patronus: fox

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Rachel (rjscottie) Okay,
Name: Autumn Winters (XD Wait a minute...Autumn winters?XD Mayhaps I should make her middle name June? XD)
Age: 14 4th year
Physical appearance: Short curly blonde hair. bright green eye's freckles.
Personality: Autumn is VERY mischievous She loves to play pranks on her friends. However, She's very loyal, kind, and willing to stand up for what she thinks is right. Her best subjects are Charms, and Transfiguration.
History: She's a Half Blood her mum is a witch her dad a muggle.
Pets: She has a pet cat (Elvendork) and a Pygmy Puff (Molly Kate) she switches between them during the year.
Wand: It's wood is Laurel, eleven and a halve inches , with a dragon heart string core
Patronus: Her patronus is not corpeal. (Yet, when it is it'll most likely be a horse.)
Relationship: Well since she's only 14 she mot definitely does not want a boyfriend. However I am looking for someone to be her best friend? (Pretty please?)

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Elise (elisemae) | 1453 comments I will be your best friend. If thats okay with you and Anastasia

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Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall (taelianaofthewind) Name: Genevieve Claire Eaglestone

Age/Year: Twelve, second year

Physical Description: Hazel eyes that turn amber in the sun. Curly red hair to shoulderblades,normally left loose. Tall, light brown skin and eight freckles on her cheeks, slightly stout.

Personality: Cheerful and enterprising, curious, intelligent and eager for knowledge. Is not afraid of heights. Adventurous

History: Half-Blood, found to have magic when she was exploring in a forest with her cousins and was attacked by a wolf, the shocked Genevieve spun a lattice of sparks between the wolf, her friends and she, thus frightening it off.
Her cousins have since moved on to Beauxbatons but Eaglestone was sent to Hogwarts and would not have it any other way.

Pets: A ferret named Percivra Tarjou

Wand: Ten inches, rowan branch, and swan feather core, springy.

Patronus: Lynx but in light of her experience it is barely corporeal.

Relationships: Is definitely not with anyone, is friends with Artemis, Autumn, and Bree( let me know if you mind, guys)

Anastasia, do you mind if she's best friends with Elana or Artemis? (Not to exclude other friends of course!)

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments I am not put in a house. Where do I go to find out which house I am in?

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

((You go too student roster))

message 35: by Melania (new)

Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments Thanks! :)

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Rachel (rjscottie) Elise wrote: "I will be your best friend. If thats okay with you and Anastasia"

Okie! Anastasia?

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Laura, Rachel and Ro- your characters have been approved! Well done! And yes, make friends with who-ever you like!

Aayushi and Sakshi- well done, but please edit your work to have proper grammar and to explain your characters in detail! When you do this I will accept your characters!

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Elise (elisemae) | 1453 comments So Rachel you are my best friend?

message 39: by Elise (new)

Elise (elisemae) | 1453 comments I put on the relationship page that we are best friends, is that okay with you?

message 40: by [deleted user] (new)

Sakshi, you are approved! Good effort editing!

message 41: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (rjscottie) Elise wrote: "I put on the relationship page that we are best friends, is that okay with you?"

Yup! I can't wait to get started! WARNING My sister and I are homeschooled and I'm out but she's still in school so i might not be able to come on a lot.

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Rachel- omg! I'm homeschooled too! So are MY sisters!

message 43: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (rjscottie) Anastasia Inkyfingers - Rider of Thestrals wrote: "Rachel- omg! I'm homeschooled too! So are MY sisters!"


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*squees hysterically*

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Luna Belle Pris (lajoqb) | 7 comments Anastasia Inkyfingers - Rider of Thestrals wrote: "Laura, Rachel and Ro- your characters have been approved! Well done! And yes, make friends with who-ever you like!

Aayushi and Sakshi- well done, but please edit your work to have proper grammar..."

Why thank you Ms. Inkyfingers :)) Great site!

message 46: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (rjscottie) :B another Homeschooling friend on goodreads!

message 47: by [deleted user] (new)


...wait. You have another homeschooled friend here too? It's not Ro by any chance, is it?

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall (taelianaofthewind) Nope.
Yeah I just saw that earlier, so many fellow homeschoolers! It's awesome isn't it? :)

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Yeah, it is! So cool. Who is your other homeschooled friend, Ro?

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Aayushi wrote: "i think sakshi can be my best friend??"

Yes, A, just once you are approved you can write this on the Relationships post.

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