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Are you confused about how to use this group? Want to know where to start, to get into the action as soon as possible? Want to Role-Play but don't know how? Here is a summary of how to get around and set up.

-First of all, you need a character! Go to Character Sign-Up to create a character. There are a few requirements you can read about there. Have fun creating a character! If you are new, try keeping to just one character. When you are used to the group you can create another if you like. Try not to make too many though- it can be hard to keep track!

-If you want to Role-Play, you can either go to a "place" topic and just start, OR send a message to another member asking if they want to Role-Play with your character! It's lots of fun to interact with other Hogwarts students. To Role-Play, simply write a post from your character's point of view, starting their adventures in Hogwarts! You can go to Hogsmeade, classes, explore the castle and more. Try to write using good grammar and spelling!

-If you have any questions or suggestions as to how to improve Potterheads Unite, please post on the appropriate topic in the right section. Your advice and feedback is appreciated!

-Try not to post having your character in too many places at once- this can become confusing.

-Most of all, of course- have fun! Make friends, post whenever you like! This is a place to explore Hogwarts as if you are really there. If you like you can "discover" secret passages or rooms- it's all up to you!

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Rachel (rjscottie) Okie

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Lanni  Marie Mey Mey!!!!!! Oh, and i understand.

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Hi Meiyuuuu! Thanks for joining- this'll be so much fun!

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Lanni  Marie I saw this on that one thing, Last one to post wins. I was like yay! Somebody made this thing!

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Lanni  Marie :P

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Elise (elisemae) | 1453 comments :D

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments Thats a good one, Mey Mey!

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments 8-D

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Melania  (melaniaflitwick) | 4337 comments :^$

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Rachel (rjscottie) <(:lD> DUMBLEDORE!!!!

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X |
X |

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Elise (elisemae) | 1453 comments :?)

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Rachel wrote: " DUMBLEDORE!!!!"

Aaaaah! So CUTE!

(:F) Voldemort!

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(>: ( ) VOLDEMORT.

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Ooh! Angry Voldy! Me likes it muchly.

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Yes. Very good indeed.

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Ana you want to rp with judas.

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Yup! Artemis will meet Judas at Charms in 3...2...1...


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low (lows) | 6230 comments Thank you!

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Jayler Dixon | 1 comments Awesome

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Hani | 29 comments Hi! =D

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall (taelianaofthewind) Hello Haniyah, welcome to Potterheads!
Feel free to mosey on over to the Character Sign-up and create a charrie for yourself.
Have fun!

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Hello. I am Trisscar but call me Triss, or Scar or whatever nicknames you can think up of. I enjoy hearing or rather reading them. Please note that a few are taken and here are the ones you can't use unless you want a few members mad at you. Tri-scar, Triss priss, Riss, or Racs. Otherwise, knock yourself out.

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall (taelianaofthewind) Hey Triss! nice to see we have another member, welcome to Potterheads Unite Trissca(?) and hope you mosey over and create a character in the sign-up.

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Trissca I like it. =) Yeah I'm creating a character I'm just trying to hink of an original name. I like those kind of names, like Hermione is a name you don't hear everyday or Ginny etc. ((I'm not using any names from HP))

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Which do you like the most? Jasmine, Crystal, Silver, Mist, Flora, Stella?

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall (taelianaofthewind) :) I'm glad. Ikr? I write outside of RP so I had some ready made names that I just transferred but then without something to go off of....eh. I would suggest Shakespeare since unless my sources fool me that is where, for example, Hermione is from ;) Good luck!

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Shakepear might have good names...hmm GOOGLE HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall (taelianaofthewind) Triss * ~You Don't Find Happiness, It Finds You ~* wrote: "Which do you like the most? Jasmine, Crystal, Silver, Mist, Flora, Stella?"

Jasmine!!!!!!!!!!!! and Stella but that's alittle close to another charrie Stollea...and Crystal is already a characters!
And Mist is good.....well all of them are but my favs are: Jasmine and Mist ;D

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Thanks. I couldn't dicide. Jasmine it is.

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall (taelianaofthewind) Mm kay! looking forward to the profile Trissaca!

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NOOOOOO my character profile didn;t save!!!! *Sobs*

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall (taelianaofthewind) Crap. When you make something really long then copy and paste it before sending it okay?
*facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* I'm so, so sorry Trissca!

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Yeah. It took me forever and its ok. It wasn't your fault. It's a good thing that my google is open because I was lookinga t a few pitcures to help me get inspired.

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall (taelianaofthewind) Okay, that still sucks though and hope you try to make it again.

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I am. SO how old is your charrie?

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall (taelianaofthewind) Good! and the ages for all of my characters are 12, 13, 14, 14 and fifteen

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Ahh. Jasmine is 12 and 2nd year.

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall (taelianaofthewind) Oh! cool, and remember you can have more then one characters but try to wait till you've learned the ropes before making more :)

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yeah thats what I usually do in groups.

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall (taelianaofthewind) Mm, kay I only joined another one today so I don't really know,
Gtg and good luck Triss!

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Thanks and bye!

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