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So How Was The Sequel?

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S.R. Wemyss Was the sequel as good as the first? Honestly, I think they were equal, but I had a more emotional reaction to the first. Luckily, though, I thought it was a great sequel, which many sequals are not. Thoughts?

Sarah Younan (sarahsongbird3) | 1 comments AMAZING!!!!!
I was absolutely blown. there was twists and turns everywhere. i had my attention on every single chapter!!!
i loved how neal made every character soo likeable, repeatable, and understandable. I used "understandable" because think about it..... Starkey, total d-bag, but he has a reason and motivation for what he does, and you can understand it. Neal S has yet again graced me with his fantastic writing skills. cant wait for the third book.

S.R. Wemyss I know! Some characters you can't help but love and hate at the same time! Awesome, awesome writing. <3

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