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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) 2050.

New York has changed over the years. It now has a new police force that has taken over the city, called THORN. They roam the city on there motorcycles, killing all who threaten the city. But now there’s no one left who dares break the law – and the THORN’s are becoming bored.
The whole city must sacrifice six people every Sunday night to the THORN’s, and you are one of them. But you don’t want to die, so instead you fight them along with the other captures. And win. Now you are on the run from the most dangerous force around.
But THORN haven’t just taken over New York...
Welcome to the new America.


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jenny (sungkew) There it is. There is where I am going to die. Lucy sucked in a breath, her eyes taking in the brightly lit stage in the center of old Time Square. Fear and loathing crawled at her gut as she was pushed along by the THORN behind her. Hands bound by a black device similar to handcuffs, she had no way of not moving but she still tried to struggle, not accepting the fact that she'd be dead in only a matter of minutes. Don't go down without a fight. Lucy's mother had told her when the THORNs had come to their home, Be strong, Luce. And Lucy would do just that. She wasn't going to die tonight.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Ace pressed the noise of her rifle towards the girl in front of her. She was falling behind. “Move,” she said, her visor altering her voice. It sounded inhuman, almost robotic. It was like static managing to speak words. They marched towards the stage, and one by one all six THORN’s and sacrifices climbed up the stairs and lined up on the stage.
It was just another Sunday night – and like the other six THORN officers, Ace was ready to kill. It was just how she was bread to do. She missed the god-like feeling of taking someone’s life. She itched to pull her trigger, to take the life of her sacrifice. But she couldn’t – at least, not yet.

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Waverly stood on the platform, feeling indignant, even though on the inside she was shivering all over. But Waverly didn't let those feelings come on the outside.

"Let 'em hang!" one THORN member hollered from the audience, and the rest of them cheered on. The rest of the city remained silent. The citizens of the country, big and small, were forced to watch the killings.

I need a plan, she thought to herself. She glanced around as the ropes came down. All of a sudden, Waverly noticed a loose plank below her. A twinkle formed in her eye as she formulated a plan.

The drums of the THORN members started slowly, and began to go faster and faster. If the other five wimp out, this plan won't work. Worth a shot. I'm gonna die anyways.

Too quickly for Waverly to process, we were pushed into the ropes, and just as they were hung, she banged her foot against the loose floorboard, and it popped into her hand. She took the floorboard, cut off her rope, and quickly rushed to sever the five others.

"Run!" Waverly cried as she motioned towards the ajar door.

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jenny (sungkew) As they were led onto the platform, Lucy had started to hyperventilate. It had hit her that they really were going to die. This wasn't a dream, there was no escape, no waking up; they were going to die. She had stood, the noose falling around her neck, and tightening so that she couldn't get as much as a swallow down her throat. Sweat trickled down her throat as her life began to flash before her eyes. She saw her mother tucking her into bed, singing her a lullaby; her brother crying and her holding him in her arms; her first friend; the bus ride to the first day of school; all the important things in her life were gone. She really was at the end.

People - people she didn't even know - screamed at them to die. Some drew lines across their throats morbidly. Others though - kids from school, parents of the kids from school, and just some random onlookers - looked at them sadly, as though they were truly sorry. Flashing a smile, Lucy decided now would be as good a time as ever to be brave. But then the time had come for them to hang and she shut her eyes. She listened for the sound of death.

But then... it didn't come. Another sound did: the sawing of rope. Her eyes burst open as the rope loosened and came free. The thought hit her just as the girl's voice did: run. And she did. But first, she did a very ladylike thing: She flipped off the cameras. Then she fled off the stage and into the crowd of people, hoping to disappear.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Ace had taken her eye off the sacrifices for a moment – just one moment. She had just tightened the noose around the girl’s neck, backed away and her eyes darted to something. She didn’t even know what she was looking at.
But in that moment, one sacrifice had snapped all the ropes and now they all ran like the scared little mice they were. As soon as they jumped off the stage and into the crowed she let out a command. “KILL THEM!” her robotic voice roared. She aimed her gun at one of them, but missed by inches and shot a man right in the chest. Blood splattered everywhere as the man fell. “KILL THEM!”

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jenny (sungkew) As the roar of a THORN sounded behind her, Lucy ducked to the left. Good thing she had since a gun went off seconds later, the bullet flying just to the right of her. She let out a scream as the man next to her fell, his blood splattering onto her face. It was disturbing, she thought in that single moment, to have a stranger's blood on her face. She didn't dwell long on this thought because in the next moment, her feet were racing through the crowd, her hands pushing people out of the way. A few tried to stop her - some tried to grasp her arm or her hair - but she kept running, not allowing herself to get caught. Another gun went off but she didn't even glance at the woman who had been shot, she just willed herself to keep going. Keep running! Lucy thought, Don't stop! She was fast (star of the track team, actually), she could do this. She could get away.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Ace had aimed again, but the girl dodged at the last moment and a woman got in the way. The bullet had soared and went straight between her eyes. She fell to her side with her eyes still staring blankly at something no one living could see.
Ace let out another roar, and leaped off the stage. Civilians threw themselves out of her way, scared of getting killed. Those who didn’t move fast enough were pushed viciously out of her way. She raced towards her parked motorcycle, that was leaning against a wall. She screamed at the other THORN’s, “Get them, dead or alive!”
With that, she kick stared her motorcycle to life and zoomed off towards the running girl.

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Waverly just ran, not sure where her feet would take her. But she didn't care. She wanted to get as far away from the people, the stadium, the gun shots, as possible.
Waverly could see a girl a couple of meters behind her. If she wanted to survive, they had to stick together. Live together, die alone, she thought to herself. That's what one of her favorite characters of LOST, Jack Shepard, would say.
"Hey!" Waverly hollered, so the girl could hear her. "Over here!"

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jenny (sungkew) The sound of a motorcycle roared in Lucy's ears. She dared not look back in fear of seeing something dreadful so she kept her eyes trained ahead, looking for any possible way to disappear. She had to find somewhere to hide. Suddenly, the girl's voice reached her over the crowd. She threw herself forward, willing her feet to go faster, and caught up with the girl, "Do you have a plan?" She asked, her voice slightly shaking.

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"I always have a plan." Waverly smiled at the girl. "When I say GO, you go right."

The girl stuttered. Going right would mean going straight towards THORN. "You have to trust me on this. My plan will work. Just make sure you meet me at the lake."

A couple yards ahead of them, a refreshing lake stood between them.

"Do you trust me?"

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Ace’s motorcycle raced towards them. As it did, her eyes narrowed with determination. A smile played on her lips. She now saw two girls running with no way to escape, and no chance of survival.
Already she could imagine there useless cries and pleas. Ace would force them to their knees. They’d beg for her mercy, for her compassion. But she’d just soak it all in as she’d load her gun. And when they literally can’t speak with fear, Ace would point her gun to their heads and pull the trigger.
The scent of blood was in her nostrils.
Ace edged the motorcycle to move faster.

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jenny (sungkew) Eyeing the lake in front of them, Lucy nodded, "Got it." She smiled encouraging, hoping the both of them would make it through this. We have to make it. She thought, I am way to young to die. "Ready."

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((This is a lot of fun guys!!))

"GO!" The girl steered towards the right, while Waverly made a sharp left. She ran as fast as her feet could carry her. Waverly was thankful for the extremely foggy day. Without the fog, they would've gotten caught for sure.

Waverly turned her head back, and couldn't see the motorcycle. She hoped that her plan had worked; that the THORN would get confused.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Ace was right on the girl’s heels when suddenly they veered off in different directions, and she had fallen under the blanket of fog. Without her knowledge, the barriers of the lake were coming closer and closer. She was just about to turn her bike to the right and chase after one girl, where suddenly she crashed through the barriers. The motorcycle and THORN officer floated over the lake for a beat before cascading towards the lake. Ace detached from her bike in time to crash into the murky water below.
A few moments passed before Ace’s head came back up from the water. Enraged, she let out a long, scream of frustration that sounded like a cat in a blender. "I WILL GET YOU," she swore to them. "AND I WILL DESTROY YOU AND ALL YOU CARE ABOUT!"

((That was the most fun I have ever had. XD ))

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((Right!!!! Wait, so did Ace crash in the lake that Lucy and Waverly were going to meet at, or in a different place?))

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) ((Wait, I thought the lake was right in front of them?... Ah, OK; maybe they could meet up at the other side of the lake? Because I seriously don't want to mess up that awesome crash.))

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jenny (sungkew) (( That was intense! I love Ace's lines: they're epic XD ))

At the girl's signal, Wesley veered to the right, her feet taking her as fast as possible. She could barely see through the fog herself which meant the woman on the motorcycle didn't have it that easy either. Lucy just prayed that she'd make it out of this entire situation in one piece. Her hopes were somewhat low though; that THORN seemed incredibly ruthless.

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((Yea yeah, me neither! And Ace's lines are amazingg))

Waverly finally arrived at the lake. She started heaving, out of breath. She leaned down so that her knees were on the dirt. Waverly made her hands into a cup shape and began to drink, quenching her thirst.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Later, the other THORN officers had thrown a long rope down to the water for Ace to get. At the sight of it, she started swimming towards it and clung onto it. Not waiting for them to pull her up, she started to climb the rope.
Once she reached the ledge, a fellow THORN helped her up. “You OK their Ace?” he asked, pulling her up to her feet by her hand. She took back her hand and barked at him to never touch her again unless he’d like to get punched in the face. Another officer had a towel in his hand, and she grabbed it and wrapped it around her shoulders. “Did you catch the rest of the sacrifices?” she asked.
“Four in total, including those girls, escaped. We managed to capture two,” He nodded to the teenagers tied up behind him, leaning on his parked bike. Two boys. Ace walked towards them, and the THORN continued to tell her that a new motorcycle will be given to her immediately. She said nothing.
Instead she raised her gun, and two loud bangs echoed around the now silent city.

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jenny (sungkew) The lake came into Lucy's field of vision and she let out a sharp sigh. She raced up to the girl from earlier and bent over, putting her hands on her thighs. "Made... It..." She said, running out of breath. Breathing in and out, she managed to say, "We need to think about what we're going to do next. They won't stop, I'm sure of it." Frowning, she looked at the girl, "I'm Lucy, by the way."

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jenny (sungkew) (( O_O Whoa... I love Ace! She's so awesome!!))

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"Waverly," she replied with a smile. "Thanks for trusting me. I know how hard that must have been for you."

Waverly was so thankful that she had someone to accompany her. She didn't like to be alone.

"Do you think the other four survived? I didn't get a chance to see."

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jenny (sungkew) ((I really hope some other people join with guy characters. That'd make me happy beyond belief and this would be like 100 times more awesome!))

Lucy nodded, "It's no problem. What else was I going to do, you know?" Truth be told, Lucy was actually quite a trusting person. She always thought people were naturally good. Recently though, she was starting to have second thoughts.

She stood up straight, "I don't know if-" A gun shot rang through the area, piercing Lucy's hearing. She knew what that meant but she still tried to remain optimistic as always, "I'm sure some of them made it. They couldn't have all gotten..." Trailing off, she corrected herself, "I'm sure they're alive."

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(( guys need a male character? I could send you guys one just give me a tip on what's going on. :))

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) (view spoiler)

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((Well basically, there were six victims, and Waverly (my character) cut them all free and her and Lucy (Jenny) ran away, and they don't know if anyone else survived, and the THORN are looking for them))

((I could make a guy character too if you want!))

Waverly covered her ears as she heard the shriek of the gunshot. "We gotta keep moving," she concluded. "But quickly and quietly. I once heard the THORN talking, and they have security camera's all over the city."

Lucy looked shocked. And frankly, Waverly was too when she heard it. And it made sense too. I mean, how else would you find captives that had run away? Then again, no one has ever run away from the THORN before...successfully. Anyone else that has tried to has always ended up in the Hook.

Waverly's heard stories of The Hook. People who are sent there are never to see the light of day again. Rumor has it that people are sentenced a fate worse than death. The THORN don't kill the people; they keep injuring them until they are on the verge of death, make them healthy all over again, and repeat the process.

"I'm not sure how to avoid the cameras..." Waverly voice trailed off as she began to ponder. "But I know that there's something super simple you have to do in order to prevent being picked up from the cameras." She looked to Lucy, hoping that she picked up something from living with the THORN.

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jenny (sungkew) Lucy shrugged but knew that wouldn't cut it. This wasn't a time to not have answers; this was a time to make up your own and pray to God that they worked. "The only thing I could think of would be to destroy the cameras. But if there are as many as you say, it'd be impossible for us to destroy all of them, not to mention without getting caught in the process." Lucy thought for a second, "Or we could go undercover. The people operating the cameras don't pay attention to anyone who is dressed as a THORN, correct?" She nodded, "That could be our get-away."

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) In the CCTV centre, five blocks down, Ace went up the lift. When the doors opened on the 26th floor, she saw chaos unfold. THORN’s ran to a fro, shouting at one another to try and find the sacrifices that had escaped.
She walked towards the main panelled, where a THORN was slaving over a large, letter-less keyboard. It glowed blue every time he touched a button, and the giant screen that covered the entire wall ahead of them flickered with a new footage, replacing an old one. There were millions to be seen. “Where are they,” she demanded, crossing her arms over her chest.
The THORN officer continued to press a button, look up at the screen, and press another button. “I’m searching,” he said.
“Not hard enough.”
The THORN turned to her, his face invisible from his visor. “Do you want me to do my job, or do you want to continue to distract me and lessen our chances of finding them?” When Ace didn’t answer, the officer went back to his work.

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Waverly smiled at Lucy. "Perfect! Why didn't I think of that?" She wanted to jump with esctacy.

"Well, I have a slingshot, if that helps. Maybe," Waverly got an idea. "Maybe we could lead one of the weaker THORN's to us. I can shoot their eyes out with my slingshot, and we can hide inside a cave and change outfits."

"The problem is, we need 2 THORNs who are stupid, and NOT Ace. There are plenty of stupid THORNs. We just have to find the right two." She paused. "Any ideas?"

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Helen wrote: "In the CCTV centre, five blocks down, Ace went up the lift. When the doors opened on the 26th floor, she saw chaos unfold. THORN’s ran to a fro, shouting at one another to try and find the sacrific..."

((AMAZING! Do you want me to make another survivor, or another THORN, so you're not working alone?))

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jenny (sungkew) "I like the slingshot idea," she looked into the Waverly's eyes, "a lot. I think we should try and find two THORNs but we'd have to hurry before they call for backup. And we wouldn't want to get caught by the cameras either so we'll have to be on the lookout for those too. One of us could be the distraction and the other could take them out, like with your slingshot or something." Lucy smiled, hoping she was being helpful.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) ((Thank you! And I don't mind. It's your choice, really.))

Ace, becoming impatient, pressed a button on the side of her helmet that activated the voice transmission so she could speak to other THORNS. “Someone go down sector 5,” she ordered, “I think I see something.” She squinted at the screen. She could make out the two outlines of teenage girls.

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((Hmmm, not really sure. I could be a THORN, and try to compete with your amazing writing, since Aleissa is gonna make a guy character))

"Good," Waverly replied as the gears in her brain started to turn. "We should check out the city gates. The THORN usually employ the stupidest guards at the gates, considering this is the first time people successfully escaped the THORN's grasps. We should head there first. But we have to move fast, so it'll be hard for them to pick us up on the radar."

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jenny (sungkew) ((If no one else is going to make the other guy, I could. Feel like I should have at least on guy charrie.))

Lucy nodded. She actually went to grab her stuff but then it hit her. Her entire life was left at home with her mother and brother. This was entirely new, she wasn't the same person anymore. She wasn't the same happy, outgoing, high school girl she'd been yesterday. No, now she was a happy, outgoing, fugitive on the run from the law. The thought of that sent shivers down her back.

Then she begin to think about what she'd left behind. Her mother and brother were home; what if the THORNs went after them? She shook her head, not wanting to even think about that. The THORNs weren't that cruel, were they? She really hoped not.

"That sounds good." Lucy stated, "We should get moving. I'm sure they're going insane looking for us. It's only a matter of time until they find us here."

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) After a few minutes of waiting for someone to reply, Ace gave a groan. She had to do everything around here, didn't she? Why couldn't there be an equally smart and bloodthirsty THORN in the world?
"Keep me updated on there movements," she told the THORN at the pedestal. She sauntered to the elevator like a panther on the prowl - in a way, she was. When the doors opened and closed for her, she went to the ground-floor and excited the building.
As Ace went through the revolving glass doors, she saw her new motorbike leaning against the black wall of the tower. She went over to it and touched it's glossy handle bars. Even through her gloves she could feel it's silkiness.
"Why can't men make me as happy as a motorcycle does?" she asked herself as she threw her leg over the seat, and made the machine roar into life. And with that, she bent low and raced off to catch her prey.

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((I'm still online; I gotta eat lunch. I'll be back soon))

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Sammy (sammy5428) | 232 comments Mod

With that, Lucy and Waverly ran like the wind. Shockingly, Lucy was a pretty good runner. At first glance, she didn't look like the type of person who knew how to run, and do it efficiently.

After about twenty minutes of running, the two girls arrived at a silver wrought gate, which was surrounded with barbed wire as far as the eye could see. The atmosphere around the gate was considerably gloomier than the rest of the city, for some odd reason.

Just as expected, two THORN officials were guarding the gate, looking as stupid as ever. In fact, a table was between them, and it looked like they were playing the card game SPEED. Perfect, Waverly thought to herself. This is bound to work.

Waverly gave Lucy a nod, in order to communicate that their plan was a go. "Let's review, so we don't screw this up. We only got one shot." Lucy nodded again as Waverly continued. "You're going to act as bait. Stand about several feet away from them, around where that bush is." Waverly made a notion with her head. "One of them will go running for you. And once he's far enough, I'll use my slingshot on the guard. You act surprised and pretend to run in a frenzy, when you're really running towards me. The THORN running after you will hear the slingshot on his buddy, and he won't know which one to go after. When he turns back towards you, you'll already be next to me. Then, when the THORN comes back to check on his fellow THORN, I'll pull my slingshot, we'll grab their keys, open the gate, and run."

Waverly exhaled heavily when she finally finished. "It's a fool proof plan. Any questions?" She smiled at herself, proud of how quickly she came up with a plan in such a limited amount of time.

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jenny (sungkew) Lucy listened intently as Waverly described her plan. It did sound like a pretty good plan, maybe not fool proof, but solid nonetheless. She shook her head, letting her know she had no question, and then she walked towards the bush, feeling confident as ever. The bush wasn't that big, it really only reached the middle of her thigh, but she could work with that. Next to the bush was a wall. She leaned against the brick wall, acting completely nonchalant. She was right out in the open. If this didn't work, if both the guards came after her, she didn't think she'd stand a chance.

It was only a matter of time until one of the guards, the tallest to be exact, spotted her. The THORN tapped his buddy, a smirk stretching across his face. "Come 'ere, girl." The man crooned. Lucy made a surprised face, as though she was so naive she hadn't realized she'd been standing in front of a pair of THORNs, and made a break for it. She flashed a quick nod to Waverly before disappearing around a corner, the THORN following.

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((Right, so you need a THORN or survivor? My male charrie could survive as either.))

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jenny (sungkew) ((Survivor probably though a THORN would be good too. :) ))

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((I'll go with THORN, I just hope Helen won't mind...))

message 43: by jenny (new)

jenny (sungkew) ((I don't think she'll mind but I guess it'd be good to check just in case. I think, if no one volunteers in the next day or so, that I might make a guy survivor. I have too many girl charries already XD ))

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((I've inserted him in the sign-ups already... I'll RP tomorrow though, I need to sleep now. Sorry about the inconvenience...))

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jenny (sungkew) ((Nah, that's totally okay! Have fun... sleeping :) ))

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⚖Alessia⚖ wrote: "((Right, so you need a THORN or survivor? My male charrie could survive as either.))"

((Wait, can you be a survivor please? Cause we need more of those :) ))

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The next couple of moments were a blur. Waverly aimed quickly and shot the guard right below his right eye, a little below her target. The THORN staggered and groaned in pain. He crouched down onto his knees, making it harder for Waverly to put out his other eye. Nonetheless, she aimed as best as she could, and this time, made her target. Soon enough, the THORN was moaning in pain.

Phase One complete, phase Two underway.

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((Jenny, wanna continue?))

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jenny (sungkew) ((Yeah! Only going to be on for an hour though. I have a job interview that I'm freaking out about.))

At the sound of his moaning comrade, the THORN who had been chasing Lucy turned around. While he was turned, Lucy sped off, turning her speed on high. She pushed herself to go faster, imagining she was a speeding bullet. Reaching Waverly, she waited and watched for the THORN. Not a second later, he rounded the bend, coming into view. He looked at his buddy then at them, confusion and anger in his eyes. "Now!" Lucy called, signaling Waverly.

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Without a second thought, Wavelry focused all her concentration upon hitting the THORN's eyes. SUCCESS. The second THORN ended up right next to the first, rolling over on the ground, and reaching into his pocket for his...

"Taser?! He has a taser?!" Waverly quickly pulled her slingshot backwards and shot it right in the middle of the taser, rendering it unrepairable. "C'mon," she motioned to Lucy. They dove out of the bushes and towards the THORN. Waverly reached down and pulled the keys from both their pockets before the THORN could grab them.

"Grab anything of value!" she yelled at her.

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