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message 1: by Joss (new)

Joss Landry (goodreadscomjosslandry) | 6 comments My cover image is still showing up with the old cover. It has been updated everywhere else. The new cover is on Goodreads, but for voting purposes and on my site, the old cover still shows.

I would like to do a giveaway on Goodreads and do some publicity, but don't dare because of the cover still showing up as the old one.
Amazon link:
Thank you so much,
Joss Landry

message 2: by Catalina (new)

Catalina | 2065 comments RE 1: we cannot take info/covers from BN

RE 2: I see default the new cover, well at least the one showing now on Amazon

message 3: by Deon (new)

Deon (deonva) | 3379 comments 2:
We don't change/delete covers on published books

To set it default:

message 4: by Richard (new)

Richard Denoncourt (richdenoncourt) | 40 comments My book "Savant: Book One of the Luminether Series by Richard Denoncourt" need the cover to be updated. I added the new cover as a separate image with "version 2" in the description. Can someone please help me change this? The current cover can be deleted.

message 5: by Richard (new)

Richard Denoncourt (richdenoncourt) | 40 comments Wait a second....I just caught the "we don't change/delete covers on published books." What's the deal? I just paid for a cover "makeover." Are you telling me I can no longer have the cover updated??

message 6: by Catalina (last edited Jun 08, 2013 01:58PM) (new)

Catalina | 2065 comments Richard we don't delete/update covers on published books, but create new editions(alternate cover editions). Read here(Q3):

I created it here: and here are the instructions to set it default:

And here you have the series:

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